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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2002 11:08 pm 

Thanks for the link! Good stuff.

Anyone out there do solo or other auditing, and what sort of meter do you use?

My E-Meter finally died after 18 years, so
I bought a C-Meter last year, and am pretty satisfied with it, though it was made for the European-style electrical power supply, and has a bit too much jerkiness of the "needle" at high sensitivities. This "meter" interfaces with a computer. I wanted to get an Ability Meter, but could not get an email reply from them for over a month.

Any good or bad experiences with non-Scn. meters?

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2002 11:26 pm 
LOL - An implant station that serves pizza! :)

No, but we have some nice pizza-flavored glycol. :):):) (OT 3 humor, from an implant scenario where glycol was part of the formula to "capture" a thetan)

More OT 3 humor from the OT 3 restaurant:

Just step over to my nice volcano.......
And we have some nice cherubs to provide background music. Hope you like horns.....
Don't be concerned if the lights go out, happens all the time......
That snapping is the glycol cooking on the barbecue, not to worry.....
Enjoy the chariot races while you wait.....

You can get anything you want, at Pilot's restuarant. We take Teegeac Express and the Xenu Card.

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 12:03 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 14, 2002 1:33 am
Posts: 499
Naw, glycol is what you drink WITH the pizza!

“I’d like one 3-topping pizza, and XENU-size it, please. With beans, rice, and extra BT’s! Also one pitcher of amber glycol with that.”

Teegeack Express.....LOL!

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 12:57 am 

Caroline Beck spent some time at St. Hill, no?

Ahhh...the downstat Denny's on Alameda! Late
nights for hours on end spent there and at the
Breakfast King on Santa Fe and the White Spot
on Broadway and the (more expensive) Village
Inn up by Morrison road on Alameda.

And do not forget that most wonderfully wretched
Breakfast Prince up that way way as well. However,
that didn't last long, they didn't like us
'being there' because we drank too much of their
apparently very expensive 'coffee extender!'

Once I saw little foil packets of 'coffee
extender' in an overflowing trash container.
Out of curiosity, I filched one. We had a great
time reading about how much coffee a joint could
save by using it.

Ersatz! What a word! We nearly rolled. Man, we
mocked up all these analogue 'extender' products
complete with company names, business models and
extensive marketing plans!

Yup. Great times! Could rarely afford the two
egg specials back then but there was always
(well, nearly always) plenty of coffee and we
talked & fourth dynamic stuffed and we laughed
and laughed some more - well into the mornings'
hours about nearly everything. Of course, when
we were very serious, we often spoke of OT stuff,
stats, and LRH...

Sometimes, several of us and a few public went
to the Organ Grinder and had pizza. That was
a real treat!

One very funny/strange incident occurred on a
bus I caught near the org late one night (actually
early morning). It was winter and there was
a VERY large street person on the bus dressed
in a huge great coat but with no shirt and no

He literally glowed and had a gleam in his eye
as he asked, ''Where you coming from?''

No doubt, I thought, he considered me to be a
'fellow traveler' because of the way I was

I looked around a little bit, and I began,
"I'm from Seattle..."

But the big guy cut me off short, and leaned
closer. Surprisingly, his breath smelled of
no alcohol.

''Bullshit,'' he stated. ''I know where ALL you
guys are from.''

I waited, rather taken aback. Finally, I broke
the silence and asked, ''Well, where are all we
from, then?''

The big guy continued the pause masterfully, then
fairly shouted, ''YOU are from the MEST Universe!''

Attempts to draw him out were futile. I considered
that there was some chance he was with the GO on a
secret mission!

Brad was sharp-featured, lanky, dark brown haired,
and was not short. I think he was a public but had
spent some time on staff, possibly as a volunteer
(YES, those were some tough times) and maybe worked
Div6 as such. He seemed a 'valley' sort of guy.

He might even have been a CS it has been a while
since I have seen him.

I remember a Barb, maybe Snippington or Snappington.
Didn't she room with a chubby dark-haired girl on
Broadway over top of a camera shop? I think they
were learning camera repair.

Mike Sullivan looked a lot like Vincent van Gogh.

Slim Spurling (a public) looked like a beefy Charles
Manson, only hairier and taller. He had a
magnificient full beard and always traveled with a
small entourage if I remember correctly.

Steve with the jeep, course sup, bushy mustache
(dug pools?) Ran into him once again years ago.
Seemed like he was living on the street. I wish
him well.

Maybe recall some old friends among these
name fragments:

Bledsoe. Pinto. Ingraham. Whipple. Simms.

When was all this? 'nuff said...

Am I ''in or out?'' Good question, S_Rose.

Maybe I can answer it for you from another id,
however, now that I have said too much, this
will be my last post from this id...

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 1:17 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 14, 2002 1:33 am
Posts: 499
UltraCat (good nick, Denver!): AHA!

“Bledsoe. Pinto. Ingraham. Whipple. Simms.”

Charlene Bledsoe? Or maybe Dan Bledsoe? Dan Pinto? Randy Ingraham, THAT’S the blonde hunky Randy. John Whipple? Tina Simms?

Actually, your description of Brad Fox makes me think of the guy with the jeep. Did he ever have a jeep?

Weird-assed story, the big guy on the bus! Almost sounds like someone who went bonkers on OTIII and became a street person......

I’m sorry this is your last post (from this id), but sounds like you will be back in another incarnation? Hope so, it’s been great hashing over old times!!! ( I maybe know you......?)

Best to you!

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 2:10 am 
Yep, Randy and Kathy Ingraham. I do recall some Bledsoes, but thought maybe I was confusing them with Drew Bledsoe, the quarterback. I think there may have been a Marnie Bledsoe. Tina Simms is also right, I think. Pinto and Whipple don't ring a bell. (Except the Charmin guy, Mr. Whipple)

I remember a dude with an entourage on training. "Slim" just doesn't sound right. Gotta be another name. I don't recall an Charles Manson types.

Mike S. DID look like Van Gogh, right down to the crazy stare! :) He was a character!

Barb Sharpington? I recall the camera repair thing vaguely. I never went to the White Spot, but the Breakfast King was a hot spot, too. Also some cheap Mexican restaurant west on Alameda. There was also a place on Broadway everyone raved about, something like Joe's Mexican Cafe, that had a great smothered green chile burrito. Whatever it was, it had to be cheap, if you were on staff.

I have a weird Scientology moment: I was sort of "in the zone" one day when my wife and I went to the Denver Zoo. I had just learned a bit about exteriorization, and started goofing around "appearing" next to animals in the zoo. I would just "mock up" a viewpoint and view from it.
When we got to the monkey house, every single monkey/primate I did this near freaked out and went crazy running and swinging around their cages. I did it like 10 times, and every one of those little critters, some of them dead asleep, jumped up, looked around wildly, and went into hysterics. I have since tried the same thing, with no result. It must have been several coincidences in a row. I ended up with a terrible headache at the end of the day, but thought I was super-thetan! :):):):)

I believe Caroline Beck did do some upper level training, as she had been around since the early days of Dianetics. I recall once I speculated to Caroline that NOT's must be a form of Dianetics, otherwise LRH wouldn't call it Dianetics, and she was adamant that it couldn't be ANYTHING like regular Dianetics. This was one of the few times I saw her very worked up and emotional. She needed NOT's or something like it; as I recall she was getting touch assists constantly from everyone. Terrific lady.

Pizza with extra BT's, and Xenu-size it! I love it!

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 3:53 pm 
Squirrel from Denver: I find your story about the monkeys in the zoo very interesting. This idea of "going exterior" I have gathered from others' posts is something like being able to leave your body and look at a situation more objectively- is this right?

I have heard of people who almost died saying they were looking down at their own body on the operating table. Would this be the same thing? Or is all of it just a form of hallucination?

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 6:22 pm 
Depends on how you define it or experience it. I have never had a near-death experience or anything like it, but I tried "astral projection" when I was a teenager, and was unconvinced that anything was happening, and felt that I was deluding myself.

"Going Exterior" in Scientology generally means being able to actually view reality from a viewpoint outside or away from the body, whether you feel "you" are outside the body or not (as I understand it). What I felt like in the monkey house, was my staying in my body, and creating remote viewpoints some distance from my body, from which I could view. I found it to have little value, and don't believe in such "spiritual" phenomena, because I have never experienced this sort of thing in such a way to be convinced it was real. I am a big skeptic now, and James Randi is my hero, because he helped me to reject all sorts of crazy claptrap, like astral projection, astrology, and other nutty "paranormal" phenomena.

It was not a hallucination to me(maybe self-hallucination), but something I did that seemed real, but wasn't. And it didn't "just happen", I did it on purpose, for the fun of it.

Hope that explains it.

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 7:16 pm 
Since I have no idea what an "implant station" looks like, can someone describe the Organ Grinder restaurant to me?


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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 8:05 pm 
Like an implant station, of course! :)

I haven't seen it in some time, and can't recall it very well, but the building itself is quite tall, houses a huge organ with pipes, and has lots of glass. It looks futuristic, like buildings you would see in Popular Science speculation about what the "World of the Future" would look like.

Here's link to the one in Portland, and you can see an exterior shot near the bottom of the page: This looks very much like the one I recall in Denver.

I have no idea what an implant station looks like, either! It's a figment of someone's fertile imagination. :)

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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2002 11:04 pm 

Joined: Wed Jan 23, 2002 7:28 pm
Posts: 435
Anyone out there do solo or other auditing, and what sort of meter do you use?
Doing OT 2. Had my mark 5 modified by Ralph Hilton who does the C-meter. Being computer
dummy I wasn't so handy with controlling C-meter.
It did seem best for solo when set up for me.

Suprised from your other posts you still do solo. What you do?
Any good or bad experiences with non-Scn. meters?
Think I just saw ability meter at UK FZ
conference. Was beautifully made.

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2002 1:05 am 

I do a single solo process I developed myself, based partially on a few Scn. concepts, and partially on a practice called Focusing. (Dr. Eugene Gendlin originated Focusing, and Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell is the primary modern proponent of it's practice. Dr. Gendlin's book is called Focusing, published in the 60's., and Dr. Cornell's book is called The Power of Focusing, published in the 90's) My technique handles what Dianetics and NOT's are designed to handle, but all solo, and has been very effective so far. If you read about Focusing, you will see a similarity between it's practice and the practice of handling BT's, though Focusing is done between the mind and the body, not between the "thetan" and "BT's". Hence my handle "Squirrel from Denver."

I really liked my old Mark 5, and had adapted it to use regular batteries, which made it work so much better. I had that meter for 21 years, and never had to have it repaired, so I got my money's worth out of it! I dropped it last year and destroyed the case and messed up something in the circuitry, so I had to go with something from the Free Zone. The C-meter is pretty good, never needs batteries, and has been very consistent so far, so I like it just fine, especially a unique wave graph that shows needle motion, and makes f/n's show as parabolic waves. Very cool, and it is hard to miss an f/n!

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2002 2:14 am 

Joined: Sun Apr 14, 2002 1:33 am
Posts: 499
Denver: Wow, yeah, the pix of the Organ Grinder really takes me back some. I remember that huge glass front, and all the various-sized and colored pipes everywhere. That was a very visually cool place to go. Too bad the pizza sucked big time, maybe it would've lasted more than a couple years.

The monkey story I find quite intriguing.....the basic things that got me interested in Scn in the first place are the same basic things I have felt to be true for most of my life: that we are beings in bodies. Funny, when you think about it, MOST religions agree with this basic concept. Although, to me, religion is more of an attempt to classify and explain things that we just don't know.

It's also interesting to read your feelings about the monkey incident. Nothing magical, nothing paranormal; just that SOMETHING really seemed to happen, and it was something that appeared to be a result of something you were trying to cause.

Mike: Good point! I've no idea either, what an implant station would look like. But, somehow, if you'd been there at the time it probably would have made perfect sense to you, too!

An implant station probably looks a lot like an Org!!! LOL! :)

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2002 6:29 am 
"An implant station probably looks a lot like an Org!!!" LOL indeed! :):):):):):)

The really bad-ass ones look like the Sea Org. With roaches and everything.

I never ate at the Organ Grinder. I heard it was no great shakes.

My interpretation of the monkey incident is similar to your description. I concluded at the time that I had caused it with my exteriorization, but doubt it now. I am reasonably sure it wasn't exteriorization, perhaps visual signals or body language that the monkeys picked up on, or simple coincidence. The only ones that really freaked me were the monkeys that appeared completely asleep, and were turned away from the front of the cage. I was quite surprised by THEIR reaction!

I don't believe I actually went exterior or caused the ruckus. I am convinced that I was highly suggestable, used the "exteriorization" concept, and made it fit the circumstances in my own mind. It was a strange experience, but I feel my state of mind "filtered" the experience and made me feel that something was happening that was paranormal, when it did not. I have witnessed this same type of scenario with New Agers or Scientlogists, their being convinced that they have created some sort of paranormal effect that they had not. (such as the changing of traffic lights) I hope my days of self-delusion are over.

I challenge anyone who has finished the "L's", to go to the James Randi Foundation, and demonstrate their ability to go exterior with full perception.
No takers? What a shock! "Oh, we don't want to demonstrate OT powers overtly, because that will draw the wrong kind of attention!" Maybe it will draw the attention of "new meat", and you'll regs hundreds of new people for the "L's", ninny! If I saw proof, I'd probably sign up myself, and I've been through that hell! :)

Scn. turned me around, to be ultra-scientific in my views, and I now am very wary of "truths" and "spiritual" phenomena or the paranormal.

By the way, how often in Scn. did you hear "My knowingness tells me........."? What a bunch of nonsense!!! (My knowingness is better than your knowingness!) Perception is often very faulty, so how less acute would "intuition" or "knowingness" be? In the "wog" world, the equivalent is people saying how they trust their "instincts" (the 100% is silent, but understood). When I get in that sort of mood, I go to the James Randi website, and reading several items just breaks me out of that weird mind set.

Reality sucks sometimes, but it's the only game in town.

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PostPosted: Sat May 18, 2002 9:49 pm 
I want to say "Thanks!" to everyone who contributed to the Denver Org reminiscing. This was great fun!

I'm out of here for now, to be back later, perhaps, under a new handle. I'll check in every now and then.

I have to get some things done, and forums really take a lot of time out of my day. It was great to take the time and put my Scientology experiences in perspective, and hear from others with similar interesting experiences.

A few more names before I leave:
June Knutson was a Farland, and her sister Wendy Farland was also on course at the Denver org. The whole family was involved in some way, including another sister, and a brother who did the Briefing Course. Their dad's name was Fo, and I believe he had been an auditor in the early days. He was from Spain.

There was a guy who worked in Qual named Mike. He was about 6'2" and blonde, thin but well built, fairly good looking, and pretty young.

There were two young ladies who started the same day on staff. One had long brown hair, and was a bit heavy, and the other had short blonde hair. These two were good friends before they started, I think. The blonde was ethics officer for awhile. That's all I recall.

Have a good life!

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