CoS influence said to be spreading in Aruba and Bonaire

Information about the CoS cruise ship.
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CoS influence said to be spreading in Aruba and Bonaire

Post by secretiveoldfag » Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:22 pm

The former PM of Curacao, Maria Liberia Peters is associated with allegations of corruption surrounding Freewinds and the asbestos work. ... opup05.htm
She is the same woman who, as a prime minister, reputedly got an ANG5K/month salary from contractor De Antillen. It was she who welcomed the "Church of Scientology" in Curaçao, just while it was getting itself banned as a criminal organization in England, France and Germany. Their ship Freewind[s] was refurbished by that same CDM, while the crew staid in a house owned by her. One wonders exactly who paid whom, how much, and for what, at that occasion.
Meanwhile there are disquieting reports of CoS influence growing in Aruba and Bonaire. ... 34/page-19 26 January, post 756:
As a matter of fact the office of the minister of justice has one or more Sciencefictiontology working who promotes, among others, the book "the crooked way to happiness" or was it "the twisted way to happiness"??..forgot the exact name LOL. She was a teacher and had a group of kids training soft ball (not baseball since the ball is too hard for a fastball). Most of those kids and their parents are now also HAPPY... I guess. The scouting is also receiving lots of donations and now is time for service clubs to receive their fair share until they become happy too. Don't forget the press who also contributes to the PR of the spaceship getting 10K per month from the government to publish the party line. This is really one big HAPPY ISLAND since reading those spacey happy books. Don't forget the drug addicts who by now are all happy too and receiving lots of money too for the narcoprogram. And what about the parties on the ship where lots of Arubans, (lots with financial and social problems) (for the lush, food and drinks and peptalks) and jazz musicians will love to have a nice time on a cruise ship? Ask anyone on the island if they know what kind of ship that is...surprise!!!!

Anyone will tell you that this ship is a cruise ship that brings tourist on the Island or even don't know the reasons for the presence of this ship in Aruba, nor the story behind it's presence.

Those who knows are very few and afraid of saying something ( Island is too small and don't know who to trust).
By the way on the other side of their parking is a traveling agency, which does their bookings.
By the way found the schedule for January and February of cruiseships: ... a-cruises/

More, from the same WWP thread:
Have another site for your information of Curacao and Siencefictionology: ... opup05.htm
It was this woman ( Maria) who is also to blame for their presence in these islands read: ... _Freewinds

And it's this same woman that is now going to form a commission to screen/optimize??? the work of the Curacao national intelligence service (VDC) who was sent home in 2010 because of leaking info of certain criminal activities of the prime min. Their job may consist now on keeping SCI above the law. The governments and authorities seem to be already in their pockets and a set of clairs same as Clearwater??? Bonaire ( Caribbean Parts of the Dutch Kingdom) is already in their pockets. Want prove: Check also the companies that SCI has in the Netherlands on the chamber of commerce
Is the Dutch government not concerned about this back-door infiltration?

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