Seattle Org's Ideal Org Building Goes to Waste

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Seattle Org's Ideal Org Building Goes to Waste

Post by Ball of Fluff » Mon Oct 26, 2009 1:44 am

On 02/16/05, The Seattle Org bought their ideal org for precisely 3.7 million dollars. A number of local Scientology families donated heavily.

Their version of events is partially detailed here:

They were quite excited about finally purchasing their very own org. To date, they have yet to be allowed to move into it. I went out there and took pictures. Through a window, I was able to see one room that had a big Scientology poster of some sort in it. I saw boarded up windows, gang tags and garbage.

They are still renting the building they moved into in 2000. They have to pay rent for that building while a much larger, more commodious (and easier to drive to) building stands empty and looks worse every single year.

I have taken pictures and captioned them. You can view all that at:

Claire M Swazey

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Post by touchstone » Tue Oct 27, 2009 9:10 pm

So... MUCH... Win!

I've been away from the critic-community scene for about four months, and today I come back to find the France/Nightline/Haggis trifecta, then just casually searching about I find yet further evidence of the cult's ongoing decay at every turn.

Thank you for posting these photos. Every hammer-blow on the crumbling wall of deception is a contribution.

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Wheeling and Dealing in Seattle.

Post by JohnS » Wed Oct 28, 2009 2:07 am

Miscaviage, the Real Estate Tycoon, has spent the past few years
wheeling and dealing in U.S. and European markets. Perhaps
there is an engraved motto on his desk: "I DEAL". Davey
deals in Orgs...perhaps his motto should add one more word; "Orgs"
"I DEAL Orgs", hence the Ideal Orgs campaign.

Now, you may have misunderstood the "Ideal" part of it to
imply something near perfection or at least something meeting
a very high standard. Nothing of the sort! Its just what it
sounds like; "I Deal Orgs", period. Sort of like "I Deal Hogs"
or "I Deal Cars", or even "I Deal Vacuum Cleaners"...That's what Miscaviage
is; a "Dealer". He's a building dealer. The ideal building to
deal is an empty one. No pesky tenants hanging around when
you go to unload it. No evicitions necessary.

What can be more "Ideal" than an empty org? While most
of these "Ideal Orgs" are pretty good at maintaining virtually
empty buildings, Seattle is able to boast a PERFECT Ideal Org!
Now, let's see long it takes for the rest of the "Ideals" to
match Seattle.

So friends, that's the Real Deal behind Ideal Orgs! Don't
expect anything like Faranklin Roosevelt's "New Deal".
We usually don't have a high degree of trust in a
used car dealer; here you're dealing with a used cult dealer.

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Post by Ball of Fluff » Fri Nov 13, 2009 9:15 pm

LOL, John S.

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