I recognized Hubbards false smile after 25 years in the chur

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I recognized Hubbards false smile after 25 years in the chur

Post by RockmyStar » Fri Mar 06, 2015 7:17 pm

I was tricked as any other back in 1984. Until the year 2009 I sponsored the IAS with some 20.000 $ in addition to spending around 100.000 $ on courses and meaningless auditing as I was audited a lot on FPRD (False Purpose RD). As I had and have no False Purpose I should have been attesting to the completion of FPRD.
In 2009, finally, I was visiting a Scn. Friend. Two eyes from a photo were watching me and I looked up on them. They belonged to L Ron Hubbard and he wore an extremely false smile. Actually, his smile is the most false I have seen this lifetime.
Pro Trs is the one thing in Scientology I recommend. You learn to communicate by that course. Today I am very pleased with the fact that I am not a Scientologist. I am both happy, harmonic, dynamic and free as opposed to being a Scientologist.
I know as a fact, today, that Hubbard planned to mind control all beings by the use of Scientology. I will make sure that all who follow their hearts, giving them integrity, will experience justice.
I am a man of justice and integrity and optimally I want infinite justice for us all by every consequence happening in our universe.
I have for the last 4 years been researching and discovering within Life and Universes using a selfmade communication technique and 7th of september 2014 I discovered a new philosophical way, "Iology". Iology, the learning of I, will always be a very easy way to an easy life. I am still working on it. The only thing I use from Scientology is "Theta". I have come up with a system for both dynamics (5) and real quality conditions which beats the conditions and dynamics uses inside Scientology by far. Scientology deals with quantity. I deal with quality.
I have done my work for everyone who wants a good and easy life. There are not many sites on earth with more Theta than mine. My site is mainly for those who seek inspiration. It's also a great advantage to be of the opinion that there was one being at first - Life Unit # 1. Life Unit # 1 was not L Ron Hubbard. Hubbard was not Buddha, either. Truths need to be told in today's world where lies control most of us.
I want any kind of feedback. Come visit me:

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