Are SO Staff Unknowingly Taking Mind-altering Drugs?

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Re: Are SO Staff Unknowingly Taking Mind-altering Drugs?

Post by Demented LRH » Tue Oct 22, 2013 1:26 pm

anondelmundial wrote:
It was a short-term amnesia, thanks God. The ex-Scientologists whose stories I read are suffering from a long-term memory loss; for example, one of them doesn't recall a relation with one of her former boyfriends, in fact, she didn't even recognize him when they met Their lives were stressful during their stay in Sea Org, but I don't think the stress was strong enough to make them forget sizable chunks of their lives. The way I see it, they were either under influence of the drugs or received post-hypnotic suggestions during the auditing sessions (I'm more inclined to believe that the latter is true).
Based on your experience (a statistical population of one!, just like mine!), it might well be that Hubbard, designed his processes to remove, or suppress, previous memory. People denigrate Hubbard as a charlatan , but he might just have been a psychological genius. Frankly, I don't know how Scientology has survived unless Hubbard was a psychological genius.
I wasted only 5 months of my time slaving for Sea Org, that was not enough to cause a memory loss, although a lot of people who worked for the cult for much longer period of time do suffer from amnesia.

The techiques of post-hypnotic suggestions are extremely simple (it is just a series of commands), and they are described in many books on hypnotism, one doesn't have to be a psychological genius to apply them.
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