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DM Tak

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[/code]DM Tak has been awarded as the year's craftsman and is one of Stockholm's major roofing companies. At the same time, the company has strong links with the Scientology movement. Former employees now testify to the recent impact on the job - which became increasingly difficult to resist. All Links in Swedish. here some parts translated with google translate..

Construction company forced employees to go cult courses (Article in swedish)
Byggföretag tvingade anställda gå sektkurs

"They tried to pull people into the movement"
When Scientology becomes a corporate culture

DM Tak has been awarded as the year's craftsman and is one of Stockholm's major roofing companies. At the same time, the company has strong links with the Scientology movement. Former employees now testify to the recent impact on the job - which became increasingly difficult to resist.

It was Friday afternoon at one of Stockholm's largest roofing companies, spring 2014. The staff dropped one after another in the bright premises in Länna. A few days ago, a text was sent about staff meeting at DM Tak, mandatory for everyone.
Most were expecting a Friday night and a little snack about the job. But when they came in they were met by a lecturer from the Scientology movement. The book "Work Problems - Scientology Applied to Work Life" lay on the chairs. Author: L. Ron Hubbard, the American Founder of Scientology, has died for 30 years. One copy to each. A television quivered that movies would appear.
"When I realized what was the matter, I started to boil inside. It was so insulting to be forced to learn. I was shocked, while I knew that the company's owners were scientologists, says a former employee.
We call him Peter, since neither he nor any of the roof workers we talked to dare to appear by name. The reputation of the Scientology movement is scaring....

The world's most dangerous sect "
Scientology is the world's most dangerous sect, according to Karl-Erik Nylund, author and priest who wrote the book "Playing with the Fire". He calls it manipulative. His definition of a manipulative sect is that it meets at least three of the following criteria:

Directs aggressiveness to different thinking in their own members.
Has aversions to people outside the organization who criticize it.
Is alienated, distances from society.
Absolutely advocate the truth. ... -rorelsen/

AB Scientologi

CEO: "There were administrative courses"
Training employees in L. Ron Hubbard's corporate practices is a way to achieve success for the company. That means David Frykman, CEO of DM Tak. But he denies that it has something to do with scienceology as a religion.

You have trained staff on working hours with literature based on science. Why?
- It's not scientific material. He who has created science has also created an administrative technology and different types of technology that can be used in life. What is Scientology it has to do with the soul and the spiritual bit. Then we have the bit that is purely administrative and it is the one we employed.
The company's courses are conveyed by WISE, the World Institute of Scientology Enterprises, which provides Hubbard Management, courses and methods for companies. According to David Frykman, this is a method that made DM Thanks successfully.
What is the reason for building companies forced employees go sectarian course

There are employees who found it unpleasant to go courses in what you perceive to be a belief or orientation that you do not share. What do you think about it?

- Nobody communicated it to me. As far as the seminar is concerned, we have had conversations with two people who thought it had to do with Scientology, but it did not. It was just the same author, but it was an administrative, no spiritual course. We had no bad intentions. After that we have not had a similar seminar.

At the end of the church you should have used an e-meter, why?
"I do not know what they've done so I can not answer it. My experience is to check if the course went well.
According to David Frykman, the company is openly announcing that Hubbard's administrative technology is being used during an employment interview.
Some employed have not understood it.
- We do that by default. It does not feel like they are talking truth in that case.
David Frykman confirms that the company has an entrance fee of SEK 75 per hour for inexperienced persons. Furthermore, he says that staff spaces have been missing in some places, but that this has improved. Some at the company have lacked education in hot jobs and job building. Today, more is being invested in technical education.

The Nordic friends of David Miscavige Scientology ... akforetag/ ... r-foretag/

Scientology Experts comments
Article comments by Mariette Lindstein with 24 years experience into Scientology and working under David Miscavige
Mariette Lindstein Author to several books about Cult & Sect's like Scientology Her husband Dan Koon did work deep into the scientology turning writings of L Ron Hubbard into books and now even with the translation to Ron Miscavige's Book about his son David Miscavige, the leader of the Scientology cult today. Not the most popular persons to the cult militia leader today, facts is always a problem.

Scientology Insider Dan Koon Scientology Soundcloud.
Scientology expert Miker Rinder about Mariette Lindstein

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