miss e .... was so brilliant last evening

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miss e .... was so brilliant last evening

Post by zorro » Tue Jul 17, 2007 10:44 am

:D last week big moving and bif loading a truck of "ronhubbard dvd's cd's " delivery just came by a few days ago
alexandra (the first executive spokewoman who took pictures of me and send a complaint to police saying I threated of physical violence??? , she was attending the unloading of the truck smoking a cigarette (was it kool :?: )
last evening monday
I went by the celeb 'center I met on my way e... (eric's wife)
I showed her a victory sign with my fingers
she answered by showing me her medium finger :!: :!: :!:
I thought she was the devoted wife of a religious and quiet mexecutive :?:
how gross :!: :!: :!:
so they can get into vulgarity too :?:
I am not the only one suposed to be in that position :?: so they azre human after all :?:
for kamel I know he might read it
Istill got the information about freezone(you can see I am not the biggot you tend to make me look like )
to medhi
you don't remember but you've been rough with me
you called me names and tryed to get at me but one girl stopped you once in the street late at night
I had a cam'recorder playing I think it will be funny in court to see how you behave some times :?:
I've got a few more interesting pictures and footage but I keep them secure for the moment :wink:
but I am sure the audience will like to watch it around all this"religious activities " are so showing ...daily motion,youtube, VSD,entrevue, canal plus ,fr3 paris,and so many medias but you won't get the complete list up to you to discover in the press time after time
I told you I know a lot of people around :D :D :D :D
oh by the way xenu was very happy when he was invited in the cultural communication department with the new cultural head of office ..... :wink:
good night and good luck
still around
zip zip zip
zorro and now
paul revere and john dos passos( who the hell are they ,you'll be surprised pretty soon
hello alain ,benoit ,poor robin(anytime you need help when you wanna run away I told you I'll be there and I will help you really and sincerly :wink: !)
phillipe( Isaw zina short ago she was fine ,she's out :?:) and antoine (I know you are true with your feelings don't spend your time with crooks ,con artist and lyers or I do hope you use them :?: )
quel bonheur d'etre libre et la police me protège vous savez juste au cas ou :?: ( what a good feeling knowing I am under police protection ,you know just in case ?
end of report
life is a comedy
and david is so close from criminal investigation,isn't????

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