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Rich A.

Post by Rich A. » Tue Sep 19, 2000 8:06 pm

August is past. No picket. Sorry had a slight job upset.

Lets picket the org in chicago.

Email me if you want in. need some respose please.

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Rich A.

Post by Rich A. » Wed Sep 20, 2000 6:42 pm

For those of you who donot know what a bump is... here is a good example.

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pete johnson 831

Post by pete johnson 831 » Sat Dec 23, 2000 12:20 am

see the url at

to see Chicago Lisa McPherson Memorial Picket
Photos, Dec. 5, 1998

email me at if you are interested in joining a picket.

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Post by flo » Wed Mar 27, 2002 6:20 am

Copied from ARS:

[long link]


From: (FLO)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Re: Newbie here... How are pickets organized?
Message-ID: (UFOVIKII) wrote in message news:...
> >There is always a picket somewhere.
> Where are all the brave New Yorkers? Have picket sign---will travel-----is a
> part of a (wo)man----Pallidan----how does that song go?
> Vicky

Hi Brian,

My name is FLO, I've been exposed to the cult thru my fiancee's
family, and am eagerly trying to find my way to actively taking a

I just told my fiancee, one hour ago, that I planned to go online and
ask anyone if they were interested in a picket in Chicago. Then the
first post I see is yours...

I usually post to Operation Clambake, but was out here tonight, and
saw your message first thing.

I am a Chicago resident, and have numerous close family & friends in
the Chicago Police Department; may I add - in NUMEROUS and
UPPER/RESPECTED ranks. The responses to your post have made me aware
of the dangers of corrupt cops. Just so happens that my background
involves educating myself in Chicago corruption; this, before I
educated myself about the COS. Too funny, as I just posted on
Clambake) that I was apprehensive to get involved. Now I realize that
I have some leeway here, in order to get us involved.

What originally made me interested in pursuing a picket in Chicago was
a post on Clambake, archived in the Clambake section "My Story From
Inside Scientology," in which a Chicago native spoke of getting into
the cult thru the Chicago org. It brought this whole scandal of a
religion very close to home.

Anyone who is interested in my story re: this cult, I have copied a
section from

Friday, February 22, 2002 - 07:52 pm
I am a lurker here - have been for over a year now. BUT, I am sending
my first post to Zaphod - DUDE, YOU ROCK!! I deal mostly with cash
(I'm not good at balancing bank accounts), and now I finally know how
I can contribute to the cause!! Yippee!! Thanks!!

I had never even heard of this scam of a religion until my boyfriend's
sister almost got into it thru her boyfriend - Too Bad So Sad for the
COS that my boyfriend's entire family flew halfway across the country
to INTERVENE - two days before she was scheduled to leave for a
"visit" to the "compound" (as I like to call it)!! She is fine now,
and KNOWS THE TRUTH, but I'll be damned if I EVER get over what almost
happened to her! By the way - Her boyfriend left the "compound", but
is still visiting his local org - I think. They are still friends and
hang out ALL THE TIME, but I believe "religion" is a topic they no
longer discuss.

And I make sure to come out here on the board - every day (OK, maybe 5
out of 7 days), for the past year, to remind myself how lucky I am
that no one I love has been suckered into this. My childhood was
dysfunctional, VERY disfunctional, but I thank GOD that I never had to
go thru what the COS kids have to go through. If I had one wish, and
it would come true, it wouldn't be for anything BUT to destroy this
cult, once and for all. I wish I could do more, but it's so damn
scarey to get involved.

OK, I only meant to respond to Zaphod, so I'll stop rambling. It's
just nice to express these extreme feelings I have. My boyfriend
doesn't even understand why I "torture" myself getting so worked up on
a daily basis, and I try to explain what I've written here, but I
don't think he gets it.

Keep up the awesome work here!! PLEASE!!

Thanks for listening,


After this post, I started posting as FLO.

And an update - My fiancee's (boyfriend's) sister has cut off
relations with her "friend" as of beginning of March. That didn't
last long, thanks to his "belief system."

A question I have also, that maybe someone here can answer: Why is it
that trolls mention the fact that critics are illiterate and make
spelling errors? I think that is so uncalled for, considering the
cause that we are "here" for, and especially considering the fact that
some critics were raised in the COS, and therefore have NO education
of ANY REAL value!! Therefore, they do not have the education to
express their opinions in a perfectly literate manner!

Any thoughts?



I guess I am a lurker no longer...


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Brian James

Post by Brian James » Thu May 02, 2002 8:13 pm

To all:
I am organizing a Chicago picket for late spring. Anyone wishing to join in on the picket, contact me at and we will coordinate a time and date. The picket will also be videotaped for public record. Thanks, and I hope to hear back from many of you. Take care.

Brian James

Brian James

Post by Brian James » Thu May 02, 2002 8:19 pm

Chicago Picket being planned for late spring. Contact me at and we'll organize the time and date. We're expecting a great turn-out.

Brian James

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Post by ltricha » Mon Oct 07, 2002 10:31 pm

Just caught this....

Announcing - Clearwater Protest of Scientology -
December 5th and 6th 2002

I will be in Chicago during December, anyone else interested in forming a Chicago org picket?
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Post by ltricha » Tue Oct 08, 2002 7:08 pm

This would be a great chance to confront the chicago org. Any previous members or critics in Chicago join in the fun :)

If I am willing to make the trip all the way from Mars can't you come from the burbs?
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Post by kenmilhone » Fri Dec 12, 2003 2:42 pm

January PICKET in CHICAGO*******

Group: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Fri, Dec 12, 2003, 5:04am (CST+6)
From: (chicagoCritic)

I would like to join the chicago picket. i plan to picket regardless if any one else pickets.

I would feel somewhat safer with other critics.

can anyone suggest handouts for a picket against cchr? can anyone suggest the wording on a picket sign? how about
chicago critic

"Ken Milhone" wrote in message

Hey you Picketeers,

Anyone in the Chicago area planning to picket the CCHR "EVIL PSYCH" Exhibit.

Twd be a great time and place to hand out fyers, especially about the Lisa McPherson wrongful death and the LisaClause. "Evilpsychs"------HELL-----it's the "EVIL SCIENOS"

Picketing orgs is OK, but it's time to expand and try something new. New place, new, bigger audience. More impact where it counts.


From: Bat Child (Sue M.) (

Subject: Chicago Tribune: Scn anti-psych exhibit OK'ed
View: Complete Thread (4 articles) Original FormatNewsgroups:
Date: 2003-12-09 20:23:13 PST

Found at:

1,4200920.story?coll=chi-newsaol-headlines,[long link]
(includes photo)
Anti-psychiatry exhibit OKd
Scientology-tied display revived
December 9, 2003
By John Chase
Tribune staff reporter
Published December 9, 2003

After conferring with state lawyers, the Blagojevich administration reversed itself Monday and said it no longer thought a controversial Scientology-linked exhibit blasting psychiatry promoted a religious philosophy and would therefore allow the exhibit to be displayed next month in the Thompson Center.

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Post by kenmilhone » Sat Dec 13, 2003 2:48 am

My reply to Chicago Critic

Hi Chicago Critic,

I have transferred these to
Message Board and will let you know what develops there.

I applaud your plans. I would love to join you, but I am far from Chicago. However, if I can be of any assistance, let me know.

You are correct in thinking that the CCHR must be identified with Scientoloy in the signs (and flyers) and your suggestion is a good one.

How about: "What Scientology and CCHR Don't Want You to Know."

or a big volcanto labeled "Scientology" with CCHR shooting out of the top of it (if room permitted....other front groups like Narconon in smaller print on smaller flames.)

or a rattlesnake, with "Scientology" or "church" of Scientology on the head and CCHR on the rattles.

Are there any laws about picketing in Chicago?

Is a permit or notification to anyone required ------police, city, conference planners? Would be a good idea to check that out if you don't already know.

Best Wishes,


P. S. Also that the agenda of the CCHR/Scientology---
to destroy Psychiatry and replace it with Hubbard pseudo science. IMO, flyers and signs about Lisa's death and the LisaClause should be front and center at this picket. CCHR is accusing psychiatrists of mass murder. It should be known what Scientology and Scientologists did to Lisa McPherson.

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Post by kenmilhone » Sat Dec 13, 2003 3:17 am

Suggestion from an "angel" who is fighting the abuses of COS on the front lines (Via email)

In big letters (centered on sign which probably get screwed up in this post).


Come on you Word Wizards and Whiz Kids!
Cough up some suggestions.



Post by Tom » Sun Dec 14, 2003 1:28 am



Is Scientology a CULT?




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Post by kenmilhone » Mon Dec 15, 2003 12:05 am

Thanks Tom.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

And more importantly, do any of you know people in the Chiago area who would be wiling to picket the CCHR?



Post by Tom » Mon Dec 15, 2003 5:47 am

Some more...






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Post by kipper » Mon Dec 15, 2003 7:23 pm

How about a sign saying:

---- CCHR ----
FOUNDED by Scientology
ESTABLISHED by Scientology
FUNDED by Scientology
PROMOTED by Scientology

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