Stress testing in London increasing?

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Stress testing in London increasing?

Post by admin » Mon Apr 28, 2008 6:46 am

In Oslo the cult increased their "stress testing" on the street after the tragic death of Kaja Ballo. Now I receive reports like the one quoted below. Is this a trend seen elsewhere and should we help them make it more visible that they are from this cult?
I live in London.One of the main streets in London is Oxford St,a world famous street. It comes under the Westminster local government. They have street environment officers that keep an eye on unauthorised activities. For example last week I saw them stop some excellent South American musicians who were playing in an area that was causing no obstruction, which I thought was a rather miserable, and mean act.

Yet almost every night, outside or near John Lewis (a leading department store) Scientologists set up shop, right in the main road offering "stress test", to persons who have no idea who they are.

If it was a matter of one table and a few persons, I might have no objection, as Oxford st has been used by nutters of various religious faiths. But the Scientologists go much further. Tonight I counted 18 tables, and four chairs to each table in the middle of the street, soon after the shops close.

I strongly suggest your organisation make representations to the Westminster local government, to stop their works.
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Post by Benny's Friend » Mon Apr 28, 2008 7:03 am

Andreas, first and foremost it's marvelous that you have persons reporting these activities to you in real time. That's hot. Second, it's marvelous that your call to action will be responded to in about T minus five seconds.






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Making it more visible?

Post by grathuln » Fri May 02, 2008 1:33 pm

We have being running a campaign called operation: cult watch. Basically flash raids around the stress test cart with following posters, this is a quiet raid we simply hold up the posters and answer questions when asked and occassionally pose for photos too. Between 2 - 8 people. Very effective.

Result the stress test cart now stays out of our city centre at weekends, when we usually do these. Book-a-thon was a disaster for them, they have a lot of catching up to do. :grin:


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Legal advice regarding removal

Post by grathuln » Fri May 02, 2008 1:51 pm

Getting them removed is very tricky and impossible if they are not selling anything unless local bylaws enable this. Basically it is problematic excluding them while not excluding other legitimate protests, rallies, recruiters and the like.

Pedlars. If they are trading then they must either have a street traders licence or a pedlars licence. The pedlars licence is much easier to get hold, it costs £12.50 from the police; interestingly book sellers are exempt from getting one but this exemption does not exempt them from the street traders licence, only having a pedlars licence does this (my interpretation not backed up by test cases).

Pedlars are meant to travel to their customers not stop and tout their wares as most scilons do when they have a stress test cart. You'd think this would be a slam dunk to have their pedlars licence removed forcing them to go for a traders licence which they may be unlikely to get; depending on location. There are a few kickers though.

1. Pedlars are policed by the police and street traders by the local council.
2. Both are reluctant to do anything unless they are seen selling as attempting to prosecute without proof that trading is going on is hard, although strictly speaking proof of trading is not necessary.
3. Only the individual who does the illegal trade can be dealt with and generally they get a warning first; prosecution only follows after repeat offences.
4. If they give someone the book and tell them to pop in to the org and pay later they would not be selling illegally(?) some would think them stupid though.

We video ours a lot in an effort to catch them at it or deter them from illegal trading, we have however been told our videos will probably not reach the exacting standards of evidence to prosecute so we put the footage on YouTube instead and let our local authorities know we have done this; this mild pressure may have help as one of our protestors was approacted by the local council police, asked what he was doing and on being told he was about to protest the stress test cart they went up and had a word with the person manning the cart. The person packed up and left straight away.

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