Teaneck mission's forceful commercalism noted

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Teaneck mission's forceful commercalism noted

Post by Snow White » Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:55 am

"The Church of Scientology is clearly part religion, part business. After visiting the Teaneck Missionary I became increasingly convinced of its brilliant business model. The sales representatives were attractive and well-dressed, forceful and just bordering on being pushy. They market their religion well through a range of free materials and introductory seminars. This serves two functions: to make the individual feel guilty and more prone to at least buying one of the Scientology books being sold in the reception area; and as a sales technique. The personality test sells the individual on the Scientology teachings, many of which happen to make sense on a cerebral level. Moreover, the Church of Scientology maintains an intricate and hierarchical network that closely resembles the corporate world. Scientology captures the spirit of capitalism and globalization, delivering its products and services worldwide."
http://www.academon.com/lib/essay?KEYW= ... US&CPNADD=

(I don't endorse the website, but t'was an amusing find)

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