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Belgium org

Post by don_carlo » Tue Aug 17, 2004 2:20 pm

Église de Scientologie de Belgique
Rue General Mac Arthur 9
1180 Uccle
Tel: 0032/25/118760
or 0032/2/345-80-89
Web Site:

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Post by bird » Fri Jul 24, 2009 5:24 pm

Just to let you know that the brussels org is now finaly closed for good.
they moved to the little town of Mechelen.

here's a link to the by laws pertainging to this move.

I went to see for my self, even the plaque is gone.

Meaning there's no way you get scieno services anywhere in the capital of the European Union.

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Post by Sponge » Tue Jul 28, 2009 3:07 pm

Thanks Bird.
Posted it on WWP. Some comments and other info in that thread. ... post945817
I have reliable information that currently there is a recruitment drive in orgs from neighbouring countries to gain staff members for the ideal org in brussels. This includes trying to recruit publics as well as poaching current staff members from other orgs.

Do not celebrate too early. Wait until the scheduled date for the opening of the ideal org has passed.

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Post by Sponge » Thu Jul 30, 2009 10:57 am


La Scientologie lance ses grands travaux
(Scientology launches its great work) ... 7710.shtml

Robot Translation.......
Scientology launches its great work
published 29/07/2009

101 And 105 starts numbers.Numbers 101 et105, boulevard de Waterloo, are covered of scaffolding. For a site out of the ordinary: these three buildings prestige renovator is other than the Church of Scientology. Cumbersome neighbour which creates the unease.

Before arrival boulevard de Waterloo, Scientology in places. Difficult to react neighbours in this district offices. But one thing is certain: everyone knows already that will settle there. "This is for the Sciento?" I have nothing to say. "I do not have any problems."

As this pharmacist, most of the neighbours cantonnent in a distrustful silence. "You know, as long as they do not ennuient me", said the Manager of the mini-market in the face. "We were informed tolerance." "Expect to see what will happen..." Same tone in a gite association site. "As a non-profit organisation, we cannot speak." "We'll see how things look."

Only a young woman, Sophie Lenteclaes, is more loquace. To expose: she works at the centre of the Brussels CPAS day just on the other side of the Dumonceau Street. A centre welcomes of addicts. "God knows if the Sciento will not stitch people, since it is used to recruit people who have a vulnerability?"

The building of the 103, Sophie knows. It had paid the chronicle the last three years, because it was squatté by 100 homeless, while it was left blank by its owner, the Church of Scientology! "It has been busy these people." The Sciento do me inspires no good, because we saw its processes to try to hunt the occupants: people with sticks and dogs. "This says me nothing residuum."

The sulfureuse movement, repeatedly attacked reputation to justice, concerned. "I find sad that the city of Brussels has helped this movement to settle here." Just as I find lamentable that the French community has resold the property to this church. For money, because you saw the building? It is necessary to have huge funds to buy and renovate this. For what purpose? ”

Entire folder in the capital of this Wednesday.

Lawrence wilen

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