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Post by saguaro_rose » Mon Dec 02, 2002 9:10 pm

Thank you for the lovely, ENTERTAINING story, Choochie! Tales like that make me ALMOST sorry there isn't an org in my city....... :proud:

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Post by choochooman » Mon Dec 02, 2002 11:02 pm

Just to give you all some background...

The Woden markets are held every Sunday in a car park adjacent the Woden town centre. Around 7:00am the area is fenced off, with just two entrances, one onto another carpark, and the other onto a roadway separating another carpark adjacent to the "Woolworths/Dick Smith/Hoyts Cinemas" end.

It was easy to station "Entheta-Disseminators in these carparks outside the venue, and direct them to victims as they approached their cars to leave. That way any co$ operatives could not "re-infect" them. There was an operative (or two or more? :proud: ) working within the markets, observing the clams from sometimes a VERY close proximity 8).

The beauty of this exercise was that if one SP had of been cornered by the clams, he had no information about the others to yield - even under duress.

The clams initially seemed to be totally unaware of what was happening, but must have been alerted to something when that fellow started to mock up a conversation using the cans like a telephone! Boy, that was sure a funny sight. Oh! for a digital camera!

Every stallholder I spoke to said they would not touch co$ with a very long pole, and there were MANY stallholders there(Definitely 100+?). They were surprised to learn that Diareticks IS scienbollocky in another guise, and part of co$'s recruitment tool.

Most stallholders did not mind the $cienos being there - because not only did they provide amusement, but they also drew the flies away from the neighbouring truck full of sheep-poo!

What should be disconcerting to the Canberra org is although they may think they have silenced most of their local critics through court action, there is another unknown force out there. And it is a totally unknown quantity to them and might be the tip of an iceberg... who knows? ;)
I expect to see some increased OSA activity at their next "outing". .... Spy versus Spy? :) Hmmmm... a good idea for Mad Magazine.... :)

Keep looking under your beds, clams, The pot might be bugged! :shock:

If there are any lurkers out there from the Canberra area reading these posts who may have been at the Woden Markets and can add to any of these observations, please add a post of your own - it's safe on this message board. Not only would your post add additional credence to this report, but it will add extra consternation to the clams.
Enturbulation IS fun!

the venusian traindriver

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Post by Tigger » Tue Dec 03, 2002 1:06 am

Hi Chooch,

Yes, indeedy, your "picket" and you are fabulous. What a way to go.

Since OSA lurks here, I didn't think you would mind if your show went on the road to a.r.s. transferred by yours truly. It's posted under my email addy as a transfer from OCMB with your nick as poster and I have no idea who you you don't have to worry that O.S.A. will find out anything they don't already know about you and your friends. Even if they track me down and put bamboo shoots under my claws. :-)

Your ideas are so great, every critic should know about them and try them.
And who knows.....maybe COS will someday realize hiding its true idenitfy is a loser.



"If you have never experienced the danger of battle, the loneliness of imprisonment, the agony of torture, or the pangs of starvation, you are ahead of 500 million people in the world."

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Post by choochooman » Tue Dec 03, 2002 2:27 am

Tigger.... Et Al....

It would be amusing to be a fly on the wall in the Canberra org at this moment......

They will be talking in hushed tones, and checking their org for bugs - possibly looking inside their E-meters. :? Maybe they should bring in an OT to fry any suspected bugs... :proud:

Everybody who walks by their org using a mobile
phone could be a SP.... OOOh! spooky!

I hope I was not "Too unflattering" with my clam descriptions..... But "Smarmy-Smile" is just right - he NEVER stoped smiling, and would stare into the victim's eyes, smiling and talking... Gee, everyone I talked to who talked to him said that there had to be a catch somewhere... he was too schmaltzy and he made your skin prickle....

There were a couple of 2nd hand book dealers there too... I asked them tongue-in-cheek if they needed some diarettics books... they politely refused, saying that they were REPUTABLE 2nd hand dealers, thank you! :)

Canberra operative advises that his "source" will probably lie low for a while, (obviously a reliable source). There "Might" be an OSA witch-hunt to look for leaks- (Try the Loo, clam-folks! - many leaks in there ;) ).

Will keep you all posted.

the venusian traindriver (exhausted from all that driving!)

BTW, the War Memorial Museum in Canberra is well worth a visit. A great informative display featuring all theatres of war, and honouring those who fought for the country, and those who didn't return. There is also one of the Japanese midget subs sunk in Sydney Harbour during WW2, a V1 Buzz Bomb, plus an anti-aircraft gun - possibly the one LRH manned in his defense of Australia, bless his Obese Thetan! ;)

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Post by neil c » Tue Dec 03, 2002 5:40 pm

Venus Confederacy Locomotive I/C,

Causitive, entertaining and well thought-out.
You dealt a big blow to the Enemy!!
Who say SPs can't complete cycles of action?

VWD!! :)


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Post by choochooman » Wed Dec 04, 2002 11:36 pm

Tigger ...and fellow clambakers....
I notice that on ARS some "Sunsurfer" dude has honoured me with a reply/comment of sorts to the posting by Tigger of the recent Canberra SP's stealth activities.

This pro-scieno poster referred to the activities as a "picket game fantasy". wow. Typical clam/osa reaction, - they are resorting to "degrading" the events as fantasy, and then deflect attention away with some silly comments about a picket sign. OSA procedures failed here, and they will not(naturally) admit it.

Firstly, it was not a picket. No one stood between the public and the scieno booth waving signs or trying to prevent the scieno's going about their business. What happened was that people targeted by the clams were informed of the truth about their encounter after they had left the clam area, even in the outside carpark as they approached their cars.

Undoubtedly the Canberra clams will not confirm to OSA what they observed, because they don't like the thought of beans and rice! Why, even the stall selling discount cherries did not give them their unsold left overs, despite repeated vists to them by "smarmy smile"
BTW, the cherries were nice and sweet. ;) $4.00 a kilo too. But the clams could not even afford half that!

The fact that an obvious scieno sympathiser has tried to discredit the post is in itself proof of its "effectivenessness".
The Canberra clams saw the e-meter-telephone incident with the man in the blue cap. The newspaper distributing clamette knows she encountered a SP who had read about clams on the internet, and Smarmy smile's activities were described in detail. Naturally they will deny this to any OSA questioner for their own sake.

Yup. Looks like they realise they have been hit in the googlies and do not know by who or from which direction. Gee, I though scientology(tm) was all about knowing :)

The Canberra crew (who may /may not live in Canberra ;) ) will continue these guerilla tactics. You may not see them or find any physical proof of their presence, but that means that they are successful - they are there. They will deny who they are - even to fellow sp's, and they are not accepting recruits for security reasons. (and they are not terrorists,- just a group of friends armed only with the truth.)
Should any local SP want to assist, do your own thing - and keep it legal. A multiple pronged assault will cause "clam thought process overload".

Gee, OSA, its hard to videotape an unseen enemy. And be careful that you do not accuse, confront, or videotape the wrong person(s)- why, they may even sue you! Stalking is a crime, too!

Do you want some clam publicity? (Canberra has 5 TV Channels), and hosts investigative shows such as 4 corners, A current Affair, Stateline, to name a few... and they are popular programs ;) )

The venusian traindriver (and crew)

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Post by jarboy98 » Thu Dec 05, 2002 2:17 pm

Thanks, VT, smart to keep your merry pranksters insular, no new members. I look forward to more news from the front. Peace...jb

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Post by choochooman » Thu Dec 05, 2002 11:40 pm

JB.... The fact that we got a reaction on ARS from one of co$'s apologetic name-callers is sufficient. We do not rise to the attempted baiting from someone like him/her/it. Words like his are cheap and really no substance. He/she/it is not worth replying to

Although I will be taking a Christmas break soon, the venusian train will still be active. As some of us go away on our holidays, its often to places where the population swells dramatically. Its even more ideal to distribute entheta - You may meet twenty people in a caravan park who come from twenty different towns. Give them each a pamphlet for themselves and five extra for their friends to "replicate" and distribute in their respective home towns, well that sure covers a wide area with entheta.

Even though I will appear to be "non-posting" over the holiday period, several "ears and eyes" will be monitoring traffic in lurk mode. The Venusian train has autonomous sections to carry on the work regardless.

We also have a few more "entheta-surprises" under planning. How, when and where?, well OSA, start cranking up those OT powers you think you have, -oh, and you better sprinkle some straw around under you chairs in your orgs to catch the BT's (body turds) that might accidentaly be blown while you are straining with these "powers".... 8)

I have heard some "rustlings" that certain SP lurkers are considering similar stealth action or even confrontational pickets. This could be interesting, because the clams might get enturbulated by possibly three (or more) different groups at the same time, each acting independently and using different (always legal) tactics.

Also, by utilising random, surprise entheta activities, it forces the clams to be constantly alert to notice anything. Sometimes we will sit and watch and take great amusement as they patrol back and forth, watching out for expected enturbulators, and imagining marcabs being everywhere around them... Oh! the paranoia!

"Just because you cannot see it does not mean that it cannot see you...."

...and "an ostrich with its head in the sand risks receiving severe ass injuries from something it didn't see coming up behind".

Will keep you all post(ulat)ed....

The venusian traindriver (and Crew wo/men)

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Post by Girlfriend » Fri Dec 06, 2002 3:16 am

Hey VT - Roger - gotcha.

You stay away from all those fires now, ya hear? Or if you can't stay completely away, watch out for the yellow t-shirted VMs if they decide to run around touching people. Might be good idea to send Fire Chief(s) a little message to watch out for yellowjackets.

Happy hols, keep up the good work, and thank you for ideas & inspiration; our unit here fast approaching an op. I'd like to remind everyone that getting flyers printed is cheap. Where and how you do it is only limited by your imagination :) .

Over and out. :proud:

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Post by choochooman » Fri Dec 06, 2002 4:05 am

BG - I wonder why CO$ hasn't got all its OTs standing in front of the fires, postulating rain?

......Is it because they have no OT's?

......or is it because they know it won't work.;)

But one thing for sure, should a house be threatened by fire, Aussies will help to save it regardless of who owns it. They would even save Scientologists houses - if they ever found a house that a scientologist actually owned! :shock:

Firechiefs have no worries about the yellowjackets - that is because Fiery's are in the front line, putting their lives at risk in helping others. Ya don't think the VM's running around with a finger sticking out are going to be somwhere dangerous? :) Nope. They will be instead hogging the cameras/limelight after the fires are contained and danger is past.

Makes you sick, doesn't it? ... EEEk - keep that snotty finger away from me....

Won't say much about proposed future activities... surprise is a great weapon when used in opportune moments.

Got these cool card-sized information sheets to hand around. Says " BE INFORMED" - Dianetics(tm) IS Scientology(tm). When you take Dianetics(tm) courses, you are actually being recruited into Scientology(tm)! So find out what Scientology(tm) does NOT want you to know about it BEFORE you give them any money!"

The card then lists OC and Xenu web site addresses, and invites the reader to use these websites to find out the facts about hubbard, what the courts have to say about him and Scientology(tm), the cost of courses, OT3, and Xenu.

On the back of the card is some friendly advice to avoid being given Dianetics(tm)/Scientology(tm) propoganda. It advises the cardholder to say to the Scientologist "Xenu has told me to say NO to Scientology!(tm)"

Gots lots of these printed up - Each A4 page produces 10, ....

Might rattle a few e-meters soon! ;)

the venusian traindriver (and jolly crew)

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Post by jarboy98 » Fri Dec 06, 2002 4:14 am

I like you more every day VT. Safe holidays to you and yours. Peace...jb

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Post by choochooman » Fri Dec 06, 2002 4:28 am

My holidays are not for a few more clam-rattling days yet, folks!

...But just in case I miss anybody, the best of the season to those lurkers out there too. Grab your clam-opener and wade in!

... and for those lonely doubting clam/OSA batchelors, - hang up a pair of stockings on Christmas Eve, and Santa might fill them with a lonely doubting clamette and the chance for both of you to blow the org together and find a peaceful, happy life with many more happy Christmasses, far from the paranoia of $cientology. ;)

the venusian traindriver etc

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Post by neil c » Fri Dec 06, 2002 9:33 pm

Speaking of fires, when I was on staff I remember there were some fires in Hollywood Hills were a lot of upstat properties were destroyed. There was a story going around the orgs that this OT7 had a nice house in the Hills and all the houses around were burned to the ground apart from his.

It was said that surrounding his house there was a big square that was totally untouched by the fire and his home didn't even suffer from smoke damage.

That's one of the benefits of OT7 they were saying!

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Post by ltricha » Sat Dec 07, 2002 2:23 pm

VT that is an excellent idea.
Tech is the carrot.
Admin is the cart.
and ethics is the whip.
Guess who the horses are...

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Post by sparx » Sat Dec 07, 2002 4:24 pm


Congrats on a job well done at Woden! I realise that your operation needs to be kept secret and assume it doesn't take on newcomers, but if you happen to be planning any action in Melbourne in the future I'd be more than willing to help out in any way I can.

If you need any Melbourne operatives, let me know how I can get in touch with you and prove my clambaker status! Otherwise I wish you the very best in your efforts.

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