Melbourne Org Picket - 15/Mar/08 - 2pm

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Melbourne Org Picket - 15/Mar/08 - 2pm

Post by TMac » Sun Mar 16, 2008 7:22 am


Another great picket in Melbourne with about the same number of Anon turning up. This time the org was completly shut down with no visability inside, curtains over the door and all the blinds shut. Occasionally we saw some eyes peeking out of curtains and the odd glimpse from a 2nd sotry window.

There was a Ronbot taking pictures (ID'ed by a fellow Clambaker) who claimed to be a photographer when asked. LOL :P

We also had CD Label dressed as a thetan (see pics) and handing out party hats, body thetans and balloons. :lol:

The picket was uneventful except for an incident with a car that was passing by with someone taking photo's from inside the car. Anon thought this was suss and one of them took a photo of the licence plate. This caused the women to jump out of the car and start yelling at the anon who took the shot "YOU TOOK A PHOTO OF MY NUMBER PLATE!!!!" etc... She accosted the anon and pulled his mask off until the police had a word. She got back in and drove off. I am desparate for anyone who got it on film, however, it was all over very fast.

After the org picket, we all went up to Parliment House for a photo shoot out the front and then called it quits.

Another fine effort from Anon with a good attitude displayed by all with fun LULZ and lots of delicious moist caek. :D

Here is a good group shot and more in the linked slideshow.

Here is the video on Youtube:

Regards, TMac




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