New building and address in Philadelphia

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New building and address in Philadelphia

Post by AlphaOmega » Sun Jul 15, 2007 8:40 pm

David Miscabbage must have released some funds. The church over paid to buy the building from a NY owner at $8 million. It is a couple blocks south east of city hall. The street is mostly businesses with '70s signage. The NY developer was going to make the building into condos before the church over bid on it. It is unfortunate for the local businesses. Instead of resident patrons. Now they have a leech sucking money away from their businesses and no residents to patron their businesses.

The building is 15 stories. But Philly has about 20 active parishioners. By active, I mean showing up at least once a week in the building. They may draws 50 or so at an event.

They don't have to pay the $56 thousand in annual property tax for the building. But I would guess they only operate one or two floors of it. They could never afford the utilities for the whole building. And they only have a dozen or so staff.

I wonder how many public will have the time and money to help them move after the prior donation milking for the new building.

Parking is bad in the new area. So parishioners and staff will have to pay monthly parking or at least $15/trip to park in a lot or feed a meter. ... _City.html

The new address will be:
1312-16 Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107

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Post by programmer_guy » Mon Jul 16, 2007 8:06 am

He said the property, of which the church would be the sole occupant, would be "a real asset to the area" and "open to all," including other groups. He did not know how much the renovations would cost or when they would be completed.
He didn't know how much or when? Then they were talking to the wrong guy.
Locally, members also delivered 180 antidrug lectures in the last year, Thompson said.
Was this anti STREET drug lectures or against all drugs whatsoever? I can guess the answer to that one. Are there any "bookies" in Las Vegas that will take a bet on this one? I might could make some money on this.

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Dennis Dubin

Post by AlphaOmega » Mon Jul 16, 2007 2:27 pm

Word on the street has it that Dennis Dubin helped this purchase go through. That is odd since it is a conflict of interest. Dennis Dubin works at Stoltz Brothers Reality, but this deal was made directly with the selling Realtor. Stoltz Brothers is a commercial Realtor. Dennis Dubin worked closely with Bruce Thompson and Tim Lomas, both in the Department of Special Affairs (DSA) at the church. Dennis likes to have dinners and meetings to schmooze VIPs.

Dennis Dubin was a Freedom medal winner and makes money by being the middle man for large business deals. He got his freedom medal for giving Int management political contacts in the 80's when Scientology was having a rough time with the US government. Dennis Dubin and another Scientologist Ray Buterra were on Ronald Regan's election campaign. Dennis' wife, Bunnie Dubin, was a Freedom medal winner for organizing Scientologists at the 9/11 cleanup.

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Dennis Dubin $cientology PR frontman lobbiest

Post by AlphaOmega » Mon Aug 06, 2007 5:31 am

Gail Smith Senior C/S is married to Bruce Thompson DSA. Gail had twins. Collen and Aaron from a prior marriage. The twins were both on staff. Collen went to Sea Org in CA, blew, and got killed in a car accident in California. Aaron signed a Sea Org contract but is still on staff at Philadelphia. Before Collen died he had a child with another Philadelphia Scientologist and fathered an illegitimate child, Arthur. Arthur was adopted by Dennis and BunnieDubin, Philadelphia public and Freedom medal winners. Through Dennis' contacts, he found Arthur's mother a successful Scientologist husband in NYC. Go figure. It is a tight group if not inbred.

Dennis Dubin has a homepage on the net:

Dennis Dubin does not mention Scientology at all on his homepage, but
you can see pictures of him with various US figure heads. There are no
recent pictures though. He is a key tool in David Miscavage's arsonal
of PR. He works constantly with the Philadelphia Cof$ and makes visits
to D.C. for the Cof$ lobby meetings.

Dennis Dubin donated to the PA govenor Ed Rendell election campaign.
Dennis Dubin and Scientologist Ray Buterra worked on the Ronald Regan
election campaign. ... rtID=17519...

Dennis Dubin's Scientology completions: ... dubin.html

He was one of the saps that did OT VII twice. He also did the TRs
course with Heber Jentsch in Philadelphia.

He is in his 60s now. He can be seen on occasion with Bruce Thompson
or Tim Lomas at the Starbucks across from the Loews hotel on Market
Street in Philadelphia.

His home address is:
197 Hares Hill Road
Phoenixville, PA 19460
(610) 917-9197

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