Australia, Canberra


Australia, Canberra

Post by Anonymous » Fri Mar 10, 2000 3:52 pm

Originally posted: 06:57 03/08-1999
Contact info:
I live in Canberra, Australia, and was sucked into this cult via the fraud and lies in 'Dianetics'. Had I known what I do now, I would never have worked as staff of this dangerous immoral church. I am determined to run this cult out of town, or turn public opinion totally against it. I am looking for others to picket with, and I can supply signs and leaflets. Peaceful informative protestors only, but all e-mail welcome. Did you know... L Ron Hubbard was CONVICTED of FRAUD?. Thank you.


Post by yuj » Sat Jul 29, 2000 2:23 pm



Post by theta_force » Mon Aug 07, 2000 6:49 pm

Dianetice is Truth and Pure Reason scumbag whore.

We will deal with you in good time psyco/jewess/whore.

Myy you die in pain.


Post by theta_force » Mon Aug 07, 2000 6:50 pm

lies lies lies

get the truth, think for yourself.

Learn to obay by reason (or for stupid skumfuckere like you) by fear.

shit whore.


Post by Dilbert » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:20 pm

Say, Gang---

If you want an indication of Scientology educational excellence, just have a gander at the last two posts.


Post by theta-force » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:29 pm

Why do you not argue form the facts? Why attack the spaeker? Eh?

I have a chalange for you.

email me as follows "I am an SP. Here are my crimes. Show me no mercy as I deserve none"

Then cave yourself in. Once you are in prison then we will see who is the wise guy.


Post by theta-force » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:31 pm

I have no need of wog education mr oh-so-clever
I-can-blow-up-the-world scientist.

I have the one true Datum.


I disregard all else.


Post by Dilbert » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:50 pm

You may think I was attacking you, the spaeker [sic]. Don't be so defensive.

I didn't attack any individual. I attacked Scientology and its bankrupt schools. I advocate attacking the organization.

I am not about to e-mail anyone without their e-mail address. The issue here is not about a "wog education" but of having an ability to think.

Mike de Wolf

Post by Mike de Wolf » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:56 pm

Theta Force:

Unless you communicate with ARC (Affinity, Reality and Communication), you will only convey people's worst ideas of what a Scientologist is.

Mike de Wolf

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Post by admin » Mon Aug 07, 2000 8:07 pm

To theta-force,

In here you should only post about pickets, take your general arguments regarding S & D to the proper group (guest book for example) or I will have to delete all your posts.
Andreas @
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Post by nowiknow » Tue Aug 08, 2000 4:27 am

Well FINALLY we have a Scnist to talk to here! Cool! It WAS getting a bit boring to not hear the Scn viewpoint. Well done on your bullbait! Now you can go on to TR-1. You are on the Golden Age version right?

p.s.--not necessary, but correct spelling helps to paint a more literary picture.


Post by nowiknow » Tue Aug 08, 2000 4:42 am

Guys--I hope your not taking this young person seriously now, I hope? Sounds like brand-new, gung ho, right off the EPF--Sea Org. Maybe 14 or 15 yrs. old (spelling & language). I think he's pretty typical of new SO. REMEMBER, REMEMBER, REMEMBER--The Sea Org ABSOLUTELY-100%-DO OR DIE-believes that they are the ONLY salvation for the world!

p.s. since its actually illegal for SO to look at this site-- this must be OSA!?!? Now that is REALLY scary! LOL

June 15

Post by June 15 » Tue Aug 08, 2000 8:05 am


You poor dear thing, please, calm down and realize, you are an ok person, worthy of love and respect from others. When you post here you could be among friends. Give the best of yourself, and you will receive in kind.

If you are serious and on the "inside", help us out on this group where the subject is "PICKETS". How do you perceive the pickets and protesters that rally outside your org? Do you listen to them, and are their messages making you wonder about what you are doing? Are you ordered to ignore them or kept from watching or listening?


El Roto

Post by El Roto » Tue Aug 08, 2000 3:49 pm

Me, I'm thinking theta_force is a troll. Perhaps a Scientologist, but still nothing more than a troll in the truest sense. You can't talk to 'em, you can only ignore them.

Don't "ack" the troll.

Steve G.

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Post by the_crusader » Fri Mar 22, 2002 8:43 am

Anon, don't let yourself be discouraged by those shitbag moron clams. They're littered all over the board and they DO NOT represent the spirit of anything about what we're all about! Just ignore em, don't let Hubbard's clowns get you down!

Anyway, if you wanna picket Scientology then listen up! What ya gotta do is....

E-mail, mail, and/or call local/stat/national newsstations beforehand. These guys are always looking for stories and if you tell them about the picket a week beforehand (and each following day after) then they might show up and do a segment.

Also, be sure to do the same thing with local journals/newspapers and school newspapers. The more people that know about the picket, the better. If the media's made aware of what's going on then you'll generate more attention for the cause and you'll also help prevent the Scientologists from doing anything illegal or wrong to stop you beforehand.

But before picketing be sure to familiarize yourself with local laws to see that your picket doesn't violate any of them. The Scienos have armies of lawyers waiting to pounce on anyone that says or does anything remotely condemned by the law. Don't threaten them with bodily harm and don't even tap em on the shoulder. But feel free to tell em that they're farking morons and that Jesus Christ was NOT a gay pedophile, contrary to what Tom Cruise might believe.

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