Protesting In Hollywood, January 17th 2009

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Protesting In Hollywood, January 17th 2009

Post by Benny's Friend » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:38 am

I hadn't planned on posting any of my stuff from the Hollywood raid last weekend because it's pretty mediocre...however, since nothing else has been offered up, I guess this is better than nuthin'!

In addition to me and MzGlib (I know it seems like all we do is screw around but I swear we protest most of the time!), you'll see several other posters from this board. Tory, Ska8ter & Husband, Roan, J. Swift, Touchstone, to name a few. And then there's pretty, pretty Franck doing a great job of distracting us out in front of the HGB. Oh, that Franck... It's a cryin' shame that big hunk of handsome is wasted being a security guard for Scientology...

Anyway...have fun!
The more who speak out, the more who get out.

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