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Post by longgone11 » Mon Feb 25, 2008 11:47 pm

IMO Most scientologists honestly believe they cannot be hypnotized.

I apologize for not providing the proper references, someone must have them or recall this besides me, but I distinctly remember reading somewhere along the line where LRH wrote that a small part of the population is naturally resistant to hypnosis. It was either implied or stated that these naturally resistant people tended to become scientologists as they were very high-toned and intelligent individuals.

Naturally, since every intelligent scientologist does his or her level best to be uptone we assumed this mantle of natural resistance he conferred upon us and wore it with pride.

I know that I sincerely believed I was immune and had anyone suggested otherwise I would have regarded them with suspicion.

This inability to be hypnotized was discussed as well. I remember many people stating with absolute certainty that they belonged to that small part of the population that could not be hypnotized. Some would go so far as to share an ancedote or two of a time when someone had tried to hypnotize them (goofing around with school chums type of thing) and offer its failure as proof.

Maybe I should title this: How to teach someone he cannot be hypnotized: Appeal to his vanity.

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Post by Ladybird » Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:02 am

Derren Brown could be another Hubbard if he wasn't such a nice guy.

In the following videos and articles he shows how con men use covert hypnotism and other tricks to manipulate people.

Derren Brown "instant conversion" part 1 ... re=related

Derren Brown "instant conversion" (explained) ... re=related

Staring competition ... re=related

Derren Brown - "Paying with Paper" ... re=related
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Post by lermanet_com » Wed Feb 27, 2008 6:58 pm

Recall Hubbard telling you to do his stuff exactly as he described it... now you will know WHY..

Hypnosis for Salesmen (c) 1960

Introduction ... hfs04.jpeg

Chap 2 - How to Hypnotize ... hfs07.jpeg

The Eye-to-Eye technique (TR 0) ... hfs08.jpeg
The simple technique above altered by "ron" so he would not need to hypnotize you, himself, became TR-0, I challenge anyone who has done TR0 to read this, think about the symptoms of hypnosis as described in this little book for salesmen, to what you, yourself observed while doing TR0, and start THINKING again..
We were HAD by a CON MAN...

Chap3 The stages of Hypnosis ... hfs13.jpeg

Chap 12 - Don't Give The Buyer a Choice (sound familiar?) ... hfs47.jpeg

What Hubbard described as CCHR's are the "You-do-as-I-do" Hypnosis Technique ... hfs22.jpeg

Browse the entire book in image form

The truth shall set you free


Are YOUR statistics UP this week OSA?
The way out is the nearest DOOR (bring lots of documents)
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Post by lermanet_com » Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:04 pm

and.. because of the hypnotic command value of the word, as a verb, that Hubbard uses over and over and over and over again...


Scientologists will ONLY recall the good things they recall about scientology while they are still in Hubbard's trance.

Hypnosis WORKS
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Post by exstaff » Wed Feb 27, 2008 7:49 pm

lermanet_com wrote:and.. because of the hypnotic command value of the word, as a verb, that Hubbard uses over and over and over and over again...


Scientologists will ONLY recall the good things they recall about scientology while they are still in Hubbard's trance.

Hypnosis WORKS

Wow... isn't that the damn truth!

Kinda like that L.FROG reference that making less of Clear is bad SO NO ONE CAN EVER QUESTION IT...

Time to wake up Public, Staff, Sea Frog Members...(given in order of least brainwashed)...

L. Ron Hubbard's lifelong hypnosis session is CANCELLED...

CLEAR = READY FOR NEXT LEVEL OF IMPLANTING (don't want to interfere with that right... :lol: )

315 = next deprogramming session STARTS :D

We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
We will not relent,
We are legion,

Expect us!

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Post by lermanet_com » Thu Feb 28, 2008 1:34 am

Some of the pages above typed in...

Why does scientology try to maintain Hubbard's rubbish credentials?
(from the same page with Eye to Eye Technique) above

"If the subject is sufficiently impressed with the hypnotist and knows
of his reputation and knows of his reputation as a capable hypnotist
it is only necessary to speak briefly to the subject before he feels
himself influenced.."

The Eye to Eye Technique
"One of the favorite methods for inducing hypnosis used by the author
of this book is the "eye to eye" technique. This has the advantage of
being very simple. It takes a very short time and allows the hypnotist
to watch the subject and judge how responsive he will be."

"The subject is asked to sit in a chair, and given the following
explanation: (in scientology your also given an explanation.. you
THINK you ar learning to "Confront"...)

"The subject is asked to sit in a firm chair with his feet flat on the
floor and his hands resting in his lap"

"You ask the subject to concentrate on the small reflection of light
that the subject sees in the pupil of your left eye"

What did you look at when you did TR 0?

"You can consider that you have succeeded when the subjects head
begins to nod"

did that ever happen to you?



Scientology LIES
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Post by SchwimmelPuckel » Thu Feb 28, 2008 10:27 am

"You become what you resist!", said L.Ron Hubbard...

So.. You get a flunk for nodding off doing TR's. And Scientology is most vehemently NOT hypnosis! - Scientology is quite the opposite. Ie: en engram or an implant is 'commands' hidden in your subconcious, that you find out and clear. Well, commands hidden from your awareness.. That's hypnotic commands in all practical sense.. And these commands control your thinking and emotions.

Without you being aware of it!

That's the 'Human Condition' according to Hubbard. You are 'insane' really! And with $cientology you can become sane..

So.. Knowing this, you realize you don't know shit. Any opinion of yours is under influence of all these hypnotic commands buried deep in your mind. Any emotion you feel is this insanity that lurks below your awareness.

You become what you resist..

You get to work on resisting hypnosis!

Hmmm... Fact is that the 'reactive mind' do not exist. This means that you CAN trust your own mind!

Pain Drug Hypnosis! - Or PDH! - That's the vilest form of implant that Hubbard told you about. You make the guy unconcious with drugs, inflict pain on him while telling him the 'commands'. Really bad stuff! This kind of stuff may have been done to you down the track countless times!

There's a good reason to avoid entheta! - Restimulation! - Or triggering of a hypnotic command... Some small thing that you have no chance of know might do it. You can go stark raving mad any moment!!

However, surgeons all over the world have deen doing this for decades. To millions of people! - They put patients on the operating table, render them unconcious, open them op with sharp knives and do repair work on their insides.. All while irresponsibly smalltalking about everything and their swingin aunt!

Yet.. People seem to suffer no ill effects! - They just had their bodies repaired.. Nobody becomes insane after surgery!

In fact.. The only 'case' I ever heard about was Arnie Lerma. If I recall correctly: During his birth there was a little nurse who suffered from asthma. She had a coughing fit which annoyed the doctor in attendance so much that he yelled: "Get that asthmatic dwarf outta here!!"

[i]Ask not what [url=][color=blue]Scientology[/color][/url] can do for you, ask what the F*arck! is going on.[/i]

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Note on CCHs

Post by caroline » Thu Feb 28, 2008 6:16 pm

Arnie, and other researchers, thanks very much. I'm looking forward to reading the book you webbed, and more on this interesting thread. OS Wilkes mentioned another reference, Carla Emery's Encyclopedia of Hypnosis, highly recommended.
lermanet_com wrote:What Hubbard described as CCHR's are the "You-do-as-I-do" Hypnosis Technique ... hfs22.jpeg
CCHs are a subset of Objective processes which Hubbard ordered to be run on all lower level pcs, to bring their bodies and attention under control and get them into Alice in Wonderland's "present time." One of the desired end phenomena for objectives is a dissociative state called exterior.

In this lecture, Hubbard claimed to know noted psychiatrist Frieda Fromm Reichmann, and spoke of her ability to get psychotics under control with CCH-like mimicry processing. Hubbard taught auditors that raw meat pcs are out of control because of their reactive minds. Underlying disseminators' "amazing" rapport with the public is their Ron-given certainty that the wogs they talk to are nuts.
Edit: PS

Remember Tom Cruise's "We are the authorities" madness. Scientologists use authoritative hypnotic measures on their prospects.

Scientologists learn through their training in Hubbard's mental science they are the only true mental health authorities on Earth, and that progress up Scientology's "Bridge" to "Clear" is the proper and sole criterion for the granting of civil rights and even citizenship.
[Ref. Dianetics: Modern Science of Mental Health, Book Three Chapter 10]

In Hubbard Dissemination Course, Hubbard gave Scientologists the moral justification and mandate in the course of their conversations with their humanoid prospects to invade their privacy and to elicit confessions from them. Hubbard pointed out that wogs, non-Scentologists, are being out-of-control "reactive minds " and must be brought under the control of Scientology disseminators, for the wogs' own good.

Disseminators are instructed and drilled to get their prospects confessing private concerns and difficulties in the course of seemingly casual conversation. When such confessions are obtained, disseminators parrot them back to their targets as authoritative evaluations, pronouncing that these problems are ruining their lives.

Having established psychological authority and control, disseminators direct and focus their prospects' "interest" toward the inevitable Scientology solution for their "ruins."

Excerpt of Hubbard's lecture: 8C and Circuits
Purpose: To train the student to give a false statement with good TR-1. To train the student to outflow false data effectively.
Commands: Part l “Tell me a lie”.

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Post by lermanet_com » Fri Feb 29, 2008 12:50 am

The best place to hide something is right in front of you

Caroline, That shore story hubbard gives for running CCH's is an example.

Schwim. yes, well parodied.

Ex-staff: thanks for coming out and treating us to your recent regugitations from inside scientology. You should feel much better now that that stuff is on the outside instead of inside.

I'm pleased to taunt OSA that this little book Hypnosis for Salesmen and its relation to the FRAUD of $cientology will again get mentioned in a newspaper soon...again after 48 years..heh.. all those words hubbard wrote... about what? what rubbish, Extrordinary complexity is often used by CONmen to hide evidence of simple fraud. See the marvelous webpages by Detective Dennis Marlock,

When we were in scientology doing TR0, we were practicing how to become hypnotized while acting wide awake. we each practiced this for hours until we got pretty darn good at THAT.

Who'd a thunk it at the time?

We were CONned..

It's time for the final lawsuit from hell.

We have figured out how the scam was run... Any lawyers with flush pro-bono accounts, want to come out from under your desks now? Call 703-241-1498 Ask for Arnie Lerma
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Post by RealityWillTell » Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:58 pm

Everyone needs to see this thread!

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Post by RandomSpectator » Mon Mar 03, 2008 10:14 pm

RealityWillTell wrote:Everyone needs to see this thread!
I agree, though I bumped the significantly shorter thread linking to this exact page. It makes things /much/ easier to find.

This is exactly the kind of extremely unsettling thing that people need to make themselves aware of, not just because it adds to the long list of horrible things about Scientology's founding principles . . . which it does... but because people need to know how the techniques work in order to combat them, and, where necessary, prevent themselves from being susceptible to such things.

To those that are skeptical of hypnosis and brainwashing, I'd kindly remind them that it's the power of the victim's own mind that is being turned against them, and there's very little funny or fake about that.

- A Random Spectator

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Post by lucy skywalker » Tue May 13, 2008 12:37 am

[i]beyond_horizons ... rest in peace dear friend[/i]

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Post by lermanet_com » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:24 pm

The following is from the Kubark interrogation manual, and is of considerable interest, does it remind you of anything we are dealing with?

emphasis mine..

"Operational personnel, including interrogators, who chance to have some lay experience or skill in hypnotism should not themselves use hypnotic techniques for interrogation or other operational purposes. There are two reasons for this position. The first is that hypnotism used as an operational tool by a practitioner who is not a psychologist, psychiatrist, or M.D. can produce irreversible psychological damage. The lay practitioner does not know enough to use the technique safely. The second reason is that an unsuccessful attempt to hypnotize a subject for purposes of interrogation, or a successful attempt not adequately covered by post-hypnotic amnesia or other protection, can easily lead to lurid and embarrassing publicity or legal charges. "

more on Kubark in the Black Dianetics thread
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Post by number 6 » Tue Jul 01, 2008 4:34 pm

And there is always the disclaimer in the CIA KUBARK manual that professionals, and professionals ONLY, should do hypnotism or any sort of psychological regression on interrogatees. Scientology doesn't even have that disclaimer, hence why so many Scientologists are damaged mentally and emotionally. And even when Scientologists get out, many of them don't repair the damage because they don't always know where to turn.

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Post by Os Wilkes » Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:30 pm

Scientology's use of hypnosis in auditing and TRs, coupled with it's claim that Scientology replaces psychiatry, psychology and other licensed mental health care, is one of the BEST WEAPONS critics have against it. In essence, it makes it's followers reject necessary medical care in favour of spiritual services.

Certainly, we can substantiate that Scientology MARKETS itself as a replacement for licensed mental health care services, TC himself said so. This may be why many people join in the first place- to get alternative psychotherapy. And it can well be established that Scientology is nothing more than regressive hypnosis practiced by people who have not been trained to handle abreactions and prevent hazardous confabulation. In fact, the point of this regressive hypnosis is to facilitate hazardous confabulations and exploit those confabulations to extract ever increasing amounts of money.

The best minds on this board such as Lerma, Dunvegan and the like should put together a concise, annotated case that Scientology is practicing mental health care without the proper licenses.

We should present that case to our lawmakers, and demand that they create a bill which forces religious practitioners to acquire licenses if they are practicing arts and disciplines which normally require a license. Catholics have to do that if they open church sponsored hospitals, rehabs and clinics, why don't Scientologists?

Also, we should make that case that:

If these services are required to fully understand and practice Scientology, the "donations" should be VOLUNTARY and there should be a sliding scale for materials. Donations are supposed to be donations, not chargesand fees called donations. The definitions we all use in the real world should apply equally to Scientology, and we need to demand from our lawmakers that they do something about this situation. Scientology operates just like any other LGAT such as Landmark Forum, and therefore should be classified as a business. But that won't happen until we prove it's not a religion.

In the meantime, we CAN prove that Scientology applies techniques that other citizens need to get a license to apply. And this might be a pretty damn good place to start if we want to effect any real change.


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