Applied Scholastics

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Applied Scholastics

Post by Pegasus » Sat Apr 14, 2007 8:12 pm

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Applied Scholastics

Post by Pegasus » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:49 am

Hi all,

The previous post is only the tip of the iceberg, concerning all the stuff going on with the Czech guys regarding the previous links.

This is only a mini-report, or very brief summarization.

Additionally, there is a Czech forum, which has had many topics with hundreds of posts all deleted when things got "too hot" or ?
These deletions are very unfortunate, as some of the contributions were very well done. Contributions had Intellectual insight, good English language comments and corrections, excellent humour & so on.
No clear logical explanation was given as to the string deletions. ... ge=1&pp=10

Above, is the only the latest string which has not been deleted yet by forum administrators. I'd suggest placing the main forum page in your favourites & regularly reading through this, if you want to keep up to date.
If & mostly when, this string is deleted, you will need to look for the next, which usually pop up under a new topic name. Check out the “last 150 posts” link on the left if this happens.
Take copies, for your personal archives.
Those intellectual literary Czech language guys are quite persistent !

Characteristically, the web-history archives for almost everything that has happened, no longer exists, having been deleted from this forum & other related websites etc.
As remarked in past deleted strings by several forum regulars, any mention of Scientology (or ?), has until now, resulted in the string being deleted.

Now, the question at least several of us have, is what if anything, does Kal Korff have to do with the scientology guys, or Applied Scholastics or ?
Also, is this characteristic of the way Scientologists operate in other countries?
There’s lots more on this.

On his website, at one time, Kal Korff claimed to have NOTHING to do with the scientologists. This could be either true, or within the way they operate, if so.
These & related statements have now been deleted so no history remains except for from the search engines, for now.

Either way, my intent is only to pass all this information on to this forum, for your personal information & evaluation.

Any corrections and/or additional information is welcome !

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