[UK] Sunderland org still dead/closed. Feb 2012

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[UK] Sunderland org still dead/closed. Feb 2012

Post by Sponge » Sun Feb 19, 2012 2:20 am



Since before Dec 2009, most times the Sunderland org has been visited, its doors have been closed and no sign of life
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Dec 19 2009
charlie wrote:SUNDERLAND UK 19th post game

The org had its doors closed again but there was a light on but no sign of life. The light went off after about hour and half but nobody came out, we stayed for about two hours handed out a few flyers BLOODY COLD.
Big thanks to veravendetta strobe lisa for turning up
strobe wrote:Re: SUNDERLAND UK 19th post game

Yeah, everyone seemed to be too cold (and therefore in a hurry) to take our flyers or talk. We had a few people showing us support which is always good. A man got us to pose for a few photographs (we half expected him to turn around and walk into the org XD)

One issue with protesting sunderland (although positive really) is that the org is so easily missed, most people will not have a clue why we are stood where we are.

Yes, the org was well and truly closed, on a saturday as well. I wouldn't be surprised if the light was on a timer to make it look like there were people in.


So once again, it was just us and the bust of hubbard:

Dec 23 2009
charlie wrote:Re: SUNDERLAND UK 19th post game

Had to pop into sunderland yesterday to do a bit christmas shopping so I had a walk past past the org, LOL door's closed again,
5109600 is the number of the org.Strange thing to do that phone them up to let you in.
Didnt cross the street to see if the lights were on though.
April 17 2010:
charlie wrote:sunderland no protest but!!!

I did'nt think there would a protest but I thought I'd have a wonder down to Sunderland with the little one, do a bit shopping and check out the Org at the same time, the doors are still shut, so that's go to be about 6 months nobody's seen them open, did'nt cross the road to see if the light's were on though.
I will try to get to the Northumbria Idle Org next week to see if anything's going on there.
May 12 2010
charlie wrote:Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

Veg. texted me yesterday from Sunderland the doors still shut on the org LOL.

I was attending a meeting with a disability charity in gateshead when they started talking about mental health issues so I ended up having a good old chat with them about the scilons, there ideas on mental health and front groups especially as the charity are looking to form partnerships with others.
August 3 2010
[quote="charlie""]Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

My better half had the honour yesterday of checking out the org.

Aug 7 2010 - OMG org spotted with doors open!
WearsideAnon wrote:Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

Sunderland update


Was walking past the org Thursday, they had the door open and a stress test sign outside.
Aug 2010
vegnej wrote:Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

Have passed by the org a few times over the last week or so and seen no activity. My guess is the Scilons will be at work during the week and are open at weekends.
Aug 19 2010
charlie wrote:Re: sunderland no protest but!!!

Just come back 12.15 pm and the light's are on but the door's are closed.

Present Time:

Pics of the most recent visit by charlie: Feb 13 2012
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charlie wrote:Thought it about time I had a trip down to Sunderland , guess what nothing's changed LOL doors shut and the place is in total darkness .

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