Flash Raid Lol Gatos 27 Dec 2010

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Flash Raid Lol Gatos 27 Dec 2010

Post by Sign Post » Tue Dec 28, 2010 9:55 am

It was a beautiful day in San Jose. Adhocrat and I decided to raid Los Gatos Org. It had been about a month since we raided them last. We tried to get there before noon but were a few minutes late and missed the course sup. He 'no confronted' us at the traffic light sitting in his car. Both of us took video. Adhocrat is a video wizard and put together a nice one.


There were only about 6 cars in the parking lot and we caught a few staff members coming and going. Adhocrat has a booming voice that carries through the traffic noise. I noticed OTVIII Fran Clark, my old room mate. And Lynn Hoffman the ED. Last time I saw her was 5 years ago and she tried to use 2D flows to get me in the shop.

I managed to hand out 1 flyer to a bicyclist going by. It is 3 lanes of traffic with a stoplight nearby. So we have their attention when they are waiting for the light to change. We chalked the sidewalks and enturbulated for about and hour or so. It got a little chilly so I just stood in the sun and I was OK. Love that California weather. 8)

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