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Post by Post Person » Thu May 03, 2007 4:43 am

If you are considering boycotting companies associated with the Church of Scientology of Vancouver, here is a list of companies who have donated to the Ideal Org they're postulating for this area:

Kassel Painting
Interactive Marketing
Mace Kingsley Family Centre
West Coast Tutoring Centre

These names are taken from the "Scientology Vancouver The Journal Volume 1 Issue 4: The Honor Roll At 26 March 2007."
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Post by Wieber » Thu May 03, 2007 5:52 am

Kassel Painting

One of the most important factors to success is to have and follow a basic purpose. It is purpose that gives one strength, endurance and reliability. It allows you insight into what we are about and what you can expect from us.
We are personnel consultants and experts in assessment and selection of staff. We have the only effective system for predicting human behaviour and therefore have a responsibility to ensure it is honestly and accurately applied.
We understand that the only real and effective way of choosing personnel is by proven production statistics. When you use U-MAN’s services you get real people that can perform the functions and duties of the position being filled.
Utilizing an incomparable testing system, U-MAN provides many levels of assistance in personnel assessment and hiring. From simple help with creating ads and interviewing techniques to full custom search, U-MAN brings our clients confidence and certainty that they have the "right person in the right place"
In a world full of illiteracy, drugs, violence and litigation U-MAN yet brings hope that you can trust your gut instincts and recruit good reliable personnel.
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