Anonymous message to Employees of Durable Slate

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Anonymous message to Employees of Durable Slate

Post by Sponge » Thu Oct 09, 2008 5:39 pm

Message to Employees of Durable Slate
From: Whanonstler
Added: October 09, 2008


Hello, Employees of Durable Slate. We are Anonymous.

A number of you, as well as former employees have approached us at protests. Several more have contacted us through our message

boards, through youtube, and through email. Anonymous regrets to hear how the Scientologists are running Durable Slate, how they

coerce people into taking classes which are actually designed to indoctrinate people into the cult of Scientology. Anonymous regrets

how they have no respect for your own beliefs and wishes.

This cannot be allowed to stand.

All companies have training and courses. Those other companies do not use training tied to a cult. The Federal government's own

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission specifically cites Scientology run companies as being coercive in pushing Scientology

courses, and gives such places as examples of a Religiously Hostile Workplace.

This is what is happening at Durable Slate. Scientology does not respect the human rights of its members or critics, so why should

it respect yours?Though the brothers who own Durable Slate, and the scientology staffers there step on your rights, it heartens

Anonymous to see employees starting to stand up and to speak out. One employee was even bold enough to leave a comment on the

original Message to Durable Slate video, confirming our allegations.Still, Anonymous invites more of you to speak out. Tell us your

stories. Call local television stations, call into radio talk shows, contact the Columbus Dispatch or The Other Paper and tell them

your story. One person can be pushed aside, but when more speak up, interest is piqued and pressure felt.

Anonymous recognizes these are tough economic times, and we do not wish that anyone should lose their job. Anonymous wishes Durable

Slate to prosper and grow, but surely the scientologists at Durable Slate are more concerned with recruiting members to meet the

cult's staffing and fundraising goals, than truly taking care of you or your customers. Ask yourself... where did the money from

your Christmas bonuses go? Why is there no longer money spent on a company picnic? Anonymous knows. The money is going to grow the

local cult, and not rewarding you for your hard work, not in thanking you for your efforts. Ask yourself... other companies that

make you take training on your own time compensate you for that time; why does Durable Slate not do so when it makes you come down

to the org building on High Street. Gas is not free, and your time is valuable.

Is this right? Is this fair? Is it even reasonable that they should funnel money from the company to the cult and regard you as "raw

meat" for their pernicious and tumorous pyramid scheme? Anonymous says it is not. Anonymous invites you to stop by and see us at one

of our protests, or to contact the EEOC at are being exposed to undue stress and pressure. Pressure which is, in fact,


Scientology is a criminal organization that uses the methods of a cult to control and seduce. It is a proverbial wolf, dressed in

sheep's clothing. You have the right to follow your conscience. You have the right to be treated with dignity and fairness under the

law. You have the right to work to the best of your abilities without being indoctrinated into the cult of scientology.

Anonymous, is watching. Anonymous, is planning. Anonymous, is doing.

Scientologists of Durable Slate, Anonymous is now at cause. Your malign influence will only be further exposed and shown to be the

cancer it is. Anonymous is the chemotherapy. Knowledge and people are, and must be, free.

We are Anonymous.

We are Legion.

We do not forgive. We do not forget.

Expect us.


You can reach the EEOC:

By phone:
If you have a TTY device for hearing impaired:
TTY number is 1-800-669-6820

By Email:
Please include your zip code and/or city and state so that your email will be sent to the appropriate office.

or at

Anthony J. Celebrezze Federal Building
1240 E. 9th Street, Suite 3001
Cleveland, OH 44199



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Post by Sea Horse » Fri Oct 10, 2008 4:43 am

Durable Slate of Columbus Ohio was profiled in Prosperity Mag, WISE Int's magazine, a long while back. They were a winner of the Model of Admin Know How Award.

Here are some old employees (old data).

Tim Saunders
1973 Merganser Run Dr, Columbus, OH 43215

Leanne Healy
Columbus, OH
DSA Columbus Org

Rich Pierre
Former staff member.

The one I find fascinating is that the DSA of Columbus Org worked for Durable Slate. A little moonlighting and meddling, eh?

I think the WISE news article I remember reading way back when was profiling Sara Downey. ... owney.html

There's much written on Sara's mom's Scientologist Online website: ... owney.html

For those not familiar with architecture in Columbus, a lot of the town homes are very tall (3 stories or more) and topped with slate roofs. There are specific techniques of repairing these types of roofs or installing new slate roofs. These roofs are very expensive. There's another slate roofing company in Columbus, also run by a Scientologist.

Ah... here it is:
2004 WISE Directory:
Category: Roofing
Stephen May
One Red Slate Roofing Company, LLC
P.O. Box 82438
Columbus, OH 43202-2438
United States
Tel. +1 614-267-2366
Fax +1 614-267-2506
E-Mail: stephenpennmay@[provider].com ... n-may.html
129 Olentangy St, Columbus OH 43202 (home)
1023 N 6th St, Columbus OH 43201 (business)

Mmmm hmmm... and they have a new website. Shows their new addresses, too. One Red Slate AND Flowing Gutters -- same guy.

An update: Mary Moi is mentioned in the ARS article ( ... 0f6c18e5f0) as a staff member of Durable Slate (job title unknown). I have a notation that she was the OES of Columbus Org and an auditor. So that makes two key executives of Columbus Org on staff at Durable Slate.
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