Ignorance on the Inside

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It's a Wog's Life
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Ignorance on the Inside

Post by It's a Wog's Life » Fri Jan 31, 2014 9:36 pm

The other night my mate and I were on our way to dinner with friends when we drove past the local Catholic church. Workers were outside setting up for an upcoming community event in which the church was participating. I was driving and not really paying much attention until my mate says:
"Oh look at that - they're part of xyz event. It won't help them" (Remember s/he's a multi-year scientologist and this was the dame day CoS discovery documents were due in court in TX)

Me: Help them?

Mate: Have you seen the headlines lately?? The corruption and scandal? I don't know how there any people left in the church.

Me: Hmmm. I wonder how much it affects the average church goer.

Mate: Well they certainly spent millions to cover it up. Some people will spend whatever it takes to keep from being found out.

Me: (Nearly biting my tongue in half) Yes, yes they will.

Oh the irony.

There's a lot of talk about when the organization of scientology implodes and what the end will look like. I'm in the org regularly with my mate. As freakishly frightening as the above conversation is, it's what I believe to be the level of ignorance with more still-ins than not. I don't think they have a clue about what things are really like. They don't know about the lawsuits in Europe. The don't know that scientology is organization non grata in multiple countries. The don't know numbers are shrinking - even in their own orgs. They certainly don't know what's going on with Mosey's case in TX. They just don't know. Local org staffers might know their own stats are down. I'm sure they believe it's because they aren't working hard enough and that every other org's stats are 'straight up and vertical'.

So even if DM is sanctioned, fined, goes to jail, or whatever..... I'm not sure those in the local orgs will ever know. Hubbard simply disappeared with some far out fantasy to explain why. I expect the same would be the case if DM is no longer in the picture. Someone else will take a seat on the iron throne and business as usual will carry on. People at the upper levels of cos disappear all the time and virtually no one bats an eye the abomination just keeps on rolling.

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Don Carlo
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Re: Ignorance on the Inside

Post by Don Carlo » Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:48 pm

Some groups survive the disgrace of a founder and others crash. Rev. Sun Myung Moon was convicted in the United States of filing false federal income tax returns and conspiracy... Moon was given an 18-month sentence and a $15,000 fine. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sun_Myung_Moon

What's ripping up Moon's Unification Church are his grown children fighting over his megabucks empire.

It's a Wog's Life
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Re: Ignorance on the Inside

Post by It's a Wog's Life » Sat Feb 01, 2014 12:48 am

Exactly. Either true believers don't know (aren't allowed to know) or don't care if some governmental agency brings down their leader. It has the potential of making him a martyr for the cause. Worked for Christianity.

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ze moo
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Re: Ignorance on the Inside

Post by ze moo » Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:37 pm

Miscavige has no reason to fear or even care about what happens with the Monique Rathbun lawsuit. At worst, the CO$ pays off and 'promises' {crossed fingers are behind the back} to not harass Monique again. The 5 million or so dollars spent in legal fees are nothing to him. It isn't coming out of his pocket. Any payout to the Rathbuns will cause Davey's blood pressure to rise and Sea Org members will be sent to the RFP for no reason, but Davey's scotch budget won't be affected. Even if the suit goes to trial and Monique wins a nice judgement, the total bill for the 'church' will only be about 10 million. Pocket change for the clams, and it isn't coming out of Miscavige's pocket.

The Rathbun lawsuit has been getting some main street coverage, but not much and not consistently. Davey will just trot out the 'they're picking on us' defense and he'll set the IAS regs out on a 'crusade' to raise money. Win, win for Davey.

But the loyal minions will hear about the Rathbun suit and it will keep more new meat away. It is a long term bomb that Davey alone started ticking. The internet will crash the clam scam, you can't hide info or current events anymore.

The Garcia suit has so much more ability to hurt the clampire. That one could force the IRS to revisit the 1993 agreement. That would get the minions attention.

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Re: Ignorance on the Inside

Post by Ruby_09 » Wed Apr 02, 2014 5:05 am

Nice post.

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