A transparent scam

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A transparent scam

Post by opter » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:27 am

This is Opter's husband. Hi there!

I am a former OTVII, who had blown-for-good about nine years ago. In my day job, I have had decades of top management and business consulting experience in the areas of business strategy, business organisation, business systems and business processes. As such, WISE had attempted for a very long time to entice me to join their ranks, but even as a scientologist in good standing, I never regarded WISE as anything more than a throughly transparent "dissemination" tool for recruiting fresh blood into scientology. WISE targets or marks are selected first and foremost from the ranks of small business owners and managers, who are usually beset by endless problems in their struggle to stay afloat and generally come from a sales or technical background without any business administration training or experience. Such as dentists or veterinarians, for instance, who are essentially technicians. Consequently, they are easy marks for scientology hucksters coming on strong with an aggressive "professional" demanour of "knowledge" and "certainty," offering the "tech" as some kind of a magic bullet for improving their businesses - whilst of course simultaneously stripping them of their assets and generally milking them dry.

LRH "management" 'tech" in fact cannot possibly work in a modern business environment, since by its very design, it is a 1940-s style rigidly bureaucratic command-and-control system, meant to organise and underpin the operation of a worldwide jumble of larger and smaller "churches" staffed by true believer volunteers willing to work impossible hours for nothing or near nothing, a system furthermore, where the primary driving forces are fear, intimidation and a thoroughly sick, unquenchable thirst for approbation by peers and superiors. Furthermore, extremely large chunks of some of the most basic ingredients of modern business knowhow are missing in the "management tech" touted by WISE, which is not surprising, since the system was created for running "churches" staffed by volunteers, and is based on "sacred texts" frozen in time, a complete absurdity in a business environment and not unlike the disgusting cigarette habit still prevalent among scientologists following in the footsteps of LRH. Consequently, any attempt to foist this "management tech" on a business will by definition create a significant dampener and break on business operations, with massive and completely unwarranted profit leaks in a successful business, and intensifying financial problems with crippling consequences, even bankruptcy in a struggling one. In the case of a struggling business, the application of "tech" is about as productive as having an argument with your wife, then slipping and bashing your head on the stairs whilst attempting to kick the dog to get back at your wife. In other words, it is a "solution" that is absolutely and totally irrelevant to the problem at hand.

There are of course, a handful of successful, indeed relatively large businesses among the membership of WISE. But let us bear in mind that these businesses are successful not because of the application of LRH tech, but despite it. In other words, the "tech" is irrelevant to the success of the business, despite any claims to the contrary by its scientologist owners. These businesses are successful simply because they have excellent products, a thorough understanding of their markets, and basic business skills to turn a profit. For them, "applying" LRH tech in their businesses is a luxury item that their vainglorious scientologist owners can well afford, as they can their luxury homes and expensive cars. And good luck to them! At the same time however, let us also bear in mind two important facts. The first is that genuinely successful WISE businesses are few and far between, a tiny percentage of the total number of registered WISE businesses. The second point to bear in mind is that there is an enormous number of successful small, medium and large businesses in the marketplace, of which successful WISE businesses constitute an infinitesimally small percentage. Thus, it is completely untrue to claim in any shape or form that LRH "management tech" is an essential ingredient of business success - if not THE most essential - as WISE would have it: on the contrary, a normal business needs it like a hole in the head, and a business owner and manager is completely bereft of common sense, if not sanity, in extending an invitation of WISE to enter its premises, because it is an invitation to absolutely certain rack and ruin, unless the business is wildly successful for reasons that have nothing to do with the "tech."

The situation is dramatically different in a marginal or struggling business, as WISE businesses mostly are. There, the introduction of WISE tech will cause the owners and managers to take their eye off the ball, off the main game, and consume a great deal of indispensable precious time and treasure on patent irrelavancies which merely complicate, rather than simplify the task at hand. In addition, the owners and managers may be successfully badgered into joining the "church" itself, whereupon in an attempt to handle business problems that are beginning to spiral out of control or simply in a misguided effort to improve and enlarge their respective businesses, they then begin to spend enormous sums they do not really have, on "church" services for themselves. The inevitable result is disaster, or at the very least constant teetering on the very edge of bankruptcy. There is also a more general point we need to bear in mind, namely that the percentage of barely marginal, failing or failed businesses registered with WISE is incomparably higher than the relevant percentage in the marketplace as a whole - like on another planet. And this is of course no accident.

The easiest way to get rid of a WISE rep is to ask him a few personal questions, such as: Is he rich? Has he got a company of his own? Has he ever run a successful business? How has its success depend on LRH "tech?" If so, what are the verifiable details? If that doesn't get him instantly running toward the exit door, and instead he parries by saying that although he personally had never run a successful business, he knows businesses that became successful through applying LRH "management tech," ask for details and references, then check thoroughly if the success of that business or those businesses is not due - as is the case of some scientologist-owned high-tech and investment companies - simply to good products, good marketing. prudent financial management and shrewd business sense. At the sime time, however, also insist on you yourself picking out a random selection of three WISE members from the membership list, then get the rep to report back verifiable, factual details on their cash flow and profit margin. Since the chances are that you would have picked out three barely marginal operations, you don't need to hold your breath, that particular WISE rep will never be back.

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Hi Opter's Husband!

Post by toml » Fri Nov 09, 2007 9:40 am

Opter's Husband - welcome to OCMB and thanks for an excellent explanatory post exposing how WISE works (or doesn't :lol: )

Love to all


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Post by opter » Fri Nov 09, 2007 10:54 am

Opter's husband again.

Thanks TomL, my pleasure!

Just one more point to add to my last paragraph above. If the WISE rep sitting in front of you happens to be the owner of a WISE business disseminating LRH "management tech," and claims to be highly successful and making tons of money, believe him. But also be aware that he is a professional and highly trained scammer and bunko artist, a conman, not a genuine businessman. And what goes around comes around, so in the end he too will get what is coming to him, and richly deserved at that.


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Post by Don Carlo » Fri Nov 09, 2007 4:59 pm

Ask the WISE rep what commission he gets for dragging your business into WISE.

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Post by Ball of Fluff » Fri Nov 09, 2007 6:59 pm

Hi, Opter's husband!

I know what you mean!

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Post by no_8c_now » Sat Nov 10, 2007 2:18 am

I quit a well paying "WOG" job to earn half with a Scn run company, just to be more connected to source (yes it does sound pretty stupid, but at the time it made perfect sense). The Scn-run company used all the admin tech, hired a consultant, made non-Scn employees keep stats and do CSW'es. It went out of business within 3 years.

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Post by Don Carlo » Sat Nov 10, 2007 7:16 am

The WISE companies not only get bad advice from WISE administrators and WISE crackpot ideas, they get sucked dry by direct WISE demands for money, and indirect Scientology demands to pay for courses.

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