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Don't you like how "Theta Force" can't even spell his own name?


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Now if I was a good little clam, I would automatically search this list every day, I would keep the information in a database and I would write a KR ever week.

I would also do this from dynamic IP address and from several accounts from different main stream service providers. So basically only the authorities can tie it to together. You can not do it from your server logs.

And on the day of your pickets I would take photographs, mount a mini security camera in the door frame of my org cos I know you will all come up and take a look at the door.

What you first need to do is put together a mechanism that allows you and only you to communicate with eachother, you need to stay off the public internet all together when organising these events, if you are in Sydney then set up a bbs or somthing else and log everything you can learn to read the headers and learn how the protocols work exactly and learn what is normal and what is not. Deploy some crypto and authentication its all quite legal in Australia just so long as you can open up to the authorites when asked and prove your system generated the traffic. You have nothing to hide from the Government and should not try anyway.

You need to come up with a system of human authentication (This person == this pic == this name), you need to only accept people who are prepared to submit their photograph and addresses to the group, and the group needs to visit these people and confirm that the person may be telling the truth.

Now this all sounds a bit far fetched, but look at this way, you are not dealing with people who give 3 figgins (small bread rolls) about you or the laws of the Commonwealth of Australia.

At the moment you are playing their game..

People like to get press, they like to stick their names on things especially postings to lists. In the end their ego's get the better of them and the suddenly there is enough information floating about to link, name to fake email to picture on workplace website. Its that simple then its all over for you.

All those people on ReligiousFreedomWatch got themselves there by not using heads..

Get Po Boxes. Your mail must not leave the post office enroute to you and consider now your own personal security where you keep your docs and private info.

Search the internet now and find out exactly what fluff you have left about the www and work out how you are going to seperate youself from it. If you can not make a clean break then you will be got at..

You must learn self controll..

And how not to get excited..

Best of luck..

Bravehearts Girlfriend

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Apollo 13,

Could you comment on this, please? Other techies, too.

Why is my gut feeling negative on this post?

All best,

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Post by freeborn » Sun Mar 24, 2002 3:21 am

You don't like to take bait?

Bravehearts Girlfriend

Post by Bravehearts Girlfriend » Sun Mar 24, 2002 6:52 am

Hi Freeborn,

Hee. Yeah, well! Methinks I've done too much of that lately!

All best,


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Sorry, but it was not my intention to bait anyone with my post dated by this list as Mar32 2002 1.34 pm.

Direct mail to,

Bravehearts Girlfriend

Post by Bravehearts Girlfriend » Sun Mar 24, 2002 8:05 am

Freeborn, it's starting, isn't it.

I was talking to B about the Google thing. He said it wouldn't be long before the backlash to's "win" would begin on OC and elsewhere. You think?


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Post by apollo13 » Sun Mar 24, 2002 2:19 pm

Bravehearts Girlfriend:

I think what disturbs you about the post is the implicit threat of retaliation from CoS. Like we are in a "french resistance" kind of existance by being opposed to Scientology.

Apart from anything else, the scenario is way too complicated anyway.

It would be easier to use a public/private key encryption system, like PGP, combined with an anonymizer.

Or you could create a network based on RFC 1149 (notice the date it was published) as follows:

Network Working Group D. Waitzman
Request for Comments: 1149 BBN STC
1 April 1990

A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on Avian Carriers

Status of this Memo

This memo describes an experimental method for the encapsulation of IP datagrams in avian carriers. This specification is primarily useful in Metropolitan Area Networks. This is an experimental, not recommended standard. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Overview and Rational

Avian carriers can provide high delay, low throughput, and low altitude service. The connection topology is limited to a single point-to-point path for each carrier, used with standard carriers, but many carriers can be used without significant interference with each other, outside of early spring. This is because of the 3D ether space available to the carriers, in contrast to the 1D ether used by IEEE802.3. The carriers have an intrinsic collision avoidance system, which increases availability. Unlike some network technologies, such as packet radio, communication is not limited to line-of-sight distance. Connection oriented service is available in some cities, usually based upon a central hub topology.

Frame Format

The IP datagram is printed, on a small scroll of paper, in hexadecimal, with each octet separated by whitestuff and blackstuff.

The scroll of paper is wrapped around one leg of the avian carrier.

A band of duct tape is used to secure the datagram's edges. The bandwidth is limited to the leg length. The MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) is variable, and paradoxically, generally increases with increased carrier age. A typical MTU is 256 milligrams. Some datagram padding may be needed.

Upon receipt, the duct tape is removed and the paper copy of the datagram is optically scanned into a electronically transmittable form.


Multiple types of service can be provided with a prioritized pecking order. An additional property is built-in worm detection and eradication. Because IP only guarantees best effort delivery, loss of a carrier can be tolerated. With time, the carriers are self-regenerating. While broadcasting is not specified, storms can cause data loss. There is persistent delivery retry, until the carrier drops. Audit trails are automatically generated, and can often be found on logs and cable trays.

Security Considerations

Security is not generally a problem in normal operation, but special measures must be taken (such as data encryption) when avian carriers are used in a tactical environment.

Author's Address

David Waitzman
BBN Systems and Technologies Corporation
BBN Labs Division
10 Moulton Street
Cambridge, MA 02238

Phone: (617) 873-4323

EMail: dwaitzman@BBN.COM


Bravehearts Girlfriend

Post by Bravehearts Girlfriend » Sun Mar 24, 2002 3:11 pm

Jesus, Apollo 13!

As if I understand that language!

However, I did find an entry point eventually. Not to do with computers.

But yes, the original point you made did disturb me a bit: the last three lines are meant to be menacing. I should have waited a day to answer it, if at all.

Now, to the interesting stuff. Look at the Language in that computer info (including the date it was published! - but don't techies sometimes forget things like dates, birthdays, anniversaries, etc...?? or is that just another urban myth?).

Anyway, look at the language: Ah ha ha, e.g., paragraph 2, line 3, "outside of early spring" - and "with each octet separated by whitestuff, blackstuff," duct tape around the "leg" of the avian carrier, and so on. MY leg is being pulled, so not gonna go there.

But it does sound like "language" poetry, especially the paragraph, Discussion.

Best to you,


Post by ...---... » Sun Mar 24, 2002 11:38 pm

I like they way BraveHearts GF is drowning the post out with of all things IP over Avian.. That joke was fisihed last year when some europeans tested it with ping times of several hours.

The point about it is..

1. Those who understand what I was saying have gotten the message.

2. Those who are only playing at it now have something serious to think about.

3. The Cos people on this list now have somthing interesting to put in their KR.

The French resitance idea is silly, childish, reactionary and unthinking comment. (The self controll thing again. Don't do it!)

FACT: If you don't get your shit together you will be got at..

Like it or lump it but at the end of the day the reality is that your target is well funded, trained and has the worst thing of all, 'belief' you can not fight that directly.

Protest about the Cos do not involve the Cos, eg no pickets. Work on the government and social welfare groups.

Last and final comment,

Put the CoS into a situation where they have to break the law to get to you. It will stand up better in court and will make it easier to get press interested.

Best of luck.

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Post by apollo13 » Mon Mar 25, 2002 1:16 am

RFC 1149 is a definition of, believe it or not, pidgeon post.

Bravehearts Girlfriend, 'nuff said?

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Post by freeborn » Mon Mar 25, 2002 1:33 am

Apollo13. You made me cry. (From laughing so hard. Hadda read it twice, to savor the juice.)

Aren't carrier pigeons extinct? Or do they come back over and over until Birdie Thetans are audited out?

Bravehearts Girlfriend

Post by Bravehearts Girlfriend » Mon Mar 25, 2002 2:41 am

Apollo 13, Yep.

333 bit the dust, did you notice? How many is that in the last week....?


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Post by apollo13 » Mon Mar 25, 2002 6:18 pm


Do you know the difference between a pidgeon and a long standing Scientologist?

Pidgeons still have enough to put a deposit on a Porche.

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Post by freeborn » Tue Mar 26, 2002 3:40 pm


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