Was L. Ron Hubbard Sexually Molested as a Child?

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Blue Streak
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Post by Blue Streak » Sat Feb 18, 2006 1:59 pm

Interewting, and very well put.

Congratulations Mr Swift. I believe you've gone a long way towards providing us with a believable accound of just what it is that makes Hubbard such a fascinating subject of study.

Hubbard of course isn't the only Scieno who spent some of his young, formative days in the company of an older, and very disturbed father figure.


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Post by butwehave11 » Sat Feb 18, 2006 4:09 pm

One might want to take a closer look at the relationship between him and his children, considering they were probably the children he was in most contact with. Also the hateful way that DM chased Hubbard off after being his protege for so long might be another thing to consider.
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Post by Ladybird » Sat Feb 18, 2006 6:12 pm

I found many references on the long term effects of sexual abuse on boys...most agree, but this one is one of the most readable:

http://www.oneby1.org/resources/dynamic ... mpact.html

This excerpt could explain alot about why Hubbard liked to dress up as a Navy Commander, and why he lied about so many things. Many of the things he lied about were things the REAL Commander Joseph "snake" Cheesman Thompson actually did. Maybe this is where Hubbard got all his ideas about visiting the Orient, studying the great masters, etc. It would also explain his ideas about sex and pain, PDH, valence shifting...lots of stuff.

One thing I have not found is a study on the emotional impact of being the victim of a pedophile...what if a young boy falls under the spell of an older man and loves him, but then gets dumped as soon as his voice changes and he starts to grow a little hair. That has to be devastating, especially at that age. And it sounds like Commander Snake was not the average pedophile...he filled young Hubbard's head with stories of spying and arcane teachings and ancient secrets, and possibly drugs and the occult.
Michael Lew (Victims No Longer, 1990) asserts that male survivors have three primary ways to deal with their confusion regarding their masculinity and use of power: identify with the perpetrator; continue being a victim; or become a protector of others in similar circumstances and assist in the recovery process. Lew proposes that this accounts for the high numbers of sexual abuse survivors in the helping professions. Robert Freeman-Longo (1986) found two (2) critical risk factors for the repetition of sexual abuse: 1) victimization by more than one perpetrator on separate occasions, and 2) abuse that occurs repeatedly over a long period of time. We must recognize males as abuse victims in order to reduce the incidence of males as sex offenders.

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Post by Blue Streak » Sat Feb 18, 2006 6:47 pm

If Hubbard was sexually abused as a youngster, it also fits in with the path he took in the early Dianetics years.

In publishing Dianetics it could be that Hubbard was calling out for recognition and praise from the profession that Thompson had introduced him to. Was this his way of attempting to rekindle the 'love' that Cmdr Thompson had showed for him?

It would certainly explain the vitriolic repsonse towards the psychiatric profession after their dismissal of his theories.

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Post by mr_bad » Sat Feb 18, 2006 6:51 pm

Did anyone ever here of the story where Hubbard performed a marriage ceromony between 2 twelve year olds? Any details?

It was on the Apollo.

I believe there may be some truth to what Swift is saying here.
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Post by Blue Streak » Sat Feb 18, 2006 8:02 pm

Maybe Hubbard got some sexual disease off Thompson or something?

Maybe Thompson had to take him to some doctor and Hubbard had some weird kind of medical experience

That’s an interesting angle because it would explain a lot of his hypochondria in later life, for one thing. And some things in the affirmations too I remember.

And when you think about it… Just look at the place, the status and the definition of the virus against the rest of life.

Syphillis IS a body ‘thetan‘. A real live 'alien' one.

I agree with the absolute plausibility J Swift places on the idea. If Hubbard got hooked on the feeling and the shame of being 'invaded' by some entity 'outside' himself, and projected this onto anything and eveything it would account for a lot of things.

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Markus G.
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Post by Markus G. » Sat Feb 18, 2006 10:45 pm

Blue Streak wrote: Hubbard of course isn't the only Scieno who spent some of his young, formative days in the company of an older, and very disturbed father figure.

Good point, Blue Streak. DM has certainly learned a lot from his master.
Among other things, how to handle your juniors.

The following quote is from Otto Roos' story.
I was called up to his [Hubbard's] Office and upon entry was hit, kicked screamed and shouted at. (Even the Aides were not in sight, hiding as he was really mad!)

He just blew his stack on finding the references to the "discreditable" reads and the contents of some of the personal folders.

He shouted that he had never had such reads and screamed at me to check this with the auditor, Mary Sue Hubbard, who was also in the room.

She said with a straight face, "No, Sir, you never had such reads". This while there were stacks of folders lying right there full of them.
The "discreditable reads", which Otto Roos (Class XII, old OT VII) had found in LRH's personal pc folders, were Rock Slams (indicating evil purposes, according to Scn beliefs). Needless to say that Roos got declared a Suppressive Person after that incident.

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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Sat Feb 18, 2006 10:53 pm

Some points to consider:

1. If LRH was molested as a boy, and it appears he very well could have been, I favor the theory that Commander Thompson groomed him based upon the Oriential and Grecian models of man-boy homosexuality where boys were taught that this was a good and noble thing, but in Hubbard's case, a thing that had to be kept very secret. I say this because Thompson was an intellectual and intellectual pedophiles are notoriously manipulative and treacherous in the way they trap boys. Even today,
intellectual pedophiles from NAMBLA are waging an internet campaign for what they call "intergenerational consensual sex" and argue that boys and girls can consent to sex. These pedophiles argue that Plato was a pedophile and, that as Platonism forms the basis of Western thinking, that pedophilia is morally and intellectually acceptable. Like all sane people, I repudiate this argument and advocate life imprisonment with no parole for pedophiles upon their first arrest.

If Thompson flattered young LRH and fed his ego, LRH would have been easy prey. If Thompson convinced the adventurous LRH that such acts were part of a brave warrior initiation, LRH could have been induced to perform acts with Thompson. Thompson probably also purchased gifts for young LRH and made him feel very special. Because LRH's father was absent and his mother was cruel and emotionally withholding, this would have made LRH a perfect target for Thompson.

What I am saying is that all of the conditions of LRH's young life, especially the absence of his parents, made LRH a perfect target for an educated pedophile to attack.

2. The fact that LRH considered himself to have been Cecil Rhodes in his prior incarnation is compelling because Cecil Rhodes was a homosexual and a Fabian. LRH knew this as he was intimately acquainted with the biography of Rhodes from his time in South Africa. Did Hubbard claim to be Rhodes as a preemptive move against being discovered to be a secret homosexual?

3. LRH could well have become a homosexual, or perhaps a bisexual, as a result of molestation and remained closeted throughout his life. Having to live in the closet and have clandestine meetings with other men might explain why LRH went ballistic when his son Quentin became fairly open about being gay. This may have triggered LRH's rage. After all, LRH had to live in the closet and so he would have expected Quentin to live in the closet. And what if Quentin somehow knew (gaydar?) that his father was gay and confronted him? What if Quentin threatened to out LRH? When Quentin was found dead in a dubious "suicide" LRH wept no tears:
L. Ron Hubbard's reaction upon hearing of his son's death was, "That stupid f**king kid! That stupid f**king kid! Look what he's done to me!" (Source: "Bare Faced Messiah" by Russell Miller, Chapter 20, P. 344 http://www.scientology-kills.org
4. Some men who are molested as boys go onto to molest other boys. Did Hubbard do this? Could he have followed the model he may have been taught by Snake Thompson and look for a young and delicate boy to groom in the Samuri tradition of homosexuality?


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Post by butwehave11 » Sat Feb 18, 2006 11:18 pm

His most obvious target might have been his own children, which might account for the estranged relationship between him and them. But we have only speculation to go off of.

I think though that the most obvious question has eluded us. Did Ron molest David Miscavaige? He was considered to be his protege, and it would explain also the way DM took over, as well the rage and sadism. How long was DM the protege of Ron before he took over?
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Post by Ladybird » Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:14 am

This is an excerpt from a 4 part series of articles called "The Man Behind Scientology" by the St. Petersburg Times, published October 25, 1998 http://www.sptimes.com/TampaBay/102598/ ... part2.html

Considering that it is an "interview" with Mr. Fair Game, My Way or the High Way" himself, the facts presented are suspect. However, I found it interesting that DM found it necessary to make a point that he was asked: --..."he’s still not sure by whom -- to join an elite group working directly with Hubbard." DM does not look like a 16 year old in the pictures of him working with LRH behind the camera. Thanks for psting that picture Blue Streak.

Apparently DM is a bit defensive about WHO or WHY he was chosen to be Hubbard's protege.

An exerpt from this article:
David Miscavige was a small boy who suffered from asthma and severe allergies, but he was determined to play football, basketball and baseball. Ron Miscavige Sr. once filled his son’s pockets with 2-pound metal plates so he could meet the 60-pound minimum and become a defensive back for the Pennypacker Patriots.

The father, who made a living playing trumpet, said he first heard of Scientology by chance at a meeting about a business opportunity. He read some of Hubbard’s books and began to receive “auditing,� a Scientology counseling process with the goal of locating negative emotions and purging them from the mind.

One day, as David Miscavige struggled through a serious asthma attack, his father took him to a Scientologist. According to both father and son, the attack stopped suddenly after a 45-minute auditing session.

“It was the reactive mind,� David Miscavige said, referring to Hubbard’s belief that mental images called “engrams� are stored in the unconscious and can cause negative emotions and physical pain.

“From that moment I knew this is it,� he said. “I mean I absolutely know that that is the point in my life where I said, “This is it. ... I have the answer.’�

A short time later, the entire Miscavige family began to study at a local Scientology mission. From there, they graduated to higher levels of Scientology services at the church’s “advanced organization� in East Grinstead, England.

Ron Miscavige Sr. said he sold belongings, put furniture in storage and took his family to England.

“Before I made this decision I had planned on getting them an education,� he said. “Once I got in Scientology I said, ‘Wait a minute. This is something that they’ve never had.’ ... And I knew this would help them more than anything I could possibly get them to do.�


Main story: page one |page 2 | page 3 | page 4
David Miscavige Speaks
In six hours of interviews, Miscavige discussed and defended the organization he has led since age 26.

A place called ‘gold’
Nowhere is Scientology’s trademark self-sufficiency more clearly in evidence than at its $50-million outpost in the arid hills 90 miles east of Los Angeles.

The cornerstones
Images and exhibits of Scientology.


In England, it did not take long for the younger Miscavige boy to make his mark. He began auditing other people at age 12; he became the 4,867th Scientologist to become “clear,� a state in which a person is freed of the “reactive mind;� and he set his sights on a career in Scientology.

By age 15, Miscavige was back in suburban Philadelphia for his sophomore year of high school.

It was the spring of 1976 and Hubbard had just established a “land base� for Scientology parishioners in Clearwater after years of operating from a ship known as the Apollo.

At the time, Miscavige said, he found the drug use among his classmates “appalling.� He decided Clearwater was a good place to work with Hubbard, and he quit high school on his 16th birthday.

“I totally sanctioned it,� said Ron Miscavige Sr., who today is a staff musician for Scientology in California.

“I wanted to dedicate my life to this,� David Miscavige said, explaining his decision to drop out of high school. “The thought of hanging around two more years in that existence so that I could match up with the status quo meant nothing to me because I knew that in two years I would go and work with the church anyway.�

He would get a much different education in Scientology.

Once in Clearwater, Miscavige joined the Sea Organization, the Navy-style staff that pledges eternal service to Scientology. He worked in the Commodore’s Messenger Organization, a group charged with making sure Scientology management was functioning according to Hubbard’s policies.

He bunked on the Fort Harrison Hotel’s ninth floor,(with 20 other males in a roach and mold infested room meant for 2) delivered telexes, helped tend the grounds and worked as a steward serving food. He also took pictures of Clearwater for Scientology’s promotional brochures.

Before long, he was assigned to help with problems caused by the sudden influx of parishioners and staff in Clearwater. Miscavige was reviewing and training staffers, a job that allowed him to give directives to people many years his senior.

The teenager from New Jersey showed no timidity.

When “someone 15 years younger than you is starting to tell you something, you either have tremendous respect for that person ... or you don’t listen to them,� said Greg Wilhere, then the leading Scientology official in Clearwater who now works under Miscavige in California. Miscavige, he said, “had the ability to make things go right.�

Miscavige was coming of age in a culture that believes each person is a spirit or “thetan� who operates with all the experience and competence born of many previous lives.

Hubbard wrote that a child is “not a special species of animal� distinct from adults, but “a man or a woman who has not attained full growth.� 'or grown any pubic hair

After 10 months in Clearwater he was picked --he’s still not sure by whom -- to join an elite group working directly with Hubbard, who was producing Scientology training films in LaQuinta, Calif. whoever could that be???

Miscavige recalls meeting the founder in 1977. Hubbard, then 66, wore a straw cowboy hat, slacks, a short-sleeved shirt and boots. Was he wearing his trademark neck scarf, too? He was leaving a dining room when the teenager from Clearwater introduced himself. “Oh I know who you are,� he remembers Hubbard saying. “Welcome aboard.�

As most Scientologists do, Miscavige often refers to Hubbard by his initials, LRH. He says Hubbard called him by the nickname “Misc� (pronounced Misk).

“I never thought LRH was looking at me as: Oh, Dave is 17 years old or 18 years old,� Miscavige said. “It was just Dave, person to person. Spiritual being to spiritual being, so to speak.�

Miscavige, a photography bug, quickly grasped filmmaking concepts such as camera angles and continuity, said Norman Starkey, who was on the camera crew and now is a high-ranking Scientologist. “He was always thinking ahead, thinking of the future, predicting it and taking action.�

Hubbard appointed Miscavige camera chief and considered him his best friend, Starkey said. And in the mornings, when the film crew gathered for work, “David Miscavige was always the first person whose hand he’d shake.�Hand?

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Post by butwehave11 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 2:42 am

So a young boy forgoes friends, a normal life, education, belongings, normal living conditions, and proper guidance from parents to meet his hero, his idol at a very young and impressionable age, sounds just like what hubbard must've been looking for. Also that quote about children is now thrown into new context, I know that hubbard had other quotes about children, what exactly did he write about them?
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Post by Ladybird » Sun Feb 19, 2006 5:59 am

Most boys who are sexually molested by pedophiles do not grow up to molest others. The consensus among researchers is that stastically, only 20% of victims grow up to become molesters themselves. However, a very high percentage of convicted pedophiles were in fact victims of child sexual abuse. Meaning that of the 100% of abused children, 80% do not ever abuse anyone, 20% become abusers, and out of 100% of those 20%who do abuse others, 80% were abused themselves. Make sense?

Anyway, statistics are not my game, I just found it interesting related to LRH's claims that 20% of the population is PTS, and of the entire population 2 1/2 % are SP.

Back to David Miscavige, he threw a hissy fit under oath when someone called him "1.1". It seems he does read the boards. That does not surprise me, because DM is a total paranoid control freak. I think he is probably reading this right now. I also think that the fact that this "closet gay" rumour about him has persisted for so long shows a lot of smoke..and he seems to be quite sensitive on the subject. Accusing people of being gay or masturbating is one of OSAs favorite ways to attempt to fair game someone.

Here is a portion of the court transcript where Davey overly protested being gay and admitted to reading the boards:

: GW: From the deposition of "Rear" Admiral David Miscavige held on May
: 20, 1997 at Palm Springs, California. During Henson's deposition
: of the little guy, I'd been repeatedly staring him down. Angry at a
: mere wog being "at cause" over the "ecclesiastical leader" of
: scientology, Miscavige finally blurted out in anger "Are you doing your
: TR's, Mr. Ward?" I responded, "sure, TR 1.1". A few minutes passed
: and then the little guy at cause over matter, energy, space, and time
: interrupted the deposition:

: "DM:(David Miscavige Wait a second, I'd like to note for the record that Mr. Ward
: here, said he was doing TR 1.1. And I would just like that noted
: here. That is probably not understandable to someone who is not a
: Scientologist, but it is definitely an attempt to demean the
: Religion of Scientology and I'd like that noted for the record.
: This TR 1.1 refers to a writing by Graham Berry, where he states
: that he will start up a 1.1 club, including, qualifications for
: this for non homosexuals, is that there will be a public
: buggering of the leaders of Scientology. Buggering of course I
: think you know that it refers to sodomy and that is I understand
: what the 1.1 club is.
So, you DO read ars, Captain Davey? I think that's what Mr. Ward was stating
: that in reference to. I'd also like to state for the record. I
: believe I've taken (it up the ars?)about a minute to state that and I'm willing
: to give them an extra minute so that it doesn't come off their
: time.


The really amusing thing is that this is the most degrading part of the
whole deposition. (Though my leading (*)(Davey) through Hubbard's joke of
selling them a bridge might be second.) They seal the entire thing so
Grady and I can only read it in Hogan's office-- and then file *this* part
as a public document.-anon
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Post by butwehave11 » Sun Feb 19, 2006 6:04 am

Wow, it sounds like his subconscious is working overtime, TR's suddenly became 1.1 and then immediately he went on a tirade.

Freud strokes his chin and says, "vvvveeerrrrryyyy interesting."
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J. Swift
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Post by J. Swift » Sun Feb 19, 2006 8:16 pm

Let's compare two quotes. The first is from LRH's Admissions:
That things sexual thrill me. That I am now returned to the same feelings I had at 16 about sex where excitement is concerned. That naked women and pornography excite me greatly. That Sara excites me greatly and gives me much pleasure.
The second is taken from Scientology's official bio of LRH:
In 1927, at the age of sixteen, Ron took the first of his several voyages across the Pacific to Asia. There, both on his own and in the company of an officer attached to the British legation, he took advantage of this unique opportunity to study Far Eastern culture. Among others he befriended and learned from was a thoroughly insightful Beijing magician who represented the last of the line of Chinese magicians from the court of Kublai Khan.

Although primarily renowned as an entertainer, Old Mayo was also well versed in China’s ancient wisdom that had been handed down from generation to generation. Ron passed many evenings in the company of such wise men, eagerly absorbing their words.
Ron admits that he had sexual excitement when he was 16 -- and yet Scientology's official bio places him in exclusively male company at age 16, specifcally in the company of older men who were authority/father figures to him. Hubbard never once indicates sexual activities with young ladies during this period. LRH may have been exclusively homosexual in orientation during this period, surrounded as he was by older adult males.

Consider this: When we look at the official Scientology bio of LRH taken from LRH's own diaries, we find LRH at age 16 in China having taken up with adult males, two of whom he identifies:

1. An officer of the British legation

2. A Chinese magician named "Old Mayo"

3. Evenings spent in the company of "wise men"

I remind readers again that I am working only from LRH biographical materials. By comparing Hubbard's writings with each other, we find suggestions that he was molested as a child and was a homosexual teenager, a consort to older men.

That LRH was with a British officer in China lends itself to all sorts of speculation due to the tradition of situational homosexuality in British boarding schools that led some British men to continue on with secret homosexual trysts into adult life. First we have Commander Thompson taking a special interest in 12 year old LRH. Then we have an officer of the British legation in China taking a special intertest in Ron when he was 16 years old. The recurring motif of Ron and "men in Naval uniforms" will continue throughout the rest of his life. Did Ron form the Sea Org so he could be in the company of uniformed Naval officers?

People have always commented on how Ron, during the 1970's and 1980's, was surrounded by nubile young female CMO's of the Sea Org clad in hot pants and yet he never behaved in a sexually improper manner towards any of them. This is commendable on LRH's part, but, perhaps he merely used these beautiful teenage girls as window dressing to conceal his true sexual interests?

In any case, while he did not behave in a sexually improper manner towards these teenage girls, he did treat them in very degrading ways; Was this an attempt to take his revenge against women by degrading these powerless young women who were in Scientology?
The story of Messenger Tonja Burden is compelling. Her parents were enthusiastic Scientologists, and encouraged their daughter to join the Sea Org in March 1973, when she was only thirteen. A few months later, she was separated from them and sent to the Apollo. In September, her parents left the Sea Organization, and Scientology. Tonja remained in the custody of the Sea Org. Legally she was beyond their reach, on a Panamanian vessel far from U.S. waters. She was told that her father had been declared Suppressive. Nonetheless, she wanted to go home, and tried to persuade her seniors that she could convince her parents to rejoin Scientology. She says she was told to Disconnect, which "meant no more communication with my parents. They told me that my parents would not make it in the world, but that I would make it in the world."

She was assigned to "Training Routines" to teach her the duties of a Commodore's Messenger:

During the Training Routines, myself and two others practiced carrying messages to LRH. We had to listen to a message, repeat it in the same tone, and practice salutes.

"Ghosting" was on the job training where I learned how to serve LRH. I followed another messenger around and observed her carry his hat, light his cigarettes, carry his ashtray, and prepare his toiletries. Eventually, I performed those duties.

As his servant, I would sit outside his room and help him out of bed when he called "messenger." I responded by assisting him out of bed, lighting his cigarette, running his shower, preparing his toiletries and helping him dress. After that I ran to the office to check it, hoping it passed "white-glove" inspection [if their was the slightest mark on a white glove run over a surface, the whole area would have to be recleaned]. He frequently exploded if he found dust or din or smelled soap in his clothes. That is why we used 13 buckets to rinse ....

While on the Apollo, I observed numerous punishments meted out for many minor infractions or mistakes made in connection with Hubbard's very strict and bizarre policies. On a number of occasions, I saw people placed in the "chain lockers" of the boat on direct orders of Hubbard. These lockers were small, smelly holes, covered by grates, where the chain for the anchor was stored. I saw one boy held in there for thirty nights, crying and begging to be released. He was only allowed out to clean the bilges where the sewer and refuse of the ship collected. I believe his "crimes" were taking or using a musical instrument, I believe a flute, of someone else [sic] without permission.

This is how Tonja summed up her days in the CMO: "I was in Scientology from the age of thirteen to the age of eighteen. I received at some times $2.50 per week pay, and at other times approximately $17.20 a week. I received no education."
ref: A Piece of Blue Sky, Jon Atack. Part Six.

It is possible that Ron might have been exclusively homosexual until 1933 when he married Polly? I ask this because LRH mentions no sexual contacts with women in his Admissions until 1933 when he marries Polly. Even then, Polly was a disaster for Ron:
My wife (Polly) left me while I was in a hospital with ulcers. Polly was quite
cruel. She was never a woman for me. She was under-sexed and had bad
sexual habits such as self-laceration done in private. She was no mate
for me and yet I retained much affection for her. It was a terrible
blow when she left me for I was ill and without prospects. I know, by
this, she actually wanted no more than my ability to support her. This
has had an effect of impotency upon me, has badly reduced my ego.
Polly was very bad for me sexually. Because of her coldness
physically, the falsity of her pretensions, I believed myself a near
eunuch between 1933 and 1936 or ? when I found I was attractive to
other women. I had many affairs. But my failure to please Polly made
me always pay so much attention to my momentary mate that I derived
small pleasure myself. This was an anxiety neurosis which cut down my
natural powers.

In 1938-39 I met a girl in New York, Helen, who pleased me very much
physically. I loved her and she me. The affair would have lasted had
not Polly found out. Polly made things so miserable that I finally
detested her and became detested by Helen, who two-timed me on my
return to New York in 1941. This also reduced my libido. I have had
Helen since but no longer want her. She does not excite me and I do
not love her.
It appears that Ron was a virgin with women when he married Polly in 1933 when he was age 22. Does he marry for appearances as certain other Scientologists appear to have done?

Or was Ron bisexual?

LRH admits to heterosexual promiscuity during and after his disastrous marriage to Polly. Was Ron heterosexually promiscuous in an effort to deny a homosexual past and affirm that he is a respectable heterosexual man? Add to this Ron's self-admitted boozing when he was in college and New York society as a writer and this suggests that Ron used alcohol to self-medicate for his intrapsychic sexual conflicts and perhaps childhood sexual molestation. LRH would also later use drugs to self-medicate as well as to facilite his occultic explorations. This is the infamous quote:
"I’m drinking lots of rum and popping pinks and grey".
- L. Ronald Hubbard in a 1967 letter to his wife, written during the period when he was creating Scientology’s secret “upper levels.�
(Bent Corydon and L. Ronald Hubbard, Jr. a.k.a. Ronald DeWolf, L. RON HUBBARD: MESSIAH OR MADMAN? Random House 1989)

The dynamics of childhood sexual molestation, teenage homosexual activities with older men, heavy drinking, a bad first marriage, and many sexual affairs with women could explain the later dynamics of LRH's personality: He set up a world where he was all powerful and could not be hurt by anyone -- but he could hurt others with impunity.

If we understand LRH as a sexually and psychologically damaged being who self-medicated with alcohol and drugs, we start to better understand his behavior. Add into this mix Crowley's affirmation "Do as thou will shall be the whole of the law" and you have a recipe for a deranged tyrant.

Watch this film clip of LRH that CP webbed. LRH is full of contempt, anger, and covert hostility. He is very low own his on Tone Scale as he talks to the interviewer. What is more telling is that LRH shows the interviewer his book How to Save Your Marriage and insists that he is happily married. He also practically hisses about Polly when he says, "My first wife is dead."


When we look at LRH as a psychosexual being from childhood forward, there appears to be serious damage across his entire lifetime. Scientology likes to begin with LRH in 1950 when he releases Dianetics, but maybe the real story begins at age 12 when he was molested over some period of time by Commander Thompson?


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Post by funkmr » Sun Feb 19, 2006 9:20 pm

Bravo to both Swift and Ladybird for piecing these pieces of information together. Between the two of you, you have an impeccable theory that is extremely well supported. Awesome work, both of you. Keep up the amazing work. My 2 cents.

R.I.P. Lisa, we will never forget you or stop speaking up for you.

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