Saw the most awesome, awesome play...

One day someone will make a full feature movie about the life of L Ron Hubbard and how he created the Church of Scientology. How would the story go, what title should it have, what should and should not be included, who could make it, who would play the different roles? Add your inspirational thoughts here.
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Saw the most awesome, awesome play...

Post by shawna » Thu Aug 14, 2008 4:27 am

A while back I saw this awesome, incredible hilarious play called "A Children's Christmas Scientology Pageant". Has anyone else seen this play? OMG it is f*ing hilarious. It is the entire story of Scientology as told by (and completely acted by) little kids. The kids were adorable amazing little actors, and the message was really nailed home hard! Even little kids know that this stuff is for the birds!

I don't knwo if this was just a local play or if it has shown elsewhere, but if you get the chance you must, must see it!

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