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Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:00 pm
by chantal
secretiveoldfag wrote:
chantal wrote:
koki wrote:Some of the characters that belong to Scientology, founded by L. Ron Hubbard, are Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Nicole Kidman, Oliver Stone and Larry King.

I don't know about Oliver Stone or Larry King, but Dustin Hoffman??? NO WAY!!! Not in this lifetime anyways. And Nicole Kidman never really took to it, which is why DM made sure TC divorced her.
Well it was all in Spanish and it was a good try. It shows how little they know about Scientology, though the article give the impression they don't like it much. Any Spainfags to poon the paper with a few links?
Adding their names to a letter to Helmut Kohl back in 1996? does not make them $cientologists. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't do it now with everything that has been least I HOPE they wouldn't.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 9:24 pm
by Don Carlo
Right, I think most celebs on the list were hoodwinked by a highly slanted story. We never heard any more about them supporting Scientology-related topics.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:21 am
by chantal
Vidal, Gore (Author):
"When I return to the United States, I phone the writer Gore Vidal, who was one of the signers of the open letter to Helmut Kohl in the International Herald Tribune. 'It's got me into endless trouble in Germany,' he sighs. 'I had been led to believe by Bert Fields, my lawyer - he asked would I put my name to it - that it was a civil liberties gesture, not approbation of Scientology as a religion or a scam. I regard it as the second, personally, but then I'm not an authority.' Vidal said he agreed to sign when he was told that children of Scientologists were barred from kindergartens. And, Vidal wants it known, he once met with Hubbard in the 1950s, when Scientology was in its infancy. 'He exuded evil, malice, and stupidity,' says the historical novelist, 'but perfectly amiable to talk to.'" - George magazine, "Clash of the Titans: Scientology vs. Germany" by Russ Baker; April 1997.

Sure sounds like Vidal felt hoodwinked. I'm pretty sure most felt the same way.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:38 am
by chantal
Don Carlo wrote:Right, I think most celebs on the list were hoodwinked by a highly slanted story. We never heard any more about them supporting Scientology-related topics.
I also noticed most of the celebrities who signed are Jewish, which I'm sure was NOT a coincidence. $cientology knew exactly who to ask.

EDIT: Sorry for the temporary derail of this thread. Now, back to tracking the prison ship.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Oct 03, 2012 11:18 am
by secretiveoldfag
October 2012

Monday 1 October: at Kralendijk but invisible (Out of Range) as is generally the case with Bonaire.
Tuesday 2 October: at Willemstad in Curacao, eta 06:45, tied up beyond the bridge which is an obscure industrial kind of corner, not the main tourist drag.
Wednesday 3 October: heading back to Aruba eta 09.30 or thereabouts. The Music convention ends tomorrow.
Thursday 4 October: she's certainly in Oranjestad (Aruba) as this is staturday and the music hopefuls will be catching planes and flying home ready to be successful, but the Aruba AIS system is down, once again.
Friday 5 October: the glitch in the Aruba AIS system continues but she is probably still at Oranjestad as vessel tracking is working everywhere else, as far as I can see. Funny how these problems follow her around. OT Powahs?
Sunday 7 October: She has reappeared on her way from O'stad (Aruba) to Kralendijk (Bonaire), eta 09.30.
Monday 8 October: AIS says still 'Out of Range' but she is always Out of Range at Kralendijk, perhaps some kind of local problem. And bingo, she turned up just where she must have been all the time, at Kralendjijk, pumping out foul water.
Tuesday 9 October. This morning 'out of range' but now visible again and still at Kralendijk, Taking a hell of a dump. She normally spends as little time at K as possible, less than 24 hours.
Wednesday 10 October. Same story as yesterday. Out of Range but probably still at Kralendijk with her AIS turned off - how otherwise can other shipping be visible all over the area but Freewinds is not?
Thursday 11 October: Back in view. She left Kralendijk last night about 21.30 and is heading for Oranjestad, eta 09:30. She has not called in at Curacao either coming or going this time (last visit 2 October). It used to be her main port of call.
Friday and Saturday: still at Oranjestad.
Sunday 14 October: on the long trip back to Kralendijk, left Aruba 04:30, eta in K 11.45. Again by-passing Curacao.
Monday 15 October: tied up at Kralendijk for bilge-work. Usually at K she is Out of Range but today she is visible in the LiveShip map AIS thing, though DeadShip might be a better description. Left K at 20.00 hours en route for Willemstad, Curacao, eta 16 October 02:45.
Tuesday 16 October: tied up beyond the bridge in Willemstad. Nothing to see. In any case the webcam is still down.
Wednesday 17 October: as we speak (09.45) she is tying up at Oranjestad, having left Willemstad at 04.30 or thereabouts.
Thursday 18 October to Saturday 20 October: the Failboat is still at O'stad.
Sunday 21 October: left O'stad 03:20 and wended her way to Kralendijk, eta 10.15. Sewage disposal time.
Monday 22 October: still tied up at the Towns Pier at Kralendijk while a series of tankers pump off sh!t.
Tuesday 23 October: must have missed a move from Kralendiyk to Curacao; cf 15-16 October.
Wednesday 24 October: left Curacao about 04.30 for Oranjestad, Aruba, eta 09.30.
Thursday 25 October to Sunday 28 October: computer lapsed but still at Oranjestad at least until Saturday.
Monday 29 October: Out of Range: Bonaire? Yup, Bonaire.
Tuesday 30 October: again at Willemstad, Curacao eta 0.30, same as 23 October and 16 October.
Wednesday 31 October: Happy Hallowe'en! As previously Freewinds moved from Willemstad (Curacao) to Oranjestad (Aruba) eta 09.30.

This is my last post on this topic for the moment. Anyone who wants to find out where Freewinds is can usually find her on the Live Ships map at She shows up as a blue arrow (on the move) or diamond (in port). Sometimes Marinetraffic goes right to the target; other times you have to type in her name. When it says 'Out of Range' this usually means she is in Kralendijk (Bonaire). The only other time recently she was on her way from Cartagena (Colombia)
This at least establishes her pattern when doing the ABC rounds. Some time soon she should set sail for the Lesser Antilles.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sun Nov 18, 2012 12:30 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Sunday 18 November 2012: After ABCing for a few weeks Freewinds left Aruba this morning on her way to Cartagena (Colombia), eta 19 November at 10:00.
Monday 19 November 2012: she is just entering the harbour at Cartagena (09.58) and all the AIS systems are working.

>>>> In Cartagena for three weeks <<<<

Tuesday 11 December: on her way north to Santa Marta, in Colombia north of Cartagena, where she arrived 17:19. Then no doubt back to Aruba and perhaps somewhere more attractive, like Barbados or St Lucia, for the wee man's Christmas bash???
Wednesday 12 December: as anticipated she arrived in Aruba 12.12.12 at 14:00.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sun Dec 23, 2012 10:55 am
by secretiveoldfag
Sunday 23 December. Since last post on 12 December Freewinds has most of the time been shuttling between Aruba and Bonaire, bypassing Curacao. Today again, at this very moment, she is heading for Kralendijk in Bonaire, passing Curacao to the south. So no snorkelling in Barbados this year, David?

Monday 31 December. Just in case it might be significant, after a week doing the ABABC circuit, last seen in Curacao yesterday, the Cancer Boat has gone "out of range". This would normally mean she was no longer in the ABC zone as it all has live AIS coverage. More when she turns up.
This was just a blimp. She went from Curacao to Kralendijk, eta 30 December 20:00, so was never "out of range" in fact.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:26 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Hi to all Freewind watchers and may 2013 see the end of this boring boat.

7 January: In the last week she has gone from Bonaire to Aruba and back to Bonaire.

No Christmas or New Year holiday fun evident. Draw your own conclusions.


16 January: Since last posting the failboat has sailed from Aruba (long stay) to Bonaire (short stay) to Curacao (overnight) and back to Aruba. I guess she ties up in Aruba because it's cheap, visits Bonaire to pump sewage, and drops in at Curacao to bank cash.

21 January: After ABCing for months she has moved to Castries, St Lucia, eta today at 10:00.
23 January: from St Lucia to Bridgetown, Barbados, eta 09.30. This is the upmarket end of the Freewind's operation. From the map she appears to be anchored off-shore, but sometimes the map is out of sync.
27 January: back to Castries in St Lucia, arrival 10:00.
30 January, Wed: from Castries to Bridgetown, eta 09:30.
4 February: once again to and fro.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2013 9:04 pm
by secretiveoldfag
A mention of the former PM of Curacao, Maria Liberia Peters with allegations of corruption surrounding Freewinds and the asbestos work.

This has been moved to a separate thread.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Feb 05, 2013 6:21 pm
by secretiveoldfag
5 February, Tuesday: last seen on AIS at Castries in St Lucia, Freewinds; was then Out of Range for 36 hours.
6 February, Wednesday: she turned up heading for Bridgetown, Barbados, coming from Kingstown, capital of St Vincent. St VIncent is not yet covered by AIS tracking.
7 February onwards: between Castries and Bridgetown, as before.
10 February, Tuesday: in Castries
20 February: Continues to shuttle between Castries and Bridgetown with one side visit to Kingstown, St VIncent about 18 February.
22 February: moored at Bridgetown, Barbados
26 February: still doing the Bridgetown-Castries shuttle.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Tue Mar 05, 2013 10:11 am
by secretiveoldfag
New month and a new routine so time for a new post.

03 March, Sunday: on her way from Bridgetown, Barbados to St Vincent.
04 March, Monday: heading back to Kralendijk in Bonaire, eta today 10:00
05 March, Tuesday: after an overnight at Kralendijk, Freewinds is at Willemstad, Curacao, arrived today 06:30. Having made the toilet stop the old tart is banking the loot.
06 March, Wednesday: on her way to Aruba, eta 6.30
23 March, Saturday: still in Aruba. That's getting on for three weeks. Is she Clearing the island? Waiting for trade? Sinking at her moorings? Too broke to buy fuel?
24 March, Sunday: action at last: she left Aruba at 02:30 for Willemstad, Curacao and its banks eta about 08:30.
25 March, Monday: gone from Willemstad and Out of Range. Will check later to see if she has surfaced. Yes, she docked in Kralendijk,Bonaire, about 18:00. No doubt time to pump out the bilges. Can't have been very busy on board?
26 March, Tuesday: again Out of Range, perhaps on her way back to Curacao.
27 March, Wednesday: above surmise was correct. She dropped in to Willemstad very briefly and is now almost at Oranjestad in Aruba, eta 09:30.
28 March, Thursday: back in Aruba.
29 March, Friday: in Aruba
30 March, Saturday: gone from Aruba and 'Out of Range'.
31 March, Sunday: turned up at Bonaire.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Mon Apr 01, 2013 5:19 pm
by secretiveoldfag
1 April, Monday: Kralendijk, Bonaire.
2 April, Tuesday: Willemstad, Curacao.
3-6 April: Oranjestad, Aruba.
7 April, Sunday: on her way to Kralendijk, Bonaire, eta 10:15. Time to pump the bilges.
8 April, Monday: Out of Range, later at Kralendijk. Either there is a gap in AIS cover at Bonaire or she switches off when tied up.
9 April, Tueday: at Willemstad, Curacao, etc 10:15. This matches her schedule last week; course time again?
10 April, Wednesday: heading for Oranjestad, Aruba, eta 9.30.
10-13 April: in Aruba.
14 April, Sunday: heading for Kralendijk.
15 April, Monday: from Kralendijk to Willemstad, Curacao, eta 06:30.
16 April, Tuesday: to Oranjestad, Aruba eta. 09:30.
21 April, Sunday: still in Oranjestad.
22 April Monday early: on her way to Kralendijk, eta probably 10:00
25 April: Lost contact for a few days (Thank You Google). Her usual short visit to Bonaire followed by her usual short visit to Curacao followed by her return to Aruba 24 April eta 09:30.
27 April, Saturday: still at Aruba (yawn).
28 April: to Bonaire to dump sewage.
29 April, Monday: to Willemstad eta 06.15, parked up beyond the bridge. Nothing to see, folks.
30 April, Tuesday: still at Willemstad. Usually she is in and out within 24 hours.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed May 01, 2013 11:17 am
by secretiveoldfag
Time for another new page, same old boring routine.

1 May, Wednesday, and a happy MayDay to all. The little boat is now again at Oranjestad, Aruba, eta 09:30 this morning. Hi, David!
2-4 May, Thursday. At Oranjestad.
5 May, Sunday: on her way to Kralendijk in Bonaire to pump the bilges, eta. 11:00
6 May, Monday: to Willemstad in Curacao, eta 22.45
7 May, Tuesday: in Willemstad.
8-11 May: in Oranjestad, Aruba, eta 09:30. Little guy is in Portland.
12 May, Sunday: the little boat is on its way to Kralendijk, just like last week.
13 May, Monday: still at Kralendijk.
14 May, Tuesday: to Curacao, eta at Willemstad 00:45.
15 May, Wednesday: to Oranjestad in Aruba.
16-17 May: in Oranjestad as before, eta 09:30.
19 May, Sunday: to Kralendijk eta 10:30. Site says 18 May but this is an error.
20 May, Monday: 'Out of Range'. Probably just the usual blip at Kralendijk.
21 May, Tuesday: arrived in Willemstad, Curacao at 03:45.
22 May, Wednesday: on her way to Oranjestad, Aruba, eta 09:30.
23 May, Thursday: Oranjestad.
26 May, Sunday: to Kralendijk eta 10:30.
27 May, Monday: still in Bonaire.
28 May, Tuesday: eta Willemstad 00:15
29 May, Wednesday: still in Willemstad; minor departure from usual program.
31 May, Friday: in Kralendijk.

This is the last of my regular reports which for some time have confirmed a fairly regular ABC routine. AIS coverage seems to be virtually complete in this region so anyone can pick up her location from any vessel-tracking site any time they want. We can expect that sooner or later she will cross over to the Lesser Antilles where the Maiden Voyage Anniversary event usually takes place, and she will pick up a better class of mug to cruise around Barbados, Saint Lucia and so on. Tax-exempt holidays for the faithful made possible by slave labour and funded by the American tax-payer. Over and out.

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:10 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Does anyone have news of the Freewinds Maiden Voyage Anniversary Event for 2013? It was difficult to track it last year and this year even more so.

It takes place in June some time.

Normally, insofar as anything in the Cultus is normal, she spent it in some glamorous (and presumably expensive) place like St Lucia.

This year June has been spent between A, B and C, pumping sewage at Kralendijk, banking cash at Willemstad(*) and parked at a cheap location (Oranjestad). Nothing there to entice IAS to dip into their pension funds.

*Or withdrawing cash to pay for overheads?

Re: Tracking: Last reported positions of the MV Freewinds

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 4:01 pm
by secretiveoldfag
Regular checks on Freewinds' whereabouts confirm she is still doing the ABC cycle, from Arusha to Bonaire to Curacao to Arusha, once a week.