Colombia WISE conventions Feb 2012. Ads on Russian websites

Information about the CoS cruise ship.
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Colombia WISE conventions Feb 2012. Ads on Russian websites

Post by Sponge » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:31 am

ref: ... isa.99800/
International Conference "The Road to Happiness"
Colombia, the Caribbean, the ship "Freewinds"
16-23 February. We'll be there You ... also can.
Russian citizens need no visa! Come with us, we will show who the Russian <<warning Scientology URL

Colonel Prado of the Colombian police again....

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Re: Freewinds WISE conventions 2012. Ads on Russian Sci webs

Post by Sponge » Thu Feb 09, 2012 12:34 am

ref: ... st-2041110

Date on ad is 10th -15th February 2012

Image << warning scientology URL

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Re: Colombia WISE conventions Feb 2012. Ads on Russian websi

Post by Sponge » Thu Feb 09, 2012 1:29 am

email leak:
ref: ... st-2048563 (posted 8th Feb 2012)

From:Mikel Amondarain (


I am happy to communicate with you once again and wish to fulfill your
heart's desire.

I want to inform you that the Freewinds will sail to Cartagena, Colombia in February. We are on a crusade in Colombia, in coordination with Colonel Prado, IAS Freedom Medal 2011, the next decisive area to handle is the Department of Cauca.

The Department of Cauca is the most violent area of Colombia in the last year.The FARC have committed more than 4,000 homicides between 2010 and 2011. Also between September and November of 2010, the FARC killed more than 75 police officers and soldiers.

The Cauca region is the region of coca cultivation (the plant which cocaine is made from). The guerrillas and paramilitaries are fighting each other and government forces for control of the cocaine routes to the Pacific coast, which go through this section of the country.

According to press reports of the FARC have transformed the department into a "fortress," from which are launched daily violent attacks against state security forces.

The crusade is to provide all the inhabitants of Cauca, The Way to Happiness booklet and to play the DVD in every place where there is a TV, such as schools, colleges and institutes.

The Freewinds is Tone 40 with Colombia because as we handle Colombia, the calm continues to spread outwards to other countries worldwide.

The crew of the Freewinds and Colonel Prado ask for your participation in the Crusade, once again, victory is only accomplished through your support, we need you.

We ask that you do a $450 donation of the $XXXXX you have in your account on the Freewinds and that this will be used to send Colonel Prado 450 Way to Happiness booklets.

If you prefer to pay the donation with the credit card, please write me back with your contact information and a time that I can reach you.

I am attaching the commendation that was written by Colonel Prado, IAS Freedom Medal Winner 2011, as a sincere thanks for your help.

Mikel from the Freewinds
Thank you for this opportunity to communicate through a small token my appreciation, the deep respect and admiration I have for people like you – those with no vested interest and no other thought than the care for their fellow man, who deliver to an entire nation the means to achieve the purpose of freeing themselves from the yoke of suppression that has affected them for so many years.

On behalf of the Nation of Colombia, of the Colombian National Police, on behalf of all children and youth of Colombia – whom through my job I have the honor to represent, and on behalf of all citizens who comprise our beautiful country, I am compelled to thank you for your commendable work.
Let me point out that you are the type of people that this world needs – those who can put in order. Your strong and sincere interest in solving the situations that are causing destruction inspires others to build on this purpose – and with your example others will join us and work unswervingly until the postulated target is achieved.

I find myself without words to express my gratitude, so I can only give you a thousand thanks for your great support of my country, Colombia.
You can rest assured that your generous and heartfelt contributions are being utilized and will continue to be utilized in the best possible way to create a happier world.

As LRH says:
“With ‘The Way To Happiness’ you can, factually, change all this. All you have to do is keep that booklet flowing in the society. Like gentle oil spread upon the raging sea, the calm will flow outward and outward” - LRH

Best Regards & Much Love,
Teniente Coronel Ricardo Antonio Prado Ramirez
Comandante Estación Engativa

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Re: Colombia WISE conventions Feb 2012. Ads on Russian websi

Post by secretiveoldfag » Thu Feb 09, 2012 9:15 pm

Not sure where that glamorous photograph is but don't think it is Cartagena, where she seems to tie up in a container depot. Not A B or C but perhaps Barbados? or St Lucia?

Russians won't be much impressed with the Failboat. At 134m it is quite a few sizes smaller than Eclipse, the superyacht of their own supertycoon Roman Abramovich which is 170m and cost $300M. Who needs WISE?

Edited to say, yup, thanks to Google Images, it is taken in the port of Castries, St Lucia.

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