UK Racial and Religious Hatred Bill passed Jan 30th 2006

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UK Racial and Religious Hatred Bill passed Jan 30th 2006

Post by Ladybird » Sun Feb 05, 2006 5:22 pm

From Hartley Patterson on ars:

UK Racial and Religious Hatred Bill passed Jan 30th 2006

The debate in the Commons starts at
http://www.parliament.the-stationery-of ... 06/cmhansr...

The Bill was an attempt to extend the protection afforded in UK law to
racial groups to members of religions.

The debate lasted three hours, and concerned amendments proposed by the
House of Lords which substantially reduced the scope of the Bill. They were
supported by many groups ranging from the Muslim Council to Liberty. I
watched most of the debate on TV and prompted by their Lordships members
seemed to have grasped the risks inherent in the Bill and were not, as the
Home Secretary claimed, seeking to embarrass the government.

The amendments were accepted by one vote. The missing voter was the Prime
Minister, who had gone home for dinner.

Unfortunately the circumstances of the Government defeat meant the media
were too busy talking politics to report on the actual debate.

The only mention of Scientology was by Michael Gove MP at
http://www.parliament.the-stationery-of ... 06/cmhansr...

(sorry, URLs from hell again!)

"I have no hesitation in saying, safeguarded by privilege as I am, that I
regard Scientology as an evil cult founded by an individual purely in the
interests of enriching himself and sustained by those who are either wicked
or wayward. But if the Bill were to pass and I were to repeat those
comments outside this House as an ordinary civilian, I would lay myself
open to prosecution simply for having sought to point out the dangers of a
fraudulent organisation masquerading as a religion."

We may all quote that in the UK without fear of prosecution.

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