Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

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Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Sat Nov 24, 2012 1:33 pm

In Jan 2010 when the Volunteer Ministers descended on Haiti...
they quietly set up an Orphanages on a piece of land donated by a Haitian Scientologist Claude Reginald Jean (Claude's Been involved with Scientology since 1987)..

the Scientology Ministers with the help of Claude Reginald Jean and His employees went looking for stray children...

Scientology turned the operation over the the Schneider Sisters with the assistance of the Volunteer Ministers .... Barb Santos Schneider,Michela Schneider, Elena Chiancianesi and Doria Kintzel

with multiple Scientologist hatted for fundraising the main ones Sarah Ehrlich's Help for Orphans,Bless the Children and Cassandra Hepburn..and others .. they nailed/tricked several other NGO out of some cash as well....

it was named the "Future of Haiti" Orphanage ..

Claude Reginald Jean ran the "Haitian Dianetics Center" from his house near Port-a-Prince prior to the earthquake... and Was part of the "Global Pioneers" Mission in Haiti run by Cary Goulston,Mike Campbell and Brad Kugler ... 635078.php
part of that mission some of you may recall involved Kenaf seeds...

the Schneider Sisters moved the Orphans into that house and former Haitian Dianetics Center around 3 months after the earthquake (Claude Jean Handed that over too)

Claude took back control of the Orphans in June 2011 and renamed it after his GRODYSH operation...and Is currently running the front group. Group Dynamic for the Survival of Humanity- Haiti
<cult link>
[PHP][/PHP]also a School called Institute for Humanitarian Theta the same address ... 6394950079

lots of good stuff here on the subject. ... iti.91988/

The Second Orphanage!
its called LIMBE a rural area outside Cape Haitien

its run by a Haitian Scientologist named Pierre Brice Erasmin
he was also part of the Global Pioneer Crew... 2008-2009
and the LIMBE Academy was previously the Cap Haitian Dianetics center... ... ts&fref=ts ... 4411926928 ... ts&fref=ts ... ts&fref=ts

Scientologist Susi Tschupp does the fundraising out of Clearwater for Orphanage #2
<cult link>
[PHP][/PHP]some of Pierre & Susi's activity in Cap Haitien ... banner=pwa

a second French language web page was created for the purpose of covert fundraising
Enfants d' Haiti
<cult link>
[PHP][/PHP]that site was set up by Scientologist Jean Sylvestre Thepenier

they built a Schoolhouse.. the even got a non scientologist to fork over a load of cash to build the center... 2012 ..( you should see the shack they used previously)

the Earthquake produced 2 Orphanages... not just one... tthey dumped their Dianetics Centers and jumped headlong into the Restavek Business... with the financial help of Scientology Volunteer Ministers Mission in Haiti...

all kinds of OMG! GTFO shady stuff.. I've dug up... here ... 88/page-12


a Scientologist named Bill Loftus self proclaimed Kenaf King ....also plays into this scenario ... roofed.pdf

His little Kenaf Orphanage Plan is crawling with Scientologists....
Haiti was #1 on its hit list... and Cary Goulston-Global Pioneers and Claude Reginald Jean's activities play out prominently whey you dig into it...

a Scientologist named Jean Paul Sanfacon is the head of the Loftus Kenaf Operation in Haiti
Operation... ... facon.html
Claude Reginald Jean also plays a prominent role...

55 pages "Together we can" ... roofed.pdf

Jean Paul Sanfacon Is also the man in charge of the Volunteer Ministers Mission & the Head of Operations in Petitionvillle Haiti (a slight conflict of interest)

according to the Loftus Dox hes in charge of setting up the crude stove-works /sweatshops..and kenaf plantations
and directing this profiteering scam in Haiti.

all of the other NGO's in the Loftus Dox have a relationship to Cary Goulston and Global Pioneers in some way.

with the ultimate goal of setting up and building an "Ideal Village"also outlined in the Loftus Dox... laughing all the way to the bank in Panama.

pretty much everybody and their brother Is in on this scam...

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Doesn't Haiti have enough problems?

Post by AngryGayPope » Sat Nov 24, 2012 6:03 pm

As someone who was born in a Catholic orphanage I am particularly disgusted.

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by dirty hippie » Sat Nov 24, 2012 8:31 pm

I assume Miscavige feels like he has a certain level of control over the NOI and the Haitian orphanages and like projects.

To be a fly on the wall in the war room when the angry elf is scheming over his big map...

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:27 am

Scientology wants to duplicate this program in around 20 impoverished 3rd world
Haiti Is their pilot program... #1 on the hit parade....and Is defiantly being implemented

besides Jean Paul Sanfacon current Head of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Mission in Haiti ...
there are several other connected to Scientology in this blatant profiteering scam

Jean Paul Sanfacon Is the Haiti Director for the Loftus Lebensbourn project
also has the use of the Scientology Volunteer Ministers as useful dupes

Bill Loftus has placed a number of friends in the plan

Celina Persons COO Kenaf Prosperity Int
Chris Davis Is the Director of South Africa
Dr Hector M Guevara Director Of Mexico
Sioux Hart Senior Admin Kenaf Tech Training Center...
David J Potter Architect/Drafted the Prison Compound pix

as well as several others involved with Bill Loftus in this venture.and other business activities ... 88/page-12 ... C87463Mlgw

they already own the property for this Ideal Kibbutz ....
they have had NGO's in Haiti planting Kenaf...
and have set up a micro collection agency.....through GRODYSH

everything in this dox has been implemented or is in the planning stages...

it revolves around the Orphanages... activities... especially Claude Reginald Jean's GRODYSH

Holly Haggerty and Pat Duggan were listed at one time as Board Members and Directors of Grodysh
Link courtesy of the Wayback machine...
Haiti Dianetics Center

Bill Loftus, his magic kenaf seeds,Claude Reginald Jean,..Pierre Brice ..and LIMBE ... stnews.htm

Cary Goulston and gang are gonna wish that^ link^would disappear....we see what you did thar!

with all the info Ive collected and gone over its safe to say:
the snatching of Orphans and hatching the Loftus plan was in the works before the earthquake...

its easy to draw a crowd when your offering free food to starving people.

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 12:35 am

the Loftus Group wants to start by manufacturing 1 million of these Crude Kenaf burning stove...
building them with child labor in some cases according to the dox

they also plan to profiteer by providing

Kenaf seed
Kenaf harvesting implements (videos for these too)
a bio-mass generator (also has videos)
Kenaf_Create building blocks (child labor is also being used to construct)

lists Scientologist Chris Davis as a Manufacture of the kenaf-create blocks...

Lots of these Loftus Kenaf videos ..made mainly for Scientology consumption

Head of the Volunteer Ministers Mission in Haiti .. is in on the profiteering.

Scientologys Plan for 3r World Global Domination

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:35 am

Narconon Reaches Out to Help Haitian Children
Aug 6th 2009 ... 111323.php
SAFETY HARBOR, FL, August 06, 2009 /24-7PressRelease/ -- In an area where the unemployment rate is more than 75% and over 10,000 homeless children are living in the streets, the country of Haiti is in need of aid. Recognizing the necessity of the problem, one group that recently contributed to help children in the country is Narconon.
Food for Fresh Raw Meat Program
Narconon's most recent project, The Global Pioneers' Haitian "Adopt an Orphanage" group, lets people contribute directly to designated orphanages in Haiti. The idea being that the people can pick and choose from items the orphanage needs most and send it out with no middlemen. The current campaign is designed to get private food donations being sent to 20 orphanages in Haiti. These shipments will help feed more than 2,000 children of all ages. Once this is underway, other orphanages will be added. The products most needed to help the children include powdered milk, canned meats, rice, beans, oats, flour, multi-vitamins, oil and cheese.
Claude Reginald Jean and Pierre Brice Erasmin were active seeking out Orphanages... with offers of food.. in exchange for potential book sales...
the 2008-2009 Global Pioneers Missions revolves around what these two men arranged.. in those food for books tours.

what was written in the Haiti Dianetics Centers news letters show more of what was happening ... stnews.htm


reforstation=Kenaf planting ... rodyshfoho

Blockhauss is where FOHO#2 is located... this Is where GRODYSH is authorized for food distribution

Claude Jean Continues the Food for Scientology plan today

GRODYSH is an approve United Nations Food Distribution Center SUD EST region of Haiti... plenty of supplies coming into Grodysh from NGO's which GRODYSH can distribute.
see dox:Food Distribution

Sud EST (GRODYSH)pdf ... 1Draft.pdf

there Is alot of evidence GRODYSH is working with a Network of Orphanages in a food exchange program.

and that they are actively involved in the distribution of Relief Supplies... ... 988/page-7


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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:01 am

Scientology Orphanages ....Father Flanagan would NOT be Amused
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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 4:10 am

this glossy Postcardmania flier handout spells out the Loftus plan in the nicest way

self sustaining Orphanage school=Loftus Lebensbourn
trade school program=kenaf stove sweatshop
Ideal Village=Miscavige Town!
plastic recycling=another sweatshop
Organic Farming=planting kenaf as well as farming
MERCI micro-cretit=collection goons for Kenaf stove
Scholastic Achievement=hur dur
Accredited International University... of the Hubbard Variety

co-op housing is an excuse to sell Loftus kenaf tinker toy building kit
Reforestation=Kenaf Project they hatched in 2008-2009

I make fun of it much of it revolves around pure profiteering...

then theres the food hes stockpiling..and distributing a Network he a means to pull in Raw Meat

while using the donations for an all expenses paid trip up the Bridge....

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 5:50 am

The Deal for the Second Orphanage went down in April 2010 at the FT Harrison Hotel

Global Pioneers Cary Goulston & Mike Campbell (left).."Peggy" (an associate of Pierre) Pierre Brice Erasmin,Susi Tschupp,Claude Reginald Jean (Grodysh)

Susi Tschupp administers the US fundraising for LIMBE Academy
and administers the main Limbe Academy web site ... chupp.html

Pierre Brice Erasmin and Claude Reginald Jean ran Dianetics centers for the cult prior to the earthquake...
today both are fronting Orphanages ... in Haiti.

and Claude Reginald Jean Is pushing ahead hard on the Loftus plan....

Cary Goulston..gleeful look.... oh boy!...we got us some Restaveks nao!

useless commendation for handling future Sea Org slaves

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 6:56 am

the Limbe Academy was built with aprox 20K in donations.. and was finished in Sept/Oct 2012

Code: Select all
David Miscavige Ideal Orphanage in Aug 2012
the slapped together Restavek Holding Pen .. May 2010
they constructed this shoddy structure after the deal with Scientology was completed
Evangelist Pierre taking his Limbe students on the Way to Happiness

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 7:28 am

"Commander John Travolta flashed this Kids picture on David Lettermans Late Show....
its JT with the CoS first capture...Orphan his name Is Pederson
the Scientology Orphanage grab was on before JT left Florida on his Haiti salvaging missions
delivering MRE's,over the counter medications,diapers and Baby formula..
Travolta flashed this picture on David Lettermans Late Show....
its JT with the CoS first capture...the Orphan, his name Is Pederson hes one of the FOHO/GRODYSH children
Pat Harney went on record ..announcing the CoS taking in their FIRST orphan
after the Letterman show aired. ... Haiti.html
this Restavek Child Pederson was used as a publicity stunt
thanks to John Travolta

IT was Claude Reginald Jean and his team of Haitian Volunteers who went looking for Orphans in the aftermath of the earthquake....
the guy in the VM jacket Is Wilson Pierre Louis he was with the Global Pioneer 2008/2009 ..and was the First Director for GRODYSH when Claude Jean Took Back the Orphanage in 2010
alternative image
Image ... 4585_n.jpg
Claude Reginald Jeans Children were put on the return flight back to Clearwater...
Caudes 4 biological children received full Scholarships from Clearwater Academy
Claude @ Haitian Airport w/ Global Pioneer Florence Vanleuven... it was Florence that arranged for Claude's kids scholarships
Claude Reginald Jean was the man going to several Orphanages along with a team of VM's looking for children. in the aftermath of the earthquake...

Claude Reginald Jean donated or Rented some land near the airport to the CoS for its first makeshift orphanage....
while the former Haitian Dianetics Center (also Claude's Home) got earthquake damage repairs and a makeover
in what would become The "Future of Haiti Orphanage" run by the Schneider Sisters.

later that summer one of Claude Jeans 10 year old twin daughters would tragically fall to her death while cleaning Mike Campbells gutters ... of/1093988

Barbara Schneider ..who did the fundraising for the "FOHO Orphanage Project" published notes about some of what was happening

1000 Orphans - 2000 Orphans and more in some of their nutty messages...

that Money Man..on Travoltas flight was photographer and Kenaf pimpin Global Pioneer Brad Kugler

Claude Reginald Jean with Peterson in March 2010@FOHO
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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 8:59 am

Michela Schneider
Elena Chiancianesi
Michela Schneider and Her sister Elena Chiancianesi were given the roles of Director for the CoS "grab a Restavek" project

the children were rounded up and interned at property near the Airport ... that was on loan from Claude Reginald Jean
Later the Children were moved to Claude Jeans former House ..and failed Haiti Dianetics Center

Heres what the Schnieder sisters published on the now defunct Future of Haiti Web site...
While working midst the earthquake disaster, to bring help and hope in Haiti, volunteers found a local person who was running three orphanages. All of them had collapsed, leaving the surviving children without shelter, food or water...and more importantly, a family. We decided to help these vulnerable children and found available land to do so. We worked with the local community to clear it from junk and debris and established a camp out of tents.

We constructed makeshift toilettes, showers, a kitchen and pantry, a laundry and a large fireplace to provide them with light in the evening. We also found a well on the property and installed a pump and a purifying system to provide the camp with water. This was key to the long-term survival of the children.
The day after deciding to care for these children we organized a search party to locate all the surviving children from the three orphanages. We found 43 children and brought them to the camp. They were scared, hungry and uncertain of their future, but when they arrived at the camp they knew they had been saved from the wreckage and were smiling with relief.

As of February 2nd we have rescued 99 of the children from the rubble that was once Haiti.

It is impossible to fully describe the joy we all felt when they arrived at the camp and came running toward us with unbelievably huge smiles on their faces.
more@ link ...

with a piece of Land from Claude Reginald Jean ...a makeshift camp and Claude "Pappi Regie" Jean knowing where the golden stash of Orphans were hidden.. the CoS was in Business...

and a token Orphan snatch up and sacrificed for PR thanks to John Travolta

The CoS was in the Orphan Business....

it was Claude Reginald Jean who laid the grown work..for 2 years long before the earthquake...

let the shady unscrupulous Fundraising begin!
boy did members of the CoS go to town on that!

one of the many was
Barbara "Santos" Schnieder-Michela and Elena's Sister
We Found 60 More Orphans!!!!!!!!!

the makeshift kitchen and supply depot at the junkyard compound
the hired locals to do alot of the clean up and cooking. (cheap labor@ $4 a day)
freed up the Volunteer Ministers for Mooching relief supplies from NGO's and Day Care Duty
Here they moved camp to higher ground.... across the compound once the rainy season approached...
their original camp was on lowest ground on the property ..and flooded several times forcing a move...
the Orphans moved to the Permanent structure..months later before the rainy season....

this was to Claude Jeans former Residence also the former home of the Haitian Dianetics Center

once earthquake damage repairs to the structure were completed.

The Schneider Sisters Named it
The "Future of Haiti" Orphanage
web archive
"Bless the children" Karen Hubbard was also involved...

Felix Kunze did alot of glossy staged professional PR pictures for the "Orphanage"...

2 Years later the CoS did a short but official puff piece in 2012 on the Schneider Sisters involvement
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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:53 am

when they made the move to their permanent home the children still slept in tents because most feared being trapped in a building during another earthquake
there was no lack of Mind-scrubbing and Brain washing for the Children @FOHO
Image ... 6107_n.jpg
plenty of supplies thanks to NGO's like the Red Cross

lots of Scientology Volunteer Ministers on hand to help out

smileforever/img826/6336 ... 912758.jpg
smileforever/img87/8751/2 ... 578776.jpg ... 010624.jpg
smileforever/img267/1439 ... 010629.jpg
smileforever/img28/3498/1 ... 330111.jpg

and furnish supplies picked up from other Relief Organizations

First Elena Became seriously Ill during the Cholera Outbreak....and left for Medical reasons
Then Michela became seriously Ill with Cholera....

Once the Cholera Outbreak was in full force many of the Volunteer Ministers left Haiti....
or began working on sprucing up the New Petitionville Volunteer Ministers headquarters....

Claude Reginald Jean Took over the operations.... that was the end of fun and games and FOHO

and the rebirth of GRODYSH....and a more traditional Haitian outlook on raising children as Restaveks
was established...

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 10:22 am

it's teh Scientology

so Claude Reginald Jean took back his home and the children... and quickly re-established GRODYSH
Claude Jean Brought in most of his lackeys from the Global Pioneer days 2008-09.

Claude Jean was living in Florida ..
working part time for the CULTS Washburn Academy, s a part time teacher and the Community Learning Center as a tutor
He was also busy setting up GRODYSH...mostly working on distribution end
but also working @ continuing some of the work on the Loftus plan in Haiti.

Claude got GRODYSH government approved as a South/ East "SUS EST" Food Distribution Center
smileforever/img196/1159/36420858.png ... 1Draft.pdf

and was busy setting up a network of orphanages ... supplying them food in exchange of "code of ethics" agreements...

Wilson Pierre Louis ran the day to day operations for Pappi Regie...@GRODYSH
thats the code of ethics in the well as the upside down sign under the TV stand...*LOL*
Image ... 472372.jpg
smileforever/img713/3566/wilsongl.jpg ... 651471.jpg

Claude Jean brought in Leslie Person Hobbs as vice President
Leslie Hobbs meeting with their orphanage ring...

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Re: Cult has 2 Orphanages in Haiti

Post by triumph » Mon Nov 26, 2012 1:10 pm

Scientologist Playing the Game

Scamming Scientologist Sarah Ehrlich got into the act...

Immediately after the Earthquake Beverly Hills Scientology socialite Sarah Ehrlich kicked her scam into high gear
holding a Oscars/Help the Orphans of Haiti party...where she managed to dupe some D-List Celebs
into donating to her phony campaign... ... 4362_n.jpg

the first PR scam was having cult Photographer Felix Kunze and Some of Her Volunteer Ministers friends like Denise Duff already at the Junkyard Compound to place the kids in some "Help for Orphans T-Shirts"...and take some PR shots...
except the Pro-Photographer also had the big yellow retard tents..and Vulture Ministers in each shot...
Michela & that damn Yellow Tent in a Sarah Ehrlich PR shot.... Sarah did provide the fresh new shirts..

including a fabulous "clam studded" after the scam party

Code: Select all
Felix was there doing PR shots for FOHO and the Schneider sisters...

then by announcing she was Founding an Orphanage in Haiti....
Help For Orphans Founder Sarah Ehrlich Launches Haitian Orphanage
problem was there was no Orphanage...
In The Loving, Inc. Unites with Help for Orphans International to Build Orphanages in Haiti
Sarah Ehrlich hooked wealthy socialite Ragan O' Rilley into thinking they were going to start up an Orphanage partnership in Haiti...Sarah took them for a ride... the ORPHANAGE was FOHO/GRODYSH and the Schneider Sisters,the Volunteer Ministers and Sarah Scientology friends all played up the con.

Sarah got alot of cleverly positioned PR shots... with Her Help for Orphans name...

Heres the In the Loving inc @ FOHO unloading MRE's Sarah Ehrlich probably didn't supply

In the Loving got to tour the FOHO compound and paint a Mural on a wall on the Outside of the FOHO building
there was absolutely no joint venture...
Sarah Ehrlich did manage to make it to Haiti ..and hitched a ride witha legit NGO "Wings over Haiti"...
Sarah also manages to score some Rubber Biscuts from the WHO..UN and shared her score with FOHO

Sarah Ehrlich in July 2012 @GRODYSH doing the scam Publicity stunt routine.
this time for a New scam called the "Give a Flock" Campaign
Sarah didn't provide any chickens or build a chicken coop despite what she says in her pathological PR
Sarah with Super Vulture Ministers Chad Adams and Nicole Greenwood (also struggling actress)

Volunteer Minister Chad Adams (left) working some deal @GRODYSH while representing Help for Orphans..

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