Freewinds = asbestos

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Post by SchwimmelPuckel » Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:37 pm

Hmm.. strange!

Knowing $cientology and their hate of inspections... Any kind of.. I would expect 'em to have things set up to avoid inspections. Good relations with the port authority is a routine point on a routine programme to create a 'safe environment' and PR area control.

Good relations means bribed and/or under control. In what scios call an 'ideal scene', something like a request for an asbestos inspection would be intercepted and 'handled'. Which in this case means 'not done, but reported A-OK!'.

If the Freewinds has 'regular' harbours, that's probably where Cof$ has these arrangements in place.

I'm not even implying anything. I'm telling what cult policy is.

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Post by Prufrock » Wed Aug 22, 2007 9:41 pm

Navy wrote:OK. So I sent this email to the local authorities on the Netherlands Antilles.
Today, to my surprise, I got an answer:
Willemstad, august 10 2007.

Subject: Asbestos inspection on the Freewinds.

Dear Sir,

Because of your email about blue asbestos on board the Freewinds the Director Shipping and Marine has carried out an inspection.

The inspection on board the Freewinds was done by two qualified and independent bureaus: the American Quest Environmental Inc. and the classifying department of the ship named Det Norkse Veritas.

The inspections carried out concentrated on air ventilation systems, passenger areas, working and public areas and staircases on board the ship.

These inspections revealed there is no concentrations of asbestos being found in the air, nor is there any asbestos found in the airconditioning system of the ship.

I thank you for your concerns and hope to have given satisfactory information.

with many greetings,

Ir. Maurice Adriaens
Secretary of Traffic and Transport.
The Freewinds is clean. Glad to know that. No innocent victims to be expected due to asbestos.
It doesn't mean there's no asbestos or ACM (asbestos containing material) on the ship, it means that the asbestos on the Freewinds is not friable ( ). This is good news for the people living around the ports the Freewinds calls at, as well as those on-board.
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Post by Peter Schilte » Sun Aug 26, 2007 4:01 pm

For those who want to have a copy of the letter:
- L. Ron Hubbard

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