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 Post subject: Scientology and Medical Abuse: What you need to know
PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:42 am 
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The top was written by an X-Sea Org Member, Dennis Erlich who used to be the top cramming (Correction of the tech) officer at Flag. After is my story, validating what he says.
IF you have a medical condition and are either in Scientology, or considering joining, PLEASE take the time to read this...........all of it.
Thank you.
>> Dennis Erlich writes:
>> Comments on NOT Series 35, An LRH prescription for the handling of
>> physical
>> illnesses (text deleted)
>> It is clear from this bulletin that the Church is promoting
>> (covertly) that NOTS is the ultimate CURE for all forms of
>> physical illnesses. This is contrary to their public stance that
>> Scientology is not used for "physical healing".
>> Before a Church member is allowed to see the NOTS material, he
>> is required to have 12.5 to 25 hours of Security Checking, at his
>> own expense. This is called "OT Elgibility" auditing. Per
>> Church policy, all transgressions that the member reveals during
>> the Security Check are culled from the session worksheets and
>> filed in the members "Ethics" folder, to be used for blackmail or
>> intimidation in case the member tries to leave the Church and
>> speak out about it. This has been the policy since 1969 when Mary
>> Sue Hubbard first issued the Executive Directive on the
>> procedure.
>> Hubbard was a known user of psycho-active drugs for most of his
>> adult life and according to credible witnesses who served next to
>> Hubbard aboard his numerous "Flagships", he was extremely
>> paranoid from about 1965 onward to the end of his life. The
>> Church has NEVER disputed the claims of Hubbard's drug abuse.
>> They could not kill the messages so they tried to kill the
>> messengers.
>> Hubbard spent most of the 70's engaged in covert operations,
>> ferreting out his imaginary enemies and creating real ones. Those
>> that remain in the Church to this day, some who post here on on
>> ARS, continue to buy into the story of Church "enemies" and
>> "SPs".
>> The NOTS materials were compiled in 1978 while Hubbard was near
>> death and the Church was under severe scrutiny following the FBI
>> raids. David Mayo compiled the NOTS theory as it was dictat
>> him while he was auditing Hubbard. Mayo was later expelled from
>> the Church and the NOTS material is still in full use in the
>> Church, without any alteration. 100% "Standard Tech"!
>> The central belief of the NOTS theory is that a human body is
>> actually a conglomeration of degraded spiritual beings (BTs) that
>> were fused into one big mass during some long ago implant by
>> Hubbard's nemesis, Xenu. Hubbard claims that NOTS "blows" these
>> masses of BTs and eventually one's body become invisible and a
>> person is exterior to it and can then go on to "Full OT"!
>> NOTS is delivered under very tight security and Church members
>> have to be bonded to the effect that they will NEVER divulge ANY
>> of the NOTS materials or speak about their sessions. By the time
>> one is ready for NOTS, a person has spent tens of thousands of
>> dollars. NOTS is heavily promoted as the ultimate mystery, the
>> "Full OT" and "Knowing and Willing Cause over MATTER, ENERGY,
>> SPACE, and TIME, both objectively and subjectively" is surely an
>> attractive promise! And its quite easy to buy into Hubbard's BT
>> theory in exchange for "Full OT". Once a member has gotten on to
>> NOTS, there is little chance for turning back. A member can not
>> discuss his "case" with anyone else since he is "bonded". If he
>> has a little ache or pain, a headache, a toothache, etc., well,
>> that just the "BTs" acting up!
>> The REAL danger in NOTS is the introversion that it produces in
>> people. Hubbard assigns the blame for all of one's illnesses,
>> shortcomings, and lack of "OT" abilities to the physical body
>> that he asserts is a MASS OF BTs. There have been numerous cases
>> of psychotic breaks and suicides and cancers amongst people on
>> NOTS, after NOTS, and after OT8. After buying into the BTs
>> theory, one could easily conclude that "suicide" is the ultimate
>> process to "handling" BTs. The Church goes to EXTREME lengths to
>> keep these incidents under wraps.
>> I for one applaude the public airing of this dangerous fraud.
>> And NOTS is the Ultimate Engram.
> Thanks for reposting Joe's post, Feisty.
> It made me think of a book by Robert Anton Wilson, the Illuminati
> Triology. If you are asked in a hard-sell way to look for something,
> and told it is simple and makes sense, your brain will try to find it
> and make order out of it even if it's chaotic -- and even if there
> isn't any sense.
> That's why I think so many people hold on to the Tech for so long.
> Whatever worked for them in life they learned to attribute to the
> Tech. It's scary to let go of long-held beliefs. They were presented
> with what they were told was a system to free beings that really just
> enslaved them to Hubbard's untreated mental illness.
> It's not harmless. That's why there are laws about practicing
> medicine without a license.
> -maggie, human being

Exactly. What Dennis says, I also experienced for many years.
First in the early '70's when I joined the Sea Org,
and was then ordered to get off of the much needed
medication I took for Epilepsy. After great harm, and pain, my Mother
finally insisted I get back onto this medication,
and with that, began my fights with Scientology.

After years of auditing and training, I arrived at Flag to do "OT 3" in
1797. This was only after writing David Mayo (the then Senior C/S,
International) who had at first told me, "You need a PTS handling". I wrote
him back, saying "How dare you call yourself a Senior C/S when all you say
is the same *crap* all these people here in LA say!" I was furious.

He wrote me a 6 page hand written letter, saying He would back me up all the
way if I needed any help once I got to Flag, re my medication. Ok, so I did
OT 3. After, positive, I'd gotten rid of all the BT's, again tried to get
off of my medication, and ended up in Morton Plant Hospital, nearly dead due
to multiple Grand Mal Seizures.
That was the last time I tried to quit taking the medication I needed, and
those were the last seizures I ever had. However, that didn't end the fight
with Scientology.

In 1989 I arrived at Flag, this time with my NOTS paid for...from OT 4-OT 8.
As I routed on through, I got to a 15 year old young Sea Org "MAA" (Master
at Arms, aka: The Ethics person for this). He opened my folder, (I'm sure
saw I took medicine for Epilepsy) and looked at me like I was a
leper.........and said harshly:
"YOU are NOT allowed on the FLAG LAND BASE!"

Shocked, I looked behind me and did my Taxi Driver (movie) routine of, 'You
talkin' to ME?"
"Are YOU talkin' to ME?"

I did this until he went into Doubt, and I told him to get a higher trained
person, that he was wrong.
Sure enough, she arrived (The D of P: Director of Processing) and said I had
to write up my contributions.
I did, and since I'd just donated about one year to OSA,
helping with legal things, I had great "Stats" in their eyes.
She OK'd my getting auditing, and told me the C/ S wanted me to know, "ALL
of your earlier handlings re medicine have been suppressive".

Now get what Dennis wrote, that even though they
have all these signs re doctors, listen to how this played out.

Ok, she acknowledges ALL of the earlier handlings have been suppressive, and
I agree.

So I begin getting "Eligibility" with Bill Yaude, my then auditor. We go
over many things. Finally, he arrives one day and says, 'Now we're going to
Sec Check Epilepsy".

I grabbed the PC cans, picked them up, and set them in front of him and
said, "No Bill. This party is OVER.
***YOU** can Sec check Epilepsy with the C/S, I'm done.
This is going to RTC!"

I met with the D of P, who told me I needed to get off of my medication. I
reminded her of when I arrived and how she'd told me ALL of my earlier
handlings were suppressive, yet now she's doing the same thing!

I also told her I wanted to see whatever references she was basing this on.
She showed me 3 references.
One was about Physically Ill PC's. I had a letter from My Doctor, L. Ron
Hubbard's Doctor, saying the medication I take for Epilepsy isn't a mind
altering drug, and I was fine to take it while getting auditing.
Next was something about being Out Ethics. I pointed out
I'd just finished many months of FPRD, cleaning myself up in a co-audit, and
my ethics were in.

The final one said, "On upper OT levels, an OT shouldn't be on Medication".
I looked at her and said, 'IF we're going to play hard ball, let's play hard
ball". OT 8 has now been decided to be THE FIRST OT level---all others named
"Pre-OT levels". So if OT 8 is the first OT level, that's not an "Upper OT
level" is it? Also, I knew of TONS of "OT's" who spoke of physical 'wins' on
OT 7----and Nots, so I knew they dealt with the body.
Lastly, I told her I wanted ALL of my folders to be sent up to RTC, to Ray
Mittoff, who knew me, personally.

All the C/S's at Flag freaked out--as now *their* asses were on the line!

Sure enough, my folders were sent. It took about one month, but finally the
Senior C/ S from RTC then called the Tech Sec at Flag and said, "We're
sending an OK and a policy saying it's Ok to take medication, IF Your Doctor
says you need to. Also, you need to call Tory tonight and tell her you're
very sorry for ALL that you've put her through".

It was THE biggest win I'd ever had in Scientology. I finally
won...............20 years after I began.

All through OT 5 and OT 7 it was implied I should be able to handle Epilepsy
with the auditing, and of course that's what "The tech" says.

I never knew, in all those years, that Hubbard had been taking medications!
That seriously grossed me out when I found that out, after I'd left.

Scientology now has signs all over saying, "If you have a medical condition,
see your Doctor as auditing is not designed the Cure". However, we know, as
long as they use
NOTS--it says what it says.

It *Is* medical abuse, plain and simple.

If you're reading this and you have a medical condition,
DO NOT get into Scientology.
If you enjoy Free Speech, do NOT get into Scientology.
IF you love your family, and any of them don't like
Scientology, do NOT join.
Actually, just don't join: It sucks once you get trapped in.

If what I've written helps one person, it was worth the time it took to
write it.

Blessings to all who help expose this insidious CULT.


PS: I didn't find out until after I left Scientology why that kid (the MAA)
was so freaked out and told me:
"YOU are NOT allowed on the FLAG land base".

What had happened is months earlier another person had gone to Flag who did
have Epilepsy, and they ordered this person, same as me, to get off of his
medication. He didn't fight, as I did---and ended up D E A D.
That's why they wanted to throw me off the base.
I knew it was something weird, but it took leaving to find
out the specifics.

Just thought you'd like to know that, too.

Tory/Magoo~Dancing in the moonlight~
In Scientology for 30 years, out happily for 7 years!
X-Sea Org, X-Staff, X-OT 7, X-Class 4 auditor, X-OSA Volunteer after 20 years (Mostly in PR)X-Executive Director of SPL to handle media
X-Top Secret OSA Int Internet Mafia, Until I realized what they were really doing and soon after left C of S forever.
For thinking and speaking my mind, Scientology declared me
a "Suppressive Person" (SP 6 ^Cumulative Cluster :)
& Expelled me from The Church of $cientology :)
Free at LAST! (What Scientology Doesn't want you to know) (Excellent videos) (My writings about Scientology from ARS) (Top Secret Int Mafia)
or Type in Scientology in Google
(Read, Look, Listen, Make up your ~own~Mind)
Burbank, CA
(818) 588-3044

"They, who give up essential liberty
to purchase a little temporary safety,
deserve neither liberty nor safety."
-- Benjamin Franklin

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 12, 2007 8:46 am 
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Please post this around the Net, anywhere you can.

People need to know about this, before they get suckered in.

Way too many people have died in Scientology, due to this exact thing.

Thank you and cheers to all here :cheers:


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PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 6:28 am 
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Thanks, Tory. :)

Free To Shine pasted it to ESMB.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Nov 13, 2007 7:35 pm 
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Good job, PG.

I think the more things like this are posted around the Net,
the fewer people shall get sucked into their medical abuses.

Happy Tuesday~:wink:


 Post subject: Adding it to my list
PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 6:27 am 
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I am going in another direction but this shall be added to my list of Scientology info I have up on Myspace which I often use as a reference point when Scientology is brought up on a forum I belong

I share links to information such as this via my blog because of the guidelines of ADDF itself - long story but members there know how it works. I have known for a while Scientology's desire to stamp out psychiatry but I had no idea that they also sought to dismiss the reality of medical conditions.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 8:24 am 
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NDiversity wrote:
I have known for a while Scientology's desire to stamp out psychiatry but I had no idea that they also sought to dismiss the reality of medical conditions.

Actually, believe it or not, it even goes far beyond that.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2007 9:48 am 
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Yeah...............have you seen "The Unfunny Truth about Scientology" ?

It's dramatic, and very factual.

Sad, but true. MANY people, many good friends of mine, died way too
young, most after getting on Scientology's upper levels, especially

I can't say it enough: Take time to LOOK at both sides, and learn
ALL the facts. Ask yourself why is it most Scientologists "in" C of S
cannot/will not read the very facts that would help them understand
what actually occurred?


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 5:28 pm 
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The following are a few of L. Ron Hubbards many false medical claims:

$$$$$$$$$$$$$+++SACRED CULT SCRIPTURE+++$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HCO Policy Letter of 27 October 1964
(Re-issued on 23 June 1967)
(Replaces HCO Pol Ltr 5 Nov 1964) ...
Policies on Physical Healing, Insanity and Potential Trouble Sources

The proper procedure in being requested to heal some complained of physical
disability is as follows. ...
4. If however, the physical practitioner's recommendation includes surgery
or treatment of an unproven nature or the illness or disease cannot be
accurately diagnosed as a specific illness or disease with a known cure, the
person may be accepted for processing on the reasonable assumption that no
purely physical illness is proven to exist, and that it is probably mental
or spiritual in origin. ..." [LRH]

From HCOB 20 April 1972 "Expanded Dianetics Series 4, Suppressed PCs
and PTS Tech": "All sick persons are PTS."

From HCOB 10 August 1973 "PTS Handling": "...all illness in greater or
lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS
condition." and "...getting rid of that condition requires three basic
actions: A. Discover. B. Handle or disconnect."

HCOB 11 July 1973 "Assist Summary" states: "Injuries, operations,
delivery of babies, severe illnesses and periods of intense emotional
shock all deserve to be handled with thorough and complete assists."

"In addition to assists there is Dianetic auditing of an acutely ill
person which handles the current and past illnesses and injuries by
erasing the 'physical trauma'." -- HCOB 2 April 1969 "Dianetic Assists"

"People who are physically ill are PTS *and are out-ethics* toward the
person or thing they are PTS to!" -- HCO PL 3 May 1972 "Ethics and

1972 "PTS Rundown Addition"

"A physically ill person is a mentally ill person." -- PAB No.6, July 1953

"There are four points I want to get across to you.
2. ONLY PTS=ILLNESS" -- HCOB 10 June 1966 Issue II "S&D-The Missed Item"

"If the Student has been on drugs he must be given a Drug Rundown. If he
is PTS he must be handled in Ethics and given a PTS Rundown. If the
student is ill he should be handled by Dianetics. An R/Sing person
should be handled by Expanded Dianetics."
-- HCOB 4 April 1972, Revised 30 May 1972 "Tech Div Primary Rundown"

Cure goiter: DIANETICS TODAY (1975 ED.) P.280
"I've seen a goiter the size of a baseball visibly shrink and
disappear in the space of one-half hour right after an engram
was run."

Cure polio: DIANETICS TODAY " P. 353
"A girl crippled by polio was able to throw away her crutches
after my first session."

Cure arthritis: History of Man p. 7
"Today, Eleanor has arthritis. She is audited... tonight she
doesn't have arthritis"

Speed broke bone healing: DIANETICS TODAY " P.110
"A broken limb will heal (by X-ray evidence) in two instead of
six weeks."

Cure effects of drugs: DIANETICS TODAY " P.481
"ONLY processing by Dianetics and Scientology can handle the
effects of drugs fully."

Raise the dead: Magazine Articles on Level 0

Checksheet 1968, "Dissemination of Material" p.75
"A child had died, was dead, had been pronounced dead by a doctor,
and the auditor, by calling the thetan back and ordering him to take
over the body again brought the child to life."

Cure migraines: DIANETICS " P.125
also see HCOB 15 Jan. '79 "Handling with Auditing"

Cure cancer: THE HISTORY OF MAN (1961) P. 20
"Cancer has been eradicated by auditing out conception and

Cure skin cancer: ALL ABOUT RADIATION (1979 ED.) P.114

Cure radiation sickness: ALL ABOUT RADIATION " P.109
also PAB no. 82 "Scientology is the only specific (cure) for
radiation (atomic bomb) burns."

Improve eyesight: PAB no. 111 "Eyesight and glasses"
also Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin vol. 2 no. 7 January 1952 "An
afternoon with Ron" "You are only three or four hours from taking
your glasses off for keeps."

Cure a broken ankle: HCOB 30 July 1973 "Scientology, Current State
of the Subject and Materials."

Cure insanity: HCOB 28 Nov. '70 "Psychosis" "The alleviation
of the condition of insanity has also been accomplished now..."

Cure bronchitis: HCOB 14 Dec. '63 "Case analysis Health
"12 days after this auditing the coughing was still in abeyance."

cure brainwashing: HCOB No. 19 Dec. '55 "The turn of the Tide"
"... in Dianetics in particular, we have the total antidote for the
eradication of brainwashing."

Miscellaneous claims:

DIANETICS (1987 ED.) p.72
"arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness
decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and
the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away and stays away."

"The GE has the record of past deaths. Auditing it alters physical
structure, eradicates physical malformations."

"Paralysis, anxiety stomachs, arthritis and many ills and
have been relieved by auditing them."

"We take a heavier mass than this, like an arthritic leg. Arthritis is a
ridge illness, and therefore you go up and down the ridge and you've got
it made. We can make him get rid of his arthritis even by simply putting
him in apathy about it. You could hammer and pound him until he was sitting
there very, very quietly and unable to wiggle in any way, and he wouldn't
feel his arthritis. Well, he wouldn't feel anything else either." [seventh

Professional Auditor's Bulletin No. 123,
1 November 1957, "THE REALITY SCALE"

"There is nothing as wild in the books of Man as will probably happen here on will happen and be allowed to happen simply because all this is so incredible that nobody will even think of stopping it until it is far, far too late"~LRH

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:02 pm 
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Cure polio: DIANETICS TODAY " P. 353
"A girl crippled by polio was able to throw away her crutches
after my first session."

I hope she threw them after Ron

I dont want religious freedom, what i want is freedom from religion.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:25 pm 
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This is one of the many things about Scientology that still amazes me has not been taken to a court of law, since it SHOULD be a no-brainer that it would be a slam-dunk WIN!

As I've indicated in previous posts, I am an eplipetic as well and was told I would have to stop taking my anti-convulsant meds before I could route onto the Purification Rundown. Thank God, that although I did have a history of gran mall seizures, I never had them on a frequent basis, it would normally be months or more between seizures even with the Dilantin or Phenobarbital I was taking.

But it still disgusts me that no one has taken Scientology to court at the behest of the AMA at minimum. Scientology is guilty of SO MANY crimes against humanity, I still hold out hope that if ONE MAJOR CASE is won, then a flood gate would open up of other cases regarding other real crimes in other areas of the law.

I'll say this again: The video postings of Anonymous are but the rumblings of Scientology's hideous karma catching up with them. The public at large DESPISES Scientology and the more that those who do NOT despise it WILL when they do learn of its evil and insanity. People are not any where near as intimidated by their legal tactics than they used to be, so it seems to be only a matter of time before they are sued for medical malpractice.

"In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
George Orwell

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:33 pm 
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Tory, your posting appeared also here.

Peter Schilte

- L. Ron Hubbard

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:47 pm 
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Cool, Navy!

I'm trying to find my affidavit in English---can you help?

I know it's on the net, here on it's too small.

Do you know anywhere else where it is, in English?

Thanks, Navy!

Best :wink:


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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 9:06 pm 
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I found this, manipulated it a bit and here is the result:
It is the best I could do.

Peter Schilte

- L. Ron Hubbard

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 10:29 pm 
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Thanks, Peter---that isn't it.

It's the one about Epilepsy--and Scientology making me get off of my

If anyone can find that, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or I guess I can write a new one.

Thanks again for your work, Peter. :alien:

Best :)


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PostPosted: Sat Feb 02, 2008 3:35 am 

Joined: Tue Apr 26, 2005 2:37 pm
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magoo1 wrote:
It's the one about Epilepsy--and Scientology making me get off of my

If anyone can find that, I'd greatly appreciate it. Or I guess I can write a new one. ... 00101.html

That's the 2003 revised version (I think you added to the 2001 version).



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