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Here, I think you might find this useful. This here's a work in progress that I've been adding to for months. Eventually all redrafts will be posted on this site to ensure that the Scienos will never be able to take it down. I doubt that Theta will read it, the moron's been sooo brainwashed that he'll probably turn around with his tail in hand at the first mention of Xenu.


"Society, thirsting for more control of more people substitutes religion for the spirit, the body for the soul, an identity for the individual and science and data for truth. In this direction lies insanity, increasing slavery, less knowingness, greater scarcity and less society.
Scientology has opened the gates to a better world. It is not a psycho-therapy nor a religion. It is a body of knowledge which, when properly used, gives freedom and truth to the individual."

-L. Ron Hubbard, The Creation of Human Ability, p. 271

"Writing science fiction for about a penny a word is no way to make a living. If you really want to make a million, the quickest way is to start your own religion."

-comments allegedly made by L. Ron Hubbard in 1947.

"make money, make more money -- make other people produce so as to make money"

- L. Ron Hubbard quote used against Scientology by a German court of law.

The 1st Amendment of the U.S. Constitution supports freedom of religion and freedom of speech. However, what if something which claims to be a religion infringes upon the basic human rights of other people to such a degree that it causes infinitely more harm than good? Should such a dangerous organization be permitted these rights, even if that organization does everything in it's power to deny those rights to it's softest of critics?

As of today, there are a total of 9 past and present government investigations going on (or finally finished) against Scientology. An estimated total of 6000 law suits the world over have been filed against Scientology in the last 40 years, and Scientology's been forced to cough up 10s of millions to many of the people who have sucessfuly sued them. There are about 125 active web pages out there which hold anti-Scientology stances. A total of 7 different countries have seen it fit to either bar or deny religious status to Scientology. But worst of all, Scientology has an estimated total of at least 50,000- 100,000 members (though Scientology claims that number to be 8,000,000). And 10s of 1000s of uninformed people entertain the prospect of joining Scientology each year.

However, contrary to true religions, in Scientology people must pay to take courses and ascend to "the next level." They must also pay for secret writings and tapes by L. Ron Hubbard (many of which disputably weren't even written by him) and for sessions and other forms of Scientology paraphernalia. Other faiths like Catholicism, Judaism, and Buddhism do not require any payment (save for the time and effort one puts into joining). I mean, how would you react if a rabbi demanded you cough up a fee to check out different stories from the Old Testament, if a monk wanted a couple grand to teach you a new form of meditation, or if a priest wanted ludicrously enormous "donations" to let you individually look at separate pieces of the 4 gospels? You would think the minister of that house of worship to be either insatiably greedy or simply mad, and certainly not a holy man of pure intentions. Scientology believes that the most important thing is spreading it's beliefs and "clearing" people, but they need more money in order to do that. They believe that unless all of mankind is made "clear" that a race of alien beings will come down and take over planet earth. They use this belief to justify any illegal actions that they commit.

For prospective Scientologists who aren't members from rich, privileged backgrounds they have only one option if they wish to advance in their organization- a form of "cost-free labor" which amounts to little more than slavery. If through sheer fate one was not born with enough money to blow on the mad, make-believe, and often drug-induced ramblings of science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard, then one has to submit to a contract promising "a billion years of labor" in order to get discounts on lessons or options of "higher learning" free of charge. In fact, many Scientologists perform "free labor" on behalf of the organization or they simply work for wages which are significantly below the minimum wage level (ex.- $1.50 each day). And, like slaves, many Scientologists (and their critics) have been held against their will and beaten (either physically, financially, psychologically or by a combination of the 3). Or they are intimidated, like Time magazine writer Richard Behar was when he was writing his much acclaimed article about Scientology. Scientology spent ten years and costed Time magazine $10 million dollars, for a law suit that Scientology ultimately lost. The purpose of their suing critics is not because they are in the right, or because they will win, but to intimidate and financially damage any who have the courage to dare to speak out against them.

While Scientology claims to respect all faiths, it does not like to openly discuss it's very derisive and bizarre beliefs about Jesus Christ:
"For those of you whose Christian toes I may have stepped on, let me take the opportunity to disabuse you of some lovely myths. For instance, the historic Jesus was not nearly the sainted figure he has been made out to be. In addition to being a lover of young boys and men, he was given to uncontrollable bursts of temper and hatred that belied the general message of love, understanding and other typical Marcab PR. You have only to look at the history his teachings inspired to see where it all inevitably leads. "
- L. Ron Hubbard, OT VIII series (

Jesus was a gay guy with a fiery temper that liked molesting little boys? That's ALL you get to learn from Scientology's expensive "elite final lesson" which Hubbard himself never sincerely believed but merely made up to further his selfish and vainglorious desires for wealth and power? If ya ask me there are a lot of better things out there that one could get for $365,000. Like a nice home, or food for the homeless, or some other good charitable cause... as opposed to this evil cause.

In these turbulent times our thoughts may be elsewhere, but for Scientology this is a merely a good time to try and manipulate people that may be feeling vulnerable. On the very day that the two Trade Towers were struck, an unidentified individual phoned in a number directing people to a Scientology hot line. They claimed it was for National Mental Health Assistance (a group which hates Scientology just as much as Scientology hates it), and there were many reports that Scientologists with the letters NMHA on their shirts were on the scene in the N.Y. area. The phone number was flashed across Fox for several hours. Upon learning of what the number was really for, it was immediately removed from the air. People who did call in were directed to the nearest Scientologist recruitment office. It truly sickens me to no extent to see that Scientology views the attacks on our country as nothing more than yet another opportunity to initiate an aggressive recruitment push. Across the nation they are offering "free" stress tests, but you needn't waste time with them to know what their verdict for everyone they interview is- "you are sick and you must join us, and give us all of your money, is order to be healed."

- (intercepted e-mails sent out by Scientologists at Ground Zero; to them it's more important to keep families away from psychiatrists or psychologists than it is for them to comfort those in pain; while the nation is at war with terrorism, they're still at war with all psychiatrists)

Scientology has also been linked to the deaths and persecution to many who oppose it. Members range from Hollywood stars like Tom Cruise, whose two marriages and divorces were both manipulated by Scientology, to isolated college kids feeling like they are alone, to even infamous mass serial killer Charles Manson (whose membership Scientology disavows). The price of failure, or showing a desire for desertion, can sometimes result in forced servitude at "work camps", which in some cases can last several years (although the US has several, the government has taken no steps to close them down). Hubbard's own son wasn't even safe from such a fate. When his own flesh and blood boy tried to leave, Hubbard had him locked away. Later, unable to escape from his father's dark shadow, Quentin Hubbard chose to commit suicide outside of Las Vegas. Instead of feeling sorrow, Hubbard felt nothing but anger and disgrace for his "failure" of a son. He initiated an aggressive coverup to suppress the truth about what happened.

In addition to this, Scientology has also been involved in many scams which operate principally to increase it's financial empire or attack anyone involved in the fields of psychiatry and psychology (fields which L. Ron Hubbard imagined were part of an alien/global conspiracy to stop him and to take over the world). At their very worst they almost had one of their most vocal critics sent to a mental institution for allegedly phoning in a bomb threat. Fortunately, during an F.B.I. raid in the 70's turned up evidence exposing this vindictive conspiracy. The raid also detailed a plot to cover up Charles Manson's involvement with the Scientologist group and uncovered enough evidence to have L. Ron Hubbard's wife sent to prison on criminal charges. After this happened, U.S. fugitive L. Ron Hubbard dumped his wife and went into hiding for the rest of his days.

Just imagine being locked up in an insane asylum for the remainder of your existence just because some evil group framed you! And just imagine what kind of a vile person or group would wish to condemn such a cruel fate to his fellow man! And in the city of Clear View, Florida, where the headquarters of Scientology is held, a judge there recently stated that the Clear View Police Department is "dangerously close to becoming a private security force for the Church of Scientology." As if attempting to bribe the local police of their town into becoming a personal goon squad wasn't enough, Scientology has also installed more than 100 hidden spy cameras distributed throughout the downtown of the city that their headquarters is in. They've even murdered at least one person in their hometown. The woman reputed to have been killed by them was Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist whose dead body was found inside of a hospital owned by Scientology (speaking of which, Scientology's engine filter prevents members from going to any sites which have the words "Lisa McPherson" in them). Young Lisa died of dehydration because she hadn't been given water, and there were cockroach bites found all over her battered body (

Scientology is engaged in a never-ending struggle for the minds, wallets, and freedom of our nation's and world's people. Their neverending war, imagined by them to be one gigantic fight against a worldwide alien/psychiatrist conspiracy to control the planet, is being fought daily against an unwitting populace. Their weapons are brainwashing, murder, lies, deception, thievery, harassment, an endless supply of lawsuits for anyone that speaks critically of them (aka denying people the right to practice their 1st Amendment ri- wait a minute... doesn't Scientology say that they deserve religious protection because of the 1st Amendment...), blackmail, torture, bribery, destruction of property, and misinformation. And with their recent approval as a religion (which grants one automatic tax exemption- an important matter to the Scientologists who have been sued by the IRS. many, many times for illegal tax evasion; in fact, that's what prompted Hubbard to "change his mind" about Scientology not being a religion) and with a major news network backing out of a story about the recently finished case of Scientology vs. Time, and much more of the corporate media also ignoring this important development, the dark power and influence of Scientology is shown to still be strong and, unfortunately, very, very, terribly influential.

While it's had it's ups and downs, our world has never been a perfect one. Like a parasite leeching off of it's victim host, or a cancer eating away at an infectee, Scientology is a very major problem in today's world that I, and many people like myself, are interested in putting a stop to. Perhaps one person alone cannot hope to accomplish much, but when one has a million, a thousand, one hundred, or even 10 people behind them, then one is no longer alone. You and everyone out there CAN make a difference by helping to reveal the dark truth behind Scientology to others. You may not realize it, but any contribution you make, no matter how small, can help us out immensely in our cause. We all must work and unite together so that we can fight this evil beast and put a stop to it for good.

If you are concerned about the misdeeds of Scientology, and it's present potential to cause even more harm, then perhaps you would like to help us out. We humbly request only a small bit of effort on your part. Simply bring a buck or two and go down to Kinko's (or anywhere that has a printer) and spend a couple of minutes there making 5, or maybe 10 or so copies of this. If you would like to make more, that would be even better, but even if you make just 1 you're still helping out considerably.

After you're done printing however many copies you would like to contribute to help out, hand them out to help spread the word. Or you could also go to the link down below and e-mail it to people you know. No, you won't be cursed by some unlucky calamity if you do not complete this task, but you will be blessed with the knowledge that your good actions are helping to make a difference in our fight. Please, help us to make this world a better and safer place... help us to put a stop to some of the evil which pervades our planet. Help us to make a difference... and help until every man, woman, and child the world across knows the truth about Scientology and is willing to fight against it! Help us to rid the world of Scientology's dark and evil influence once and for all!

S.A.S. (Students Against Scientology)

Here are but a mere handful of links to a few of the many sites which expose the dark truth about the twisted cult that science fiction writer L Ron Hubbard dubbed 'Scientology'. Being as Scientology has managed to close many other links which do not speak well of them, I cannot guarantee that these links will still be open by the time you're looking them up. If that is the case, simply punch in the name of this cult, along with information relating to the link, and you will probably find something similar to what you were searching for. Study these sites to learn more about what Scientology is really all about.

Scientology related sites-

1. ... 1012371935 (lf you would like to email this article then please come here! Just check out the newest response for the latest version of this paper. It is updated often, so there is a good chance that if you come here you'll find an even newer version of this paper than the one which you are currently reading.)

2. AND (information on Scientology's illegal prison camps where innocent people that are kidnapped, including pregnant women and young children, are brainwashed, forced to do labor, or are assassinated)

3. (Nibs Hubbard, L. Ron Hubbard's oldest son, speaking out against his father)

4. AND (Jamie Kennedy, Hubbard's great grandson, speaking out against the cult and warning that his life is in danger)

5. ... theid.html AND
(Hubbard supporting apartheid, aka black slavery, in South Africa; also, Scientology founder and spirtual leader L. Ron Hubbard demonstrating his prejudice against various races)

6. ... 1203b.html (ex-high ranking black Scientologist Jesse Prince discussing how current Scientologist leader David Miscavige repeatedly used the n-word to insult him, and how Miscavige has violated, and continues to violate, the 13th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States)

7. AND ... ince1.html (Jesse Prince, laying it in to ex-boss Miscavige and discussing how and why Miscavige murdered L. Ron Hubbard; also, an example of one of Scientology's many propagandist smear campaigns, this one being directed towards Jesse Prince)

8 ... publi.html (why the government of Spain wants to extradite runaway fugitive Heber Jentzsch, the President and figurehead leader of Scientology, to face criminal charges in a Spanish court of law)

9. ... abies.html (3rd top ranking Scientologist Leisa Goodman, downplaying Scientology's responsibility for facilitating the tragic events that led to a deranged woman [who had recently converted to Scientology] murdering the twin babies of a Scientologist family)

10. ... mann1.html AND ... otli.shtml (in a vision of things to come, a German court sentences 4th top Scientologist Kurt Weiland to attend an anti-cult meeting; also, how he's manipulating the events of September 11th to help Scientology recruit more members)

11. (5th top Scientologist Mike Rinder taking sadistic pleasure in the fact that an ex-friend of his is now dying of cancer. In addition to this, if you check the link in the article you'll see an excellent and amusing example of how Scientology censors sites that speak critically of them.)

12. ... intro.html AND (After stealing over a million dollars from an Italian lady that came from a well-to-do family, 6th top Scientologist Guillaume Leservre went to the Carribean to gamble it away with his boss Miscavige... despite the fact that Scientology teaches that gambling is wrong, amoral, and that it should never be done. If Scientology's head leaders aren't willing to take their "religion" seriously, then why should anyone else?)

13. (7th top ranking Marty Rathbun once tried to convince a man to completely surrender his Christian beliefs.... despite the fact that Scientology teaches that everybody can be whatever religion they currently are and also a Scientologist.)

14. AND (how Scientology is attempting to take complete control over the U.S. city of Clear Lake, Florida; also, Clear Lake government officials who have been bribed by Scientology and are now working for them)

15. (how Scientology intimidated MTV into speaking less harshly about them)

16. AND most famous anti-Scientology article ever written. An award-winning masterpiece of journalistic excellence. One of the most influential anti-cult documents ever produced in world history. Need I say more?.... Also, the greatest highpoint in the brilliant career of renowned journalist Steven Behar)

17. AND ... 280/9.html(the NMHA, warning people about Scientology's latest recruitment ploy; also, how Battelfield Earth symbolizes the bizarre and overly obsessive hatred that Scientology has for all psychiatrists)

18. (Information on Hubbard's best friend Aleister Crowley, who was regarded as the most evil man of his time. Odd choice of friends, eh? Ironically, Hubbard hated gay people, yet Crowley was a bisexual.)

19. ... /xenu.html (personal account by an ex-member who escaped- recommended reading for anyone who actually is a Scientologist)

20. (How Scientology misrepresents and exaggerates it's total membership to try to fool people into believing that they're a much larger and more powerful group then they actually are. Politicians out there- I hope you're reading this.)

21. (FBI files about L. Ron Hubbard which have been released by the Freedom of Information Act. The FBI didn't write these with the intention of them one day being made public, so it's impossible for any Scientologists out there to denounce these files as propaganda.)

22. (how Scientology intimidates, blackmails and brainwashes it's prized celebrities into not abandoning the group. If it wasn't for these illegal tactics then people like Tom Cruise and John Travolta would have left them years ago.)

23. AND ... n_bet.html (helped provide statistics for this article)

24. ... index.html (If a person jokes about dropping a nuclear bomb on Scientology then does he deserve to be tossed into a prison with dangerous, bloodthirsty criminals? Scientology certainly believes so, and was able to get a California cout of law to sentence a man to a year in prison for "hate speech." This is how Scientology treats the 1st-Amendment that they so love hiding behind.)

25. (The largest site on the internet for information on Scientology. As an added bonus- the net's largest collection of Scientology humor. Drop on by and tell em I said hello.)

26. (For many years the Cult Awareness Network used to be one of Scientology's harshest critics.... that was, until Scientology financially bankrupted them and then took them over. The Cult Awareness Network no longer acknowledges Scientology as a cult or helps those having problems with it, suprise suprise. Howard Stern fans will like this one.)

Note- S.A.S. does not advocate the use of violence against Scientology or it's members (unless it is needed to free kidnapped individuals detained against their will in Scientology's prison camps, thus making Abraham Lincoln's vision of a slave-free America finally come true). However, if anyone faces harassment from Scientology we encourage them to stand up for their rights and freedoms and to not allow themselves to be intimidated by Scientology's bully tactics. Scientologists are still human beings, regardless of what they have come to believe. We view their members as misled, misguided, and deceived individuals (especially African-American members such as Isaac Hayes, who are probably very unaware about Scientology's past support for the Jim Crow-like apartheid, which was once a menace to tens of millions of black South Africans) who need help getting back on the right path. We hope we can teach them the truth about the cult they are in so that they can see the evil that is in it and can one day abandon it for good.

We support the 1st Amendment, but we do not go so far as to believe that the 1st Amendment should be used as a shield for any organization guilty of extortion, murder, kidnapping, slavery, brainwashing, illegal search and seizure, robbery, slander, evasion of justice, invasion of privacy, and illegal imprisonment. We believe that it is for the good and safety of American citizens that any organization which frequently engages in such major breaches listed (and, of course, similar others not listed here) should be forever banned and outlawed from operating within America's borders.

S.A.S. also feels that due to the countless dangerous and illegal activities which have been conducted by Scientology that Scientology should have it's tax-exempt status as a religion permanetly revoked, since it has been shown to misuse this status by it's frequent past failures to pay the U.S. all of it's owed taxes (and it's misrepresentation of financial holdings for said purposes). Besides, Hubbard already said that his Scientology wasn't a religion, so even HE agress with us. And since Scientologists are supposed to follow Hubbard's teaching 100%, by their own beliefs they should declare Scientology to not be a religion.

We also feel that unless Scientology admits to and apologizes for all it's past evils, rightfully settles all of it's law suits, stops slandering and suing all of it's critics, ceases it's more darker, shadier, more evil activities (like spying on U.S. residents in Clear View, and bribing government officials there), closes down all of it's prison camps and frees all prisoners from said camps, fesses up to all the evils it's comitted (like supporting apartheid and murdering people such as Lisa McPherson) and sends it's President back to Spain to face the criminal charges that have been filed against him, that it will prove itself forever incapable of positive change, thus dooming itself to forevermore continue down a path of evil. If that should be the case, then we feel that Scientology should be classified as a criminal and terrorist organization and be treated as one.

We ask any Scientologists who read this to ask themselves these questions and to think over them very carefully. If you really do believe so strongly in your convictions then reading this should not neither bother you nor scare you. However, if your "religion" fears you reading this (as they undoubtedly will), then that will simply stand as yet more evidence that Scientology is anything but a religion.

1. Why did I abandon my former faith to join Scientology?

2. Why does Scientology demand payment to join and advance, whereas other religions do not?

3. Scientology claims to only want good for this world. So why did Scientology support South Africa's brutal system of apartheid which oppressed South Africa's black population? Do they think that oppressing blacks in Africa will make the world a better place?

4. If Scientology is such a good organization, then why did the FBI raid the LA Scientology compound in the 70's and then place L Ron Hubbard's wife under arrest? For that matter, what exactly was ex-member Charles Manson's relationship with them?

5. They (Scientology) say that everyone hates the Scientologists. Well they also say that everyone hates the (insert name here)s, but they have not been banned and/or denied tax-exempt religious status from 7 different countries. Why that group hasn't even been banned or denied religious status from one SINGLE country. For a country to ban a religion outright is very serious stuff. If Scientology is oh so good, then what what made Australia and Greece decide to outlaw them from operating in their countries?

6. Scientology was founded by L. Ron Hubbard, a moderately successful science fiction writer. Hubbard held a close friendship with the notorious Crowley, a man of great and insidious evil who freely (and without the slightest bit of shame) admitted to the murder of young, innocent baby infants. Even Hitler's war buddy Mussolini decried Crowley as an evil man and then banned him from Italy and it's lands! Do I honestly believe that this baby killer's closest of friends, L. Ron Hubbard, is actually a good, sincere person who should be believed or even followed?

7. Alright, so I think you're just lying to me. You're a prejudiced person, probably a member of the space alien based-psychiatry/psychology aristocracy, and you simply hate Scientology for no good reason at all. Nay, you hate us because we're working to put a stop to your conspiracy to enslave mankind, you electro-shocking lobotomizer! But let's just say, for the sake of argument, that for some reason I entertained the prospect of leaving Scientology.... I would not fear leaving this religion would I? I wouldn't be threatened, harassed, and mistreated would I? After all, people who leave other religions don't have to fear for their lives...

8. (If yes....) Dear Go- I mean, dear L. Ron Hubbard! Why... why would I be afraid of leaving Scientology? People need not fear leaving real religions. After all the 1,000s of dollars that I have given them.... they would turn against me? Perhaps my beliefs in Scientology have been misguided all along....

9. (If no) Hahaha! Scientology is INDEED a real and respectable religion of course! My faith in it is not shaken, you psychiatrist! Just to prove it to myself, and any and all who dare criticize me, I'm going to call up my temple and say "I am leaving your group. I have found that it does not give me the fulfillment which I had been and am still searching for. Please respect my wishes and do NOT harass me about my decision. I have no interest in rejoining." Undoubtedly, they will respect my wishes, and will not harass me. After a couple of months of proving to myself that they do not harass people into staying I shall rejoin them, more convinced in them than I ever was before. Praise be unto Lord Xenu!

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Revolution CD Civic ( is located next door to Co$ HQ in Canberra. As an employee of the store I wage what campaign I can, but need your help. Anyone interested in mobilising can contact me through the business - all other staff support me, though tend not to get involved - and I'd be happy to field any enquiries, organise some meetings etc.

I have an extensive database on the operations of Co$ Canberra including photos and background information, employment history etc for most of those soliciting that crap. I will make this database availabe once I feel it is complete.

Just ask for the Anti-Co$ guy, they'll know who you mean.

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Post by choochooman » Sun Dec 01, 2002 10:55 pm

This is realy not a picket, but a report on how "stealth entheata" was used on Sunday 2/12/02, in Canberra Austrealia, - and the clams seemed to be totally unaware of what happend! This report will sure p*ss them off if/when they get to know about it!

I received a "communique" late Saturday night from one of the newer crewmen of the venusian train, that he/she had information that the Canberra clams would have a stand set up at the Woden Trash & Treasure markets on Sunday. Sounded feasible, as co$ had no treasure to sell :)

On the spur of the moment I decided to go to Canberra, to check out the reliability of this tip-off, if it was false I could spend the day checking over the newer displays at the magnificent national war memorial there, - and folks, its a display well worth seeing!

I left home at 3:00am, and upon arriving at breakfast time was alerted by mOT powers ( mobile telephone;) ) to look out for a banana-yellow van, registration No. YBK 12Q parked in the middle row, on the left hand side of the markets.

Immediately the clam detector started making a shattering series of snaps, and lo, there it was, like a "banana restante", and several clams milling around, setting up their disply. Oh how I wished that I had some entheta material to distribute!

More mOT commiques resulted in the decision to use "stealth entheta" so I enjoyed my breakfast, knowing that other crewmen of the venusian train were secreted around, watching, waiting...

My view was eventuall obscured by a truck that parked in the space next to the clams - It was loaded with bags of sheep manure for sale. How appropriate. It is worth recording that the demand and market for sheep-crap is a lot stronger than for hubbard-crap, - they sold lots of bags of sheep-poo during morning. ;-))

The clam that appeared to be in charge wore a yellow dianetics t-shirt and a fawn cap, and had a continual smirky-smile that would do any snake-oil salesman proud. All he needed was bushy eyebrows and a cheroot, and he could sell you a used car with a billion year contract any day. He talked through this continual smile, and it made him look even more in-sincere.

There was an asian(japanese?) clamette wearing thin gold-rimmed glasses, dianetics T shirt and red cap. Although she looked barely pubescent, she was obviously the " flirty-bait", and would coax hormone-endowed men into the display where smarmy-smile could give the the sales spiel.

Another lady, less attractive and appealing, was given the task of handing out co$ newspapers for people to use as floor liners in their birdcages. She wore a white T shirt with I'm drug free" printed on the back. Reminded me of " Are you being served" ,Mr humphries "Iiiii'm free...." :).

There may have been another couple of similar attired "drug free ambassadors" milling about... reports are conflicting. There was the "Drug free" sandwich board on display, plus an invitation for Australia's vulnerable youth to sign the pledge, guaranteeing co$ propaganda being mailed to them for a billion years.

Then there was the grey-haired granny clam-pette. She was too dignified to wear a silly T-shirt, and sat on ---ooops;) at the cans most of the time.

And yes, there were Eeek meters on display, I saw a dark green one and an Ivory one, and another crewmember mentioned a grey-ish one. They were placed either side of a pyramid of saleable diraettics books ( pyramid? sales? - get it ;) ).

Out the front bloking the pedestrian way was a huge yellow sign offering "Free Stress Testing".
Scientology was only mentioned in small writing on the drug free amassador's sign.

So that this post will not be too long, Please see part 2 for our tactics, and the hilarious results.

the venusian traindriver (and Crew!)

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Post by choochooman » Mon Dec 02, 2002 12:31 am

Stealth Entheta..

Part 2.

Basically, what we did was to be non-confront, remain anonymous, and sms to each other descriptive details of people who had stumbled into the clams display on the pretext of a free stress test. We took turns at approaching the victims (out of clam sight) and warned them that they had been talking to scientologists, and advised them how to acess "operation clambake" for the truth about scientology. We also added some appropriate info about xenu and the OT3 story, dianetics = scientology etc, and the findings of the Anderson report,.... and what the courses will cost them.

Most were horrified!- unaware that they had been talking to scientologists. Some were not interested in talking about their experience with the clams, and it appears that they were not interested in scientology too, but all said that they would check out operation clambake and took the piece of paper offered.

BTW, Canberra ACT has the highest ratio of families owning a computer with internet access than any other Australian capital city. The internet here is a powerful tool.

Of all the people the clams spoke to, we managed to intercept and warn at least 95% of them. The clams were totally unaware.

Of course the clams could say I was making this all up, but here are some incidents that will jolt them.

Smarmy-smile spoke at length to a small asian gentleman, and actually sold him a diarettics book, shaking his hand afterwards. When approached by me, this man was surprised that he had been talking to scientologists and admitted that the reason why he bought the book was so that he could escape their persistent sales routine. Not only was he going to check out OC, but was astounded to know that there was no science in scientology - or proof in diarettics!. The Xenu story made him laugh, and he expressed the desire never to end up like poor Lisa McPherson. He thanked me sincerely and said that wanted to keep both his life and his money!

Another man was overhead ribbing the newspaper-distributorette. He said that he did not want the paper as he knew all about Xenu and the ot3 crap. The unattractive clamette followed him wanting to know where he had heard this story . "Its all over the internet" was his reply, and her smile wavered. As she was now quite some distance from her banana-van she then retreated. I asked this fellow to grab a paper for me on his return journey by the satnd, but she refused to offer him one.

Another man was "given the charms" by the asian-clamette for quite some time. (he wore a blue cap, clam chaps!). When I advised him afterwards that he had been speaking to scientolgists, he was stunned! He was unaware who they were saying aloud "They are a bunch of kooks and crooks, only after money", and clutching a piece of paper with and operation clambake references scribbled on it, he went back to confront the clams. I did not hear the the conversation, but smarmy-smile's jaw dropped, and they all were shocked when this blue-capped gentleman grabded a pair of cans, stuck one against his ear and proceeded to talk into the other like an old fashioned telephone. They were not amused, But several watching stallholders who had been alerted to the clams presence (and crimes) went into fits of giggles, and the clam expressions were priceless!

Is that enough, OSA, to convince you that the Canberra clams efforts had been neutered?

And to the asian clamette, who at closing time at midday held and looked longingly at that wine glass, part of a set of wine glasses on display at the next stall - You could have bought it if you had not wasted your money on useless courses. And then you could have invited your relatives and friends to join you in a toast to your freedom from those quite attractive wine glasses ... wake up, girl! - you are young and attractive - and so was Lisa Macpherson. Learn from her experience and live.

And when it was all over, the clams packed up their gear into their banana-van, with smarmy-smile packing away the eeek meters into their hard-shell matching coloured cases. And he put the white one carefully in the back of the van, behind the driver side.... He He!- The venusians were watching your every move! Feeling uneasy, my - marcabian-fearing friends? - they ARE out there!

And when they drove out of the Market area, with the asian clamette in the front passenger seat alongside driver smarmy-smiles, they did not see the venusian traindriver laughing at them, even though smarmy-smiles looked right at him! Gee, no OT powers there, he could not spot a laughing SP standing two meters away from him.

So, after a Chineses meal/feast (nice rice, no beans) at "club 83", the venusian traindriver, bid farewll to Canberra, returning home satisfied.

Thanks to "the (bad)conductor" - (he has a high resistance to e-meters;) ), Fireman Sam, The Fat Controller, and Thomas the Tanked engine, all of whom didn't physically meet each other but knew of each other's presence via sms messaging.

Hey OSA, watch out! I might assemble the crew at Melbourne next time! Keep looking under your beds at night...

the venusian traindriver (...and Crew)

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Post by Girlfriend » Mon Dec 02, 2002 5:58 am

Whoa Choochooman, damn good work!! Thank you too for the "undercover" idea! Far out. mOT is a great wog-tool(tm); I'm inspired.

Your continued commitment to ridding the planet of the malevolent practices of the CoS scam is "bloody" great.



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Post by villageidiot » Mon Dec 02, 2002 7:17 am

Brilliant work there trainman. An interesting approach. Undercover handling of the clams.

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Post by mustangsally » Mon Dec 02, 2002 7:48 am

WTG Chooch!!!! Keep on train(in')


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Post by jemma » Mon Dec 02, 2002 10:41 am

Choo Choo you are a LEGEND!!

You have made my day :)


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Post by jarboy98 » Mon Dec 02, 2002 2:12 pm

I love it, Venusian Traindriver, just love it. Did a little of that work in Venice, Ca. years back. Would talk to people after they left a clam booth. There was no then. Your mission was much more organized and fun. Good for you! Peace...jb

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Post by freedom_man » Mon Dec 02, 2002 3:24 pm

Chooch, good work. A full ten-tiger salute! :)

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Post by merlin » Mon Dec 02, 2002 4:42 pm

Good onya, mate!

"Ya 'r' da MAN, mon!" 8)

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Post by squirrel » Mon Dec 02, 2002 4:45 pm


You are an inspiration to us all! :proud:

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Post by ltricha » Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:56 pm

Chooch you are an inspiratin.
Tech is the carrot.
Admin is the cart.
and ethics is the whip.
Guess who the horses are...

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Post by ltricha » Mon Dec 02, 2002 6:57 pm

That was inspiration :o ;)
Tech is the carrot.
Admin is the cart.
and ethics is the whip.
Guess who the horses are...

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Post by freeborn » Mon Dec 02, 2002 8:07 pm

If the boothies weren't paranoid before, they will be now. :proud:

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