Suggestion for LA Pickets

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Suggestion for LA Pickets

Post by magoo1 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 11:39 pm

In years past (pre-Anonymous) we used to picket if not
monthly, every other month.

One thing we did that was *very* successful, at least for each of

us who wanted to picket, was we'd

A) Set a date for the picket early----usually one month in advance.

B) We'd pass around verbally where it was, and when. (Via phone or E-mail,
so you'd get a call: "Hey we're picketing on _____ can you come?" Often
people would go, "Yes! I can and I will!" Back then, we'd often eat before
the picket (lunch) to kind of re-unite. Now we often eat after: either is good.
Either way, everyone who was picketing knew about it, so no one was left out.

None of us gave a shit if OSA knew or not. It was *our* picket---

same as now. So? I suggest we put this very successful action

back in. Why? People often tell me: "If I'd known about that picket, I would have
come". So although WWP does a fine job of posting the info, *some* peeps
don't get it that way, which is why I'm mentioning this now.

If you've thought of picketing, but always hear about it AFTER>>>>>

and would like to come picket, please send me your nick or name

and how to contact you. This way we can build up our LA pickets, again.

:alien: Yes! I *am* an SP---I suppress those who try to suppress freedoms. :cheers:

Love to all :D


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Re: Suggestion for LA Pickets

Post by Smurf » Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:34 am

That used to be the case on WWP.. but the Southern California anons have given up on protesting, save 1 or 2. "Anti" has posted a couple of threads on WWP about planning raids, and has gotten little response. It was nice to see him join the LA crowd on Saturday.

I'm open to a monthly raid. The SF anons regularly have raids and it bugs the shit out of the Scilons at the SF Org.

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Re: Suggestion for LA Pickets

Post by Ryan32 » Thu Feb 23, 2012 4:13 am

I would love to picket. I am new to it though. I live in the IE area and would love to get started. I've talk to both Mr. Bunker and AGP via email..I am eager and willing to join the fight! Please let me know the details and I will give you my 100%!

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