Life in the Sea Org

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Life in the Sea Org

Post by Snow White » Fri Jan 18, 2008 2:25 pm

A former Sea Org member describes health consequences as a result of conditions in the S.O and/or the cadet org. Disconnection and financial deception mentioned also. Disgusting!

I was in the sea org for 8 years. My mom got me in at the age of 15. I never saw any descrimination. But those 8 yrs were the most emotionally painful time in my life. It ended with me having a nervous breakdown. They told me to leave and get my life together??? I suffer from PTSD and have been hospitalized at least 5 times in the last 12 years. I left the sea org in 1982. My mom remained and disowned me. I'm surprised they didn't get rid of her. That's what they do when you can no longer "produce." On the other hand she might have remained in better health if she had left. It turned out my older sister(scientologist but not sea org member) who was living in the LA area would take my mom to appts sometimes. She decided to join the sea org in clearwater and asked my brother(a christian) to take care of her and had my mom (82yo) sent to minnesota to live with him. My mom has always been about 150# but when she arrived she was barely 100#. The sea org said they were taking care of her but they didn't do anything for her. She had developed alzhiemers and couldn't remember to eat. And noone made sure she ate. Also she had a plantars wart on her foot and a scientology Dr did "surgery" on it to remove it and left the bone exposed and noone even made sure it was dressed daily. She's lucky she didn't get osteomylitis!! My mom is doing as well as expected, doesn't know who anyone is but she's being taken care of. Needless to say my sister in the sea org has disowned me as well. I have been a christian the last 13yrs and God is my strength in everything. But for a scientologist, an "SP" or "PTS" is thier krypton or aciles heel. They crumble and know how to evade and run really well. How powerful does that make them??? Bug

When I first joined the sea org, since my sister and I (twins) were minors we had to live at the Cadet org(childcare literally). All the children worked and cleaned and even washed the dishes. There were almost 200 kids. Being 15 we were asigned to take care of 8 preschoolers 16 hrs a day for a dollar a week. We had to teach them how to count, the alphabet, colors all the things preschoolers have to learn.

Every job in the sea org is monitored with statistics to see if you produced more each week. If you didn't you didn't get a day off, only 4 hrs. If the stats stay down for a prolonged period you are punished with extra work (called an ethics handling). If they still don't go up you eventually get put on the RPF (rehabilitaion project force). They even put the kids on it too. They had to wear grey with a grey arm band to identify them as not in good standing and couldn't talk to anyone but RPFers. If they were adults, they couldn't see their kids. You had to run and never walk. You worked (labor type work) 12hrs a day and 5hrs of study time the rest 7hrs you slept, a vacation compared to regular staff. And regular staff only see their kids 1hr a day. A sea org member is an all knowing being and lived many lives and there is no excuse for not doing any job you're given even when not trained. I'm saying this because there was tremendous presure on me to do my job will for fear of the punishment.

The cadet org was in 3 condemmed victorian houses riddled with roaches. Since the kids did the cleaning and dishwashing every newcomer got diarrhea. Next door to one of the houses, barely 10-12ft away from the windows was aNarcanon drug rehab. At night the kids had to listen to people screaming and crying going through withdrawl just outside their windows. The bed rooms were wall to wall matresses. When the health department eventually got wind and inspected most of the mattresses disappeared. It was a "big flap" as they call it. Something that requires lots of PR to hide the truth. The older kids were put on the ship (a training ship for new recruits. I spent about 2 months on it when I arrived). The ship was a WWII hospital ship. With the kids came the roaches and hair lice. We had to do an all nighter (very common it the sea org) pulling all the matresses out of the berthing spaces on to the deck and spray everything with insecticide. The kids clothes were boiled in water in the steam kettles in the galley and the kids were all lined up to have their hair shampooed and the nits combed out. Oh, what fond memories. This describes my first 3 months in the sea org. that's all I want to write now. Bug PS It wasn't for 5 months before I ever saw my mom again. She went to the ASHO (American St hill org) They do higher level auditing.

also, in December the sea org started calling my brother 5 times in one day demanding my mom buy books with the remaining $3000+ "in her account" My brother told them she could really use that money for medical expenses. They called another sister(former sea org member to get her to have my mom spend this money. They called my brother again and said the only way to get that money was if my mom signed a statement saying she denounced scientology. My brother being the POA could have demanded the money but he just wanted them out of his hair. The next day they called my brother again saying "We have bad news. We made a mistake. that money was spent in 1990." How convienent. I'm sure they realized mom was too sick to use any books and just took the money. Sounds like they are really desperate these days. Bug


Post by Kilia » Sat Jan 19, 2008 12:13 am

How heart goes out to them! :(

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