Australia, Sydney


Australia, Sydney

Post by Anonymous » Fri Mar 10, 2000 3:54 pm

Originally posted: 05:31 10/08-1999
Name/Nick: Bill
Contact info:
Sydney is a hot bed of Ronbot activity. The Sea Org is very busy and could do with a bit of silent protest. It is located next to a very large shopping mall (Broadway). Plenty of street traffic to call upon. Give me a bell if you wish to team up and create some entheta. Maybe even make a visit to the city based org.


Post by Anonymous » Sat Mar 11, 2000 3:15 am

Origninally posted: 08:22 23/02-2000
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I will be doing another picket of the Castlereagh St Org in Sydney soon! What has prompted me to go back to do another picket is that a 15 month old baby climbed through the steel gap in the Stairwell railing and fell two floors just over one week ago. The baby, according to police was admitted to hospital in a critical condition. My placard will read " Scientology neglects children.'' Anyone interested in giving a hand - just leave a message on this page.


Post by Anonymous » Sat Mar 11, 2000 3:15 am

Originally posted: 10:59 23/02-2000
Name/Nick: John
Contact info:
I hope that baby's OK. I'm keen to do another Sydney picket. I would think it would be more successful if we didn't advertise *when* on this page though. Some of the Sydney Scientologists seemed like nice people. It's just a shame though that they've been lured into the cult. You know someone has had their mind messed with when they call you a criminal and a psych-drugged-whatever when they've never met you before!


Post by Anonymous » Sat Mar 11, 2000 3:16 am

Originally posted: 13:27 23/02-2000
Contact info:
Dear John: I will speak to the other picketers to arrange a date to picket. We wont tell Co$. I might make up a new flier. I endeavour to ask Workcover of New South Wales to investigate Occupational Health & Safety standards of Co$. That baby will probably have permanent disabilities. The parents of the baby, should sue Co$ on the baby's behalf. If not I think the state or another acting as a next friend can sue for the baby. I will get legal advice. To all you critics out there : Picket the Org nearest to your home. Do it in disgust of an innocent baby falling from the stairwell of the second floor of the Sydney Org. PIcket against the child abuse from Co$. Put words on your placards '' Scientology sacrificed a baby's safety.'' Dear Church of Scientology : I will stand for Parliament - I will then get you expelled from Australia by legal means and by enacting new legislation.

Mrs Pattycake

Post by Mrs Pattycake » Sun Mar 12, 2000 6:33 am

Some Canberra critics may be willing (depending on times/days) to attend a Sydney protest. Please keep in touch.

Tom Spiers

Post by Tom Spiers » Mon Apr 24, 2000 4:22 pm


I have been coming to clambake for a while now and I think it is interesting. The Picket stories are bloody hilarious! I understand there is a Clam store in Castlereagh street? whereabouts I want to roll by and have a look. And when are you planning a picket there next Im not sure about joining you (shy) but I would love to see you in action.



Post by Anonymous » Sat Apr 29, 2000 7:14 am

Why not protest the "Battlefeild Earth" preview screening?

It'll get all the CO$ people in the one spot, not to mention all the media attention you'll get.


Post by Ian » Wed Jul 26, 2000 2:43 am

Any picket planed, email me and I will be there, I can bring along a few others to help. I would love to see CO$ out of Australia


Post by thets-forse » Mon Aug 07, 2000 6:55 pm

We crush you like the vermin you are. Australia lies under Rons magnificent foot.

You are slaves and convicts. You will always submit to us.


Post by theta_force » Mon Aug 07, 2000 6:58 pm

You submit and give us "democratic" rights as you wish to be controlled for your own good.

You wish to be crushed further.

Well...a whole nation in cave in!!!!

Want to die? Then Die!


Post by Anonymous » Mon Aug 07, 2000 7:01 pm



We do not wish to kill


Post by Anonymous » Thu Aug 10, 2000 9:32 pm

Can anyone give me contacts for support groups for family and friends of scientologists in Sydney areas?


Post by Anonymous » Thu Nov 02, 2000 3:33 pm

Only a Scientologist could spell the word 'Australians' as such. Narcanon is just tempting the media to get on Scientology's case, Canberra want you banned, and John T's movie flopped completely in Australia.


Post by Anonymous » Thu Nov 30, 2000 2:29 am

I heard an ad on MIX106.5 FM the other day. Kate Ceberano was talking about something along the lines of getting off of drugs, getting fit and being more successful. I didn't catch it exactly but it sounded like she was pimping for Scienology. If anyone in Sydney hears it they might want to protest to the sttion if it sounds like Scientology gumph.


Post by Anonymous » Thu Nov 30, 2000 4:55 pm

Scientologists misspell plenty of words besides "Australians." Don't take it personally.

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