non a l'eglise de $arkologie et son gourou nicolas ,ami de t

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non a l'eglise de $arkologie et son gourou nicolas ,ami de t

Post by zorro » Fri Apr 27, 2007 11:51 am

:lol: :lol: :lol:
what a funny demonstration to do I had a sign last week two days before presidential elections I met a bunch of pro $sarkozy candidate( they are members of the cult of UMP a conservative political task force ... no I am joking ...) so they were at a corner giving away flyers for their candidate
I was standing on the other side of the street with my sign saying
(say no to the church of sarkology
his guru named nicalas ,his friend tom cruise ) a lot of people in the outside nearby café laughed and read what was on the cardboard
tom cruise was officially invited by mister sarkozy he was given a travel back to parisian gound with a navy offsore boat property of the army or the police authorities ?
well at the time it's been a scandal
the american actor (specialized in american "psychiatry" from what I heard on tv shows ....).gave the french tv an interview saying they spoke about everything that included also $cientology :shock:
mister $sarkozy denied it on a different channel :roll:
this gentleman $arkozy needs votes and the church needs a recognization
so ,see what I try to explain ?
the fight is still on :wink:
diego de la vega
no mask
no fear
no sweat :wink:
life is a comedy
and david is so close from criminal investigation,isn't????

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