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Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:59 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Sponge said:
At some point in the history of the tracking that I've used ( ... =354993000 ), trips from Willemstad, Curacao to Kralendijk, Bonaire or Oranjestad, Aruba fell off the tracking as soon as the ship was into open sea (IIRC just north of Curacao when going to Aruba and less than half distance when going to Bonaire). It was obvious where they were going but the tracking never showed them actually getting to those two islands. The tracking would then pick-up at roughly the same area on the return journey towards Willemstad, Curacao (or if sailing past to go directly to Aruba). Without going back and checking I can't quite remember if it was always like that or that it changed. The fact that it went on and off at roughly the same points seems to suggest it is a coverage/range thing with the tracking system (unless they run to a highly disciplined Operating Thetan routine and turn it off manually at exactly the same points everytime :)).
Today though, on that site above, it shows the full track all the way from Bonaire to Curacao
This is what I remember. Now you can track her almost all the way to Cartagena and back, with only one small gap.

Today she left Willemstad at 04.30 or thereabouts and arrived in Oranjestad at 09.30. The highest speed I could find was 17.5 knots. So we're back to the ABC circuit which doesn't leave much scope for the imagination :zzz:

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 3:20 pm
by Sponge
Don Carlo wrote:I wonder if someday CoS will just scuttle (sink deliberately) the Freewinds. That is, strip it of all valuable items, take it out with a skeleton crew accompanied by a good small boat. Everyone gets on the small boat, and remotely do something to sink the ship. After the Freewinds sinks, send a fake garbled Mayday about an explosion. Within ten minutes, cancel the Mayday, and say the ship sank and everyone got rescued. Then sail home on the small boat with a tale of "an explosion" and then a heroic rescue by the small boat's skipper.

It would be more practical to sell it for scrap or pay a professional company to openly scuttle the Freewinds. But that would make the Freewinds look like an obsolete tub, and CoS likes the illusion that it's a magical boat that has taken OT 8 students to mastery over matter, energy, space and time.
The Freewinds' last sistership, the MS Princesa Marissa, was in service in the Med up to around 2006 where after that she was laid up and then finally scrapped in 2008. Unless the Freewinds becomes Miscaviges final retreat along with the stolen cash, then that's what will happen to Freewinds. It'll probably wind up beached up in some Indian marine scrap yard just like Princesa Marissa because nobody else is mad enough to touch it with a bargepole once they start stripping it, with all that blue asbestos cemented to the hull cavities(which likely hasn't been removed from everywhere like they have claimed and instead further sealed in until scrap day).

What they really need is something more economical and in tune with today's scientology.....


Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 5:27 pm
by Don Carlo
If CoS sold the Freewinds to a scrapyard, reporters (wearing anti-asbestos masks, I hope) might follow it to the scrapyard and photograph the blue asbestos, or at least get a quote from someone at the scrapyard.

If the Freewinds is sunk or scrapped, CoS has to find a new boat, or start doing OT 8 on land, where people can escape more easily.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Thu Mar 08, 2012 10:03 am
by secretiveoldfag
Sponge: thank you for the smile of the morning.

I don't think they're planning to dump the failboat any time soon. Between one botch job and another in 2009-10 they spent at least $25 million on structural repairs and internal refurbishment. And I'm also sure they could have replaced her altogether if they had wanted to. The total of the bill was probably not anticipated at the start. There are plenty of surplus superyachts, some larger than Freewinds, floating about.

There is no doubt there is blue asbestos on board. This has been known as a physical fact (and ignored as unimportant) since the very first refit 20-odd years ago. It was confirmed again as a physical fact when Polish workers were doing structural work in Curacao which I think was in 2009. I have read that the trick in getting a ship with a blue asbestos problem through official checks is to check air quality when she has been parked with the engines switched off for a day or two. That let's the dust settle.

Pamela Malinson who died in 2006 is one known victim of the blue asbestos contamination on Freewinds. As the finance director of IASA, she lived on Freewinds for 9 years up to 2003 when she became ill with inoperable lung cancer. Then she was sent back to the UK and died on the RPF at Saint Hill, East Grinstead. She was shipped off to UK to die because dying at Flag is a big no-no. It was an extremely cruel end for her after devoting her life to what she believed was a good cause. :(

Forgot to say: the failboat is still at Oranjestad this morning.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:01 am
by secretiveoldfag
Sunday 11 March she left Oranjestad at about 03.23 in the morning to head for Kralendijk in Bonaire, eta 10.15, speed 17.2 knots max. She went south of Curacao as usual.

This matches her program for Sunday 4 March and may mark the start of a new ABC routine of grinding boredom. If so:

Sunday-Monday in Bonaire (toilet stop?)
Tuesday early to Curacao (to deposit cash?)
Tuesday to Wednesday early to Aruba
Wednesday to Sunday in Aruba. New courses probably start Thursday.

Any view of her current passengers? Where is she getting her mugs from these days? Russia? Taiwan? Colombia?

As last week she is 'Out of Range' but certainly tied up in Bonaire. Who is she trying to fool?

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:58 am
by secretiveoldfag
Today Tuesday 13 March she appears about half an hour out of Kralendijk (further evidence of having shut off her signal), having left K about midnight, same as last week, made good speed to Curacao (17.8 knots), eta 02.45, and is currently tied up beyond the bridge. The Curacao webcam is still down but she would be invisible anyway in that location. :zzz:

Today Wednesday 14 March, following the same schedule as last week, leaving Willemstad at 04.32 (this must be GMT?), into Oranjestad at 09.59 (02.59 UTC). She will probably be there at the cruise ship wharf until Sunday.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:02 pm
by Sponge
From WWP...

277 people attended free Freewinds concert this month in Willemstad

"Shou Di Tony Worrell Ku The Freewinds Band Y Ngn Brazz Plus A Resulta Un Eksito Rotundo"
posted 15th March 2012 ... to-rotundo


WILLEMSTAD - Un públiko grandi di riba 277 persona ku a yega e sala Star Light lata lata djamars último a disfrutá enorme di e show grátis ku The Freewind a organisá pa pueblo di Kòrsou, ku presentashon di e kantante lokal Tony Worrel, The Freewinds Band i tambe e supladonan lokal den NGN Brazz Plùs.

E públiko ku den apénas un di a i mei di promoshon a respondé na un manera magnífiko, a haña kaminda pa e barku, a disfrutá enorme di e músika ku a keda trese dilanti.

E anochi a kuminsá ku tres kansion na tempu lento, bon interpretá pa Tony Worrel, pa djei sigui ku e kompañamentu mas grandi di banda musikal, na momentu ku NGN Brazz Plùs konsistiendo di Norman Kook i Otty Dijk riba tròmpet, Tico Mercera i Norbert Girigorie riba sax i El Gio Atalita riba trombon a subi pa basha músika.

Tony Worrell na su manera i estilo úniko a sa di entretené e públiko durante un ora i mei i a interpretá diferente kansion, bayendo bek den tempu i te ku músika na estilo reggae.
Translation of the 1st paragraph...
An audience of over 277 people arrived at the Star Light salon on board the Freewinds late last Tuesday to greatly enjoy the free show organized for the people of Curaçao, featuring a performance by the local singer Tony Worrel, the Freewinds band and also local band NGN Brazz Plùs.
(could be either 8th or 13th March, both of which tally with SoF's tracking account for when it was docked in Willemstad Curacao, but since the article was posted on 15th then "last tuesday" probably means 8th March)

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 11:37 am
by secretiveoldfag
Well the concert seems to have gone down like a lead balloon, or else there were no goodies to bank this week as she skipped her usual 24 hours in Willemstad on 20 March, going back into radar and directly to Aruba where she is still today, Wednesday 21 March.

19 March : 'Out of Range', in fact 99.99 certain she was at Kralendijk emptying the bilges.
20 March : Left K about 01.00, back into radar midway between Bonaire and Curacao at 03.17, but instead of turning right for Willemstad she kept on past Curacao to Aruba eta Oranjestad 09.30. God what drama. How do they stand it? :mrgreen:

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 1:00 pm
by Sponge
If I was a local at Kralendijk, Bonaire I think I'd come to the conclusion that the Freewinds only goes there for the specific purpose of emptying bilges on the cheap. We've read reports on blogs who've observed it (IIRC there was one from a yachtsperson moored up there who gave an account) and thre are no droves of people disembarking off the Freewinds to explore the wonders of Bonaire, except a few in small groups to buy personal things.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 7:16 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Just to report that five minutes ago (Saturday 24 March at 19:10) the failboat was still at Oranjestad.

There is no need for any person on Bonaire to doubt the reason why this insalubrious old floating midden spends a brief time at Krakelndijk week after week. Her contribution to local pollution has been high-lighted in the local press for many years.

Am I right in thinking that Aruba has its very own Minister for Happiness? :P This might explain her fondness for the place.

But you would expect a little more than that after 20 years of assiduous jazz concerts and TWTH all round the Caribbean.
Today Tuesday she left Oranjestad at about 04.:00, reached Willemstad in Curacao about 09.14 and is tied up below the bridge on the left. The Willemstad web cam is working again but she's so small you can't see anything.
Wowee! Today Wednesday she snuck out of Willemstad at 04.27 and did not go to Bonaire for her toilet stop but went back to Aruba arriving Orangestad 09.30.

Question: why does the failboat always travel at night?

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sun Apr 08, 2012 2:10 pm
by Sponge
Freewinds gets an amusing mention in this blog.....

http://newsheraldfoodandtravel.blogspot ... water.html
[posted April 2nd, 2012]
My fellow snorkelers, all Scientologists from the ship Freewinds, prepare to enter the water from the Woodwind.

On my March 19 birthday we booked a snorkel trip aboard the Woodwind, a sailing vessel that took us to the uninhabited offshore islet of Klein Bonaire where sea turtles are known to dwell. We arrived on time but had to wait for a group from the Freewinds, a cruise ship that was anchored nearby
at the port of Kralendijk.

The Freewinds, it turns out, is owned by the Church of Scientology and is where followers of founder L.Ron Hubbard get much of their training during cruises that a make a circuit among the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. That these are people of faith was underscored for me by the fact that several of them didn't swim but had booked the snorkeling experience anyway. Our guides provided them with flotation devices and they seemed fine, although they were obviously not very accustomed to being in the water. Karen and I got kicked a few times before we learned to hang back from our six-person group.

Great! Send non-swimmers on a snorkelling experience!

Blog comments open. Feel free to point out that whilst they are enjoying the natural beauty of the reef, the scientology ship is having the shit sucked out of its bilges by a tanker and dumped in a pond a couple of miles inland.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 4:33 am
by secretiveoldfag
After the ABC experience, on 23 April Freewinds moved across to the Leeward Islands, arriving at Basseterre (St Kitts Nevis) on 23 April at 21.37.

The last few entries in the log:

15 April, Sunday: To Kralendijk in Bonaire from Aruba, by-passing Curacao, as usual.
16 April, Monday: Out of Range which is the normal signal when she is at Kralendijk pumping sewage.
18 April, Wednesday: after 24 hours stopover in Willemstad, Curacao, back to Oranjestad in Aruba.
19 April, Thursday: Statsday in Oranjestad as usual.
21 April, Saturday: To Kralendijk in Bonaire as above but a day early.
22 April, Sunday: still 'Out of Range' but evidently at sea.
23 April, Monday: docked in Basseterre, St Kitts and then moved to a different mooring.

Nice to have this coverage which I think is new. At least it is the first time I have seen Basseterre on the tracking site.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2012 9:49 am
by secretiveoldfag
Freewinds is now trundling round the Leeward Islands.

23 April, Monday: she left Kralendijk in Bonaire (where she is always 'Out of Range') and about 21:37 docked in Basseterre, St Kitts, then moved to a different mooring.
24 April, Tuesday: Basseterre all day.
25 April, Wednesday: left Basseterre 05.14 for St Johns in Antigua, eta 10,00 UTC.

She certainly arrived at St Johns, Antigua, but either she switched off in port (cf Bonaire) or St Johns has no tracking system. Other ships, mostly sailing ships, are shown at the south end of Antigua but nothing at St Johns which is curious. So for the moment she is certainly at St Johns but Out of Range.

26 April, Thursday: still Out of Range.
27 April, Friday: left St Johns, Antigua, about 04:40, becoming visible at 04.57, on her way back to Basseterre, St Kitts, eta 10:00 UTC.

Looks like she might set up a shuttle between these two ports but in the past she has visited other islands in the area.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 10:03 am
by secretiveoldfag
Freewinds is still shuttling between Basseterre in St Kitts and St Johns in Antigua. It is about 100 km and seems to take her 5-6 hours.

28, 29 and 30 April: in Basseterre
1 May (Tuesday): From Basseterre to St Johns in Antigua eta 10:00.
2 May (Wednesday): the tracking system reports 'Out of Range' which in current circs means St Johns.
3 May (Thursday): as 2 May (cf Thursday 26 April).
4 May (Friday): at this moment she is on her way from St Johns to Basseterre, eta 9.30 (as on Friday 27 April).

The suspense is killing me.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed May 09, 2012 10:45 am
by secretiveoldfag
9 May, Wednesday: on her way from Basseterre to St Johns, a day later than last week. Left about 05:10, eta 10.00 UTC.

From now on I'll only post if there is any dramatic departure from this pattern.