Hubbard centenary plaque in Antigua 13 March 2011

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Hubbard centenary plaque in Antigua 13 March 2011

Post by Sponge » Sun Dec 18, 2011 10:48 pm

OK, we know the Freewinds was visiting Antigua in early 2011 and it seems there was a specific reason. A mysterious plaque honoring Hubbard appeared in the square.
OTBT, posting on WWP, wrote:Freewinds in St. John's Antigua, May 28, 2011. If I recall correctly, it has been a while since Freewinds was in Antigua.
smileforever/ericcrofto ... otostream/

Large: smileforever/img225/5098 ... ay2020.jpg

Necro'ing that gallery post as a segue into this otherwise unremarkable passing remark in a book review which popped up in the news feeds today 18th Dec 2011..... ... -book.html
Our man in Antigua has a new E-Book

Sunday, 18 December 2011 The Guatemala Times


Guatemala. Michael Sherer just published his new E- book: Our Man In Antigua, a travel writer's version of what travelers don't find in ordinary guide books. This is the latest and most up-to-date information about Antigua, Guatemala, with suggested tours, side trips and prices for everything from taxis to museums. This is the absolute 'must have' companion guide to any other regular guide book.

Description: A quirky guide to the many aspects of Antigua, Guatemala from the perspective of a travel writer who lives there. This companion guide explains everything a tourist needs to know, what to avoid and where to go if something bad happens. Got diarrhea? here's what to take. Need a doctor or dentist? go here, and here's what it'll cost. Filled with strange 'factoids' like the L.Ron Hubbard plaque that no one can explain, or the existence of an ancient Maya city 33 feet under the present day Antigua and how to make a little extra money. All of the recommendations are unpaid nor solicited and represent the best of Antigua. Find out where and what are the Top Five bars, Top Five hotels and Top Ten restaurants. Know where to go for the best souvenirs and how to avoid mishaps. Know what a taxi or shuttle costs beforehand and how to avoid credit card fraud or what to do if it happens. Find out where to find the early morning espresso or the chocolate store.

Title: Our Man In Antigua
Ebook By michael sherer
....which led me to these pics found on the web....


By Josh Galt Josh Galt+ Add Contact
This photo was taken on November 15, 2011 using a Sony DSC-W350.

Dedicated to L. Ronald Hubbard

Antigua, Guatemala...pretty sure that's a Catholic church, but...a recent (2010) plaque honoring L. Ron himself. Odd.
^the date on the plaque is Hubbard's birthday centenary 13 March 2011. Doubtful they put it there in 2010. )see more pics below)

...and.... ... YGZHwd125N
Michael Stowe - 6 Aug 2011 -
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WTF Saturday -- this plaque commemorating L. Ron Hubbard appears in the central square in La Antigua. I haven't a clue

Larger one, mentioned in this unrelated forum for v-strom bikers....

"A plaque honoring L. Ron Hubbard in the square????????????????"

from a robo-translation the main part says...
In homage(honor?) to the humanist (humanitarian?)

L.Ronald Hubbard

in celebration of its Centennial
for his invaluable legacy
to humanity

Antigua g. 13th March 2011
The bit at the very top of the plaque is some Hubbard quote about a persons happiness and ability to create. I cannot be arsed to source the proper quote.

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