What Would You Say to a Lurking Scientologist?

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Re: What Would You Say to a Lurking Scientologist?

Post by Wieber » Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:34 pm

If he could turn himself into a pink elephant why didn't he make himself better looking with nice teeth? Now the people working for David Miscavage have to use photo shop for that.
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Re: What Would You Say to a Lurking Scientologist?

Post by Demented Lron » Tue Jan 09, 2018 3:41 pm

I was sitting in an ASHO Foundation study room and reading newspapers. I was alone in the room, the classes used to begin at 5:00 PM, before the classes the room was vacant for much of the day.

I liked this classroom, I used to come here almost every day to read newspapers and have my cup of coffee. I didn't want to read newspapers in public because the Sea Org folk are not allowed to do that.

I was in a good mood. An hour before that I submitted a KR to the ethics officer. The topic of my KR was a confession that I took LSD trips before joining SO. I also wrote that the lack of knowledge of the LSD policy was not my fault because my recruiter didn't tell me anything about that. I knew that tomorrow I will be booted out of SO.

I finished reading LA Times and The NY Times, but didn't want to go back to work. Frankly, I didn't care about my stats that day. There was a stack of HCOBs on top of the desk. I picked several papers from the top and begun reading them.

The first three HCOBs were boring, I put them aside. The fourth one had information that was new to me. Hubbard wrote that alien space stations are orbiting the Earth, the thetans who are brought there receive implants. Hubbard also wrote that he destroyed on e of those space stations.

At that time I knew nothing about the implants; the article didn't explain what the implants are, and what is their purpose. But they must be bad because Hubbard destroyed one of the places where they were created.

I got out of the classroom, went to the SO canteen, bought a cup of hot chocolate and returned to the classroom. I wanted to digest the material.

Why did the Earth astronomers didn't discovered the alien space stations? The only explanation that came to my mind is that the stations were kept in a sub-space invisible to the telescope. But I didn't think there was a scientific evidence of any subspace. Besides, how did Hubbard get there?

Then I came up with another explanation -- this was a test of person's intellectual abilities; anyone who believed in the story was required to have more Dianetics and OT auditing! I passed the test because I didn't think that Hubbard was talking about real events.

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