In need of some advice

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In need of some advice

Post by hibiscusflower » Fri Aug 22, 2014 11:50 pm

My involvement with Scientology has been brief, so I don't have a long story to tell. The other day I was convinced to (and in retrospect, manipulated to) sign up for a class at a Scientology church. I paid $50, and signed a contract (which the guy talking to me explained to me exists so that I wouldn't "sue them for helping me"). I told them I'd attend the class sometime next week. I really enjoy learning about other religions and cultures so of course a class would be tempting to me, but spending money like that, let alone on something as creepy as Scientology, is really unlike me so I feel really coerced. Especially after reading up more on what this church is all about. I've grown increasingly uncomfortable with the idea of this organization having my information, and I don't know whether I should call them and try to get my money back (and cancel the appointment to take the class, and hopefully cancel the free 6 month membership thing) or to just wait it out and not show up to the class, I'll expect calls but ignore all of them. What do you think is more effective in getting these people off of my back if I'm experiencing harassment soon? Being passive and ignoring them, or fighting to get my money back and trying and end this fiasco once and for all?

Thanks in advance! I really appreciate your input. I've been stressing out and losing sleep over this.

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Demented Source
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Re: In need of some advice

Post by Demented Source » Sat Aug 23, 2014 3:35 pm

My first course in Scientology was a so-called basic course; I paid $50 for it. I didn’t sign any contract because I was not joining Sea Org at that time (as far as I know, only Sea Org members and staff members sign a contract with CoS). Other than my address and phone number, I was not asked to provide any personal data.

I’m not sure what kind of data they want from you at this point. Later they may ask you how much money you have on your bank account (this didn’t happen to me, but other former Scientologists would tell you that they were asked to reveal their financial data). Taking a basic course won’t hurt, but, if you’re a smart individual, it will show you how incredibly stupid Hubbard was.
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Re: In need of some advice

Post by Don Carlo » Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:00 pm

If you prefer to avoid fights, just never return and act dumb and broke if they bug you. Or, tell them you know about Xenu - that will stop them bothering you.

If you are itching to get that $50 back, you may need to talk to them in person. Leave your cash, credit card and checkbook at home. They may pressure you so hard you will buy some book or course just to escape. Don't let them get you in a room where someone is blocking the door. Have your phone ready to call 911 if they don't let you leave. I wouldn't get a lawyer for just $50, but I'd threaten to complain to the IRS that CoS is breaking their promise to the IRS of quick refunds.
It has been a long-standing policy of the Church that if someone is dissatisfied with their Scientology services and asks to have their contributions returned within a three month period, these amounts will be returned. Likewise, if the person asks for return of contributions for which no services were received (i.e. an advance payment), there is no three month limitation period. Anyone newly enrolling in services at a Church of Scientology is informed of the policies and signs an agreement to abide by them. As a further condition of receiving a refund or repayment, the person understands that they may not again receive services from the Church.
More at ... policy.htm

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Re: In need of some advice

Post by I'mglib » Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:10 am

Welcome to the board, Hibiscus Flower. I think your best bet it to simply not show up, and not answer the phone. Trying to get your money back will be more trouble than it's worth. I would just look at it as one of those things where you win some you lose some.

If you go back, then they will wrap their spider web around you. You'll get further sucked in. I would pay $100 to NOT have to get involved in the process of trying to get my money back.

There are lots of stories around of people taking a class, and then getting on their mailing list forever. I think if you skip the class there will be a much better chance of avoiding this.
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Karin Pouw
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Re: In need of some advice

Post by Karin Pouw » Sun Aug 24, 2014 7:50 am

What if she told them she takes Abilify (antipsychotic) prescribed by her psychiatrist, has no intention of stopping and would like her $50 mailed to her. Would this possibly stop them from trying to get her to take the class?

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