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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:34 am

Out a little late today..i had to take my bike outta the pawn shop and
pick up more video tape as well as some liquid refreshments for the
long haul ahead.
Day 6 now and it started around 3:30...The public was all over them and beeping and hollering in support of me and my new
friend! Yes i have a partner now, every time i would be on my way out i
would see my little xenu w/his "stars and stripes uncle sam top hat"
staring at me from his perched corner in my living room so i decided he
needed a little time with his fans.
Richard Hirst came round again but was a little less receptive this
time....still civil but i got the feeling that i was enturbulating
him.If you do not remember him he was a prominent figure in the
LMTyears and is featured on the Scieno P.I. site and XENU-TV footage.
He is supposedly with CCHR. As well as being a active scieno he
seemingly shows up when the church gets too curious and needs a little
comm. with me but he had no messages from them so...also i find it very
interesting that he and mostly they can never even defend their own
position very well when it comes to facts and figures or even general
hubbard history.
While getting a few position shots from the opposite
streetcorners a member was really bothered by my presence and i could
tell he would be a problem soon and sure enough withen a few hours he
freaked out in front of 35 to 50 members at dinner time by holding up
his camera phone trying to get me to yell at him in order to report me
as a harassing force so when he asked a question by yelling at me i had
to respond with a full frontal exposure of OT-8 and of course if he was
taking a actual photo of it or running video he was in big i
informed him of course and he verbally flipped.."Yell now you little so scared you cannot confront me? Try it now i dare you,
we will crush you...criminal!" while all others looked at him in
amazment of the scene...his own orginization was embarassed by him and it was all too obvious! HAHAHAHA
One more nice little tip was made to me by a sympathitic street regular....a scieno was trying to get the homeless guys to ask me for a copy of the OT-8 docs under the guise that he was too scared to ask me himself...they reportedly told him to fuck off....Well why don't they get one of the 350 already handed out to the many residents so's sooo outta the box that they will have to redo the level so no one notices it when they actually buy it if they ever get there.
Another police complaint and 3 cars with officers showed was totally oblivious to what or who the church was...i found that a little hard to believe. A huge power trip was evident from one guy who says we do what we want and i needed to shut up....i was questioning why they needed 3 cars on this busy weekend to deal with the same old me again. It seemed as if he was fresh off a war tour and i wondered if he was dosing on roids the way he was all puffed up and combative ? They ran all the regular stuff and still there to carry on! All culties were watching and awaiting my was smiling as well as a crowd on the opposite side as if to say your done haha...then it all was deflated and i was left proclaiming that the truth stands free on it's own two feet. All security retreated inside to regroup after this another loss for their population stood and stared in amazment.Get a clue dumbasses....what's next a frameup...please do because then you will really show your true colors and can be held accountable legally for yet another sinister plot gone wrong because they always do ya know sooner or later! And i can deal with sooner and later..haha
Ben Shaw is back in town again...but ignored my "welcome back"...but was smiling as crossing the street. A very telling sign seeing as he never
Well i stayed till about 8:30...but got no real good stuff so maybe tommorow will be a little more productive. The OT-3 story was the main topic due to the alien being with me...some kids were throwing pennies off the roof of an adjoining building at me but could not keep from hiding while doing i called out for real change or a doller or two the fun disappeared for them and they retreated.
I met a few cool band guys preforming at the christian theatre...."Fall on Purpose"-Matthew Bistor and "Nation of Poetry"-Pedro Jarquin...good guys so if you ever see them advertised go to check em out.....DAY 7 ON DECK...Stay tuned!

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Post by Kilia » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:38 am

PTS..where did you get this text from his videos?

Sorry, I'm pretty tired and bummed out.
I miss my Shawn!! :cry:

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:40 am

DAY 7...proflex
I was a little late today..i really had to mow the lawn and boy it was hot.
Around 12:30 or so i was at it on the lonley corner i now call home...the first 2 hours were spent calling for interviews...."Seeking interviews..don't need your face or name...won't use the footage to make money...won't alter your footage or slant it to make you look like a goofball...tell me your wins or's all about communication...i want to have a fair and balanced piece but to do that i need your side". No takers of course so i grabbed my alien friend and set my sights on the traffic...sooo many more honks than even yesterday and only one "bird" flipped by an ass that came back and would not look at me...embarassed? A surprise by Dennis Clarke on the street as he had to spend a full four long minitues with an alien waving to him from 3 feet away and OT-8 in his face as well.....he was sooo red! His vanity plate reads "no psycs"...a big dark suburban! For you who don't know him he is a freaky huge fat guy who is seen on XENU-TV in front of the Ft. Harrison wigging out and having to leave due to not being able to handle himself. He was seen heading to the back of the dining hall....oh well, he would have been some unforgetable footage! I just happened to make a real good contact with a canidate for district judge who is running here in the county, he was with his family handing out his card...they got all the websites and my brief lecture while waiting at the light...all the "why aren't your teachings free like all other religions....everyone else feeds and clothes the poor but your doors are locked to those with no money...why?" he came up and they were very interested in what was up...they are good christian's his wife said. I asked for a potential interview for my show and he said we should get together on this thing. His name is George H. Brown
so fill him in folks this is your big chance...a new revelation was made when due to a big storm blowing in i had to pack up and was caught under the awning in back of a adjoining building, i went to my car as a known agressive public scieno who i have on tape giving me the finger, was pulling in and i had to sit awhile till things calmed a bit. While i was there i viewed him unloading a few rifles in their soft cases from his truck and going inside his buisness with them....scopes? This is the same guy who was with Mr. Marfopolous trying to get me arrested...(Mr. Ian Shillington) it hunting season here in clearwater or is he just a serious collector and/or concerned security minded buisness owner,perhapse he found a good deal and could not resist...hmmmmm. Better make it a one shot deal or you all know how pissed off a injured animal is...hahahaha Well day 8 is almost here and i need my rest to hit the pavement tommorow! Boy taken out of my misery would be soooo sweet!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:46 am

Day 8
The day started out around noon,and i had a feeling i needed to take a run around first to scope out the area and came upon a group of RPF'ers....too nice! 4 women and 2 men,1an old guy..all loading the huge gates taken down from the SP building property in anticipation of the big "Maiden Voyage" being held at the Ft. Harrison. These poor guys were in the hot sun with nothing to drink for two hours...back and forth...load and unload. The fire Station officials pulled up when i was filming and i gave them the heads up so to look out for a dropping scieno soon. They were a little curious but went on about there buisness. I was late..and had to park at the library,in crossing the road on the way to my corner a guy in a beatup green sedan was checking out my sign as i passed in front of his car, in a tacky hawiian shirt i wondered if he was a scieno waiter at the sandcastle? He revved his engine and lunged the car forth at me as i was in front of him so i stopped and stood and stared at him with the "what's up" with my hand. He gave a little wave...i walked a few steps and he zoomed off....stopped again in the road and flipped me off...nice! I arrived at my spot and the building i am in front of immediatly opened it's door and placed a boombox at full volume 3 feet away facing out at me...footbullet happened to me my kind of tunes...dumbasses! Everyone was honking and waving and it was really getting to the scienos across the way going back and forth. Richard Hirst (3 times now)...a lady needing to know how to get across to the beach (but lived in town several years)and a curious passerby (who worked downtown) all revealed themselves to be persons of the faith as they were in comm with one another and extremely interested in my motives and how i was making we all talked about the cult and the policies they could not believe how courteous and knowledgeable i was concerning the whole even took my card and i warned hin the site might have things he shoulden't see on it if he wanted to continue on the bridge that was nice of a supressive. Later on another break here comes richard again and now two others as well, a aussie and a 30+ yr. member only a OT-6 all soooo curious about me and how i do not know anything about "scamology"...this shit went on and on..history...names...look here comes Ian Shillington too the guy who flipped me off the other day on tape. He supposedly worked with LRH on the Apollo...and mentioned Xenu to me as well as some cat named Zarkoff or something? the back and forth got more intense they were convinced something or someone was behind me...a greater force who implanted me with this program because i could not know or function as i was in this handeling without a intense implant of info! What the a little something other than scieno levels and books you knuckleheads. ARS came up and Clambake who is thought to be my backer too... Tori Cristman/ well. Who is or how am i making money in order to be out here? Anyhow they were all about my Crimes at the end as a storm rolled towards us soo i picked up and continued the conversation as the one last holdout who had claimed to be an investor with another in the starbucks outlet but after some pressing revealed to really be an investor as in "getting coffee there a lot" not an actual buisness is all there claims ,they all fall apart once the focus and disemination begins! But he kept up with the SP docterine and i demonstrated how and why it is a catch 22 in the respect that everyone is or can have "crimes" as it is human nature to make periodic mistakes in life...this is how we learn as a human. What or why were you soo lacking in that you feel that you need scamology to prop you up in life?....Common sense is all you need to follow but you as a superior being cannot even believe in YOURSELF! You HAVE to pay to be led down a path in life written by a failed sci-fi writer...think about that next time you cut a check for what is free from every other religion....a woman passing stopped and was listening to the christian line they use of having to pay a tilthe back for she says as a christian i have a choice....and they still will deliver services donation or not!....thank you maam! Also a couple stopped and asked for more info as they had visited and were soo glad someone was putting the truth out there...i handed them the contract and the highest level...these guys were floored! hahahah
Anyhow back to my crimes....he went on and on of how he was going to look all mine up and report on i said why don't you just ask....he kept going for a few sentences before it set in....ask?....well ok i guess "what are your crimes?".....(crimes here) now he was going to go home and make a sign to combat mine with my crimes on it to show the world and would show up today, WHAT DO YOU THINK I HAVE BEEN WAITING ON ALL THIS TIME?...the best video i could get were to be you jackasses from the cult attacking me for raising awareness of your i said show early...and bring a lot of fluids and not that distilled water either or it could strip the vitamins and minerals right out of you....sunblock as well it's gonna be a long one. I hope your family won't miss you on this holiday celebrating freedom!....funny but they all seemed to go right back to the OSA office in a roundabout way....duh! I had noticed though they seemed to be keeping me from the chow rush....planned? Now it's day 9 and early AM....TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL! HEHEHEHEHEHE

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:48 am

DAY 9...proflex
The time is now....confront with curiousity....compound with effective comm....confuse and surround with mixed intentions.

Another day on the bricks....a little after noon i hit it and immediatly was knee deep in weirdos trying to communicate..."just curious" about your project and want to know more...on and on with the same shit. I finally had to set these freaks down the road seeing as communicating was the last thing on their minds really! slow to go though.
One chunky short english fellow claiming to be around OT-8 with a bushy handlebar stash kept dabbing his finger then tongue with peppermint extract...he seemed addicted to it. The other a skinny forgetful soul who needed me to explain everything to him...what a pair,Laurel and hardy all day long! Is this what OT's actually produce as superior biengs? So lacking in normal actions and appearances...duh! The cheap "flag bag" was a total giveaway from the start.
A surprising appearance also from a "stranger" was a breath of fresh air....then Richard Hirst again,curiously saying hello way too many times now...any family richard?...they are missing you as all your free time is seemingly spent with me!
With all gone i was left with the traffic beeping and waving while i soaked in the lovely florida sun. Starbucks was a welcomed relief for a tangerine tea smoothy...oh sooo cold! "BRAINFREEZE" Chowtime was approaching and the "queen" showed finally crossing the street towards me soo i helped in the delayed cross signal to her surprise. Another curious one although i noticed her from the LMT XENU TV Footage...same capicity all these years later, dealing endlessly with a nobody on a corner with a little sign! hehehe all planned of course!
When will they awake and notice that this is a cycle i was in hope of getting on video? Clueless again these "strangers" kept piling up...Rich again with his laptop showed up and we acessed to search some stuff... a little of the fudged event photos from Lerma fame...the Hitler and Stalin page too but frustration with the viewing of the monitor set in so we went to my site to review the "Brussles" suit going through at the moment, he related it to the persecution of the early scienos here by the clearwater p.d....yea as if haha (2 hits for us and a url track too) we will see what it matches from previous spamming and troll archives...if anything?
All the while the queen was looking on as well...exposure? he packed it up due to lack of time to properly read it all and bashed my scieno news slant a bit...but the "queen" sent him away briefly in mid discussion (very telling) to have a little private comm attempt with me again. The gal searching for the beach yesterday showed too...strange! Then the guy who was supposed to bring his sign to stand next to me with my "crimes" on it strolled over and surprisingly was without it...hmmmm. Four to my one and the queen was parked in front of my sign of course...all were watching from traffic and crossing scieno chow crowds...a few passers saw the deal and yelled their two cents yelled jesus saves a few times and a few "scieno's suck" too hahaha. Many cops slowly strolled by knowing what the scene told....i was surrounded for goodness sakes...geez.
I decided to get the footage and started taping it all so you will see it....Richard Hirst was really not into being on video and hid everytime i turned to him...the rest were comm.'ing away and are fully exposed for all using the techniques...dissemination? A must see for all protestors on how to field the bizaar meaningless questions they use...finally i asked for someone to actually say XENU...nope, none would and hated the story i related of it...hahaha
The names of some of the dead from the org's past was a little telling as well....Noah who? "Well he better have jumped from a high enough spot to do it right"...Great a OT-6 making fun of a fellow dead member...on tape...nice job as i pointed out....great stuff!
What a small trap and a huge they even know it was a setup? The rain was now on us and we seperated to take refuge after standing full in it for a few minitues and getting soaked briefly after discussing my lurid crimes...."see we knew he had something" (Jeez do i have to tell you everything haha)...another setup...duh!
The "queen" and i had a unique time alone and i decided to lay it tape, no recording..."Let's cut through the bullshit here we bolth know what's up and let's discuss the deal now"..."This shit is a scam all day long....and you know damn right well it is and are helping to promote it and get paid for doing so...come clean, you know full well as so do i that it's got to be eating you up having to be here at the "cult's" request! In the same capacity as soo many years long is it gonna be before your able to be honest with yourself"..."Will scientology teach you how to be free?" Out here dealing with a nobody...a nothing with a sign...what a threat!", "Is this the best you got?"...these guys are a sad bunch i tell ya. She would not budge or did she...OSA, this was for you!
I am sorry to all that i had to let a littlekitty out of the bag on this one...i revealed a few insiders are leaking a lot but did not give names or positions so don't worry guys i would not give you up as i promised but lookout they will be you know this already anyhow.
After a few, they left and chow was over of course but i still got the footage i thought i would, now to the next level....tommorow again and more telling footage i am sure is inevitable. Could this get any easier...? Can it be that they do not recognize the program?.....a non-scieno running a program on OSA and they don't see it happening?
On the walk back i decided to take the dining hall alley route and found a 20.00 bill....reward from a higher power on a day's job well done?
WooooHoooo....i got some gas with it (much needed) and rubbed it in by waving it to the maintence guy speaking German into his cell phone a few yards away....pissed he surely was! NUFF....

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:50 am

DAY 10 ...proflex
Another day started late enough, around 3pm and immediatly they came in to block and talk...still curious i can see. A group circles and poses questions related and unrelated to the filming...what don't they understand about my sign. Very telling, and i am getting some good story points down on who,what,where. No interviews yet but the more i stay the more hopeful i am that i will get to hear and tell their side...or not. I have decided that the story is way too big to just air one episode sooo i will have to split it into parts.
On a daily basis more and more of the tale is told of how they try to shut things like this down...i am such an amature at getting the proper angles visually that i might even have to start all over with this and retake a lot of shots. Battery and audio flubs make my time out there already useless whoops! Several group discussions always are in full swing around the site and are keeping me from finalizing a lot of this...geez will this ever end so i can edit some of this and air it? A jewish OT-7 showed today and he cannot say Xenu... so much for the higher art of communication,but did hear a lot of OT-8 that i read for him and he was listening As well as the regular crowd wanting to know all and most of it having nothing to do with the project i am doing...OSA does not listen very well and their drills in the off hours are seriously lacking in preparing them for the new day of assaults....even i notice this.
I must ask if they have a bug in their system or something due to the fact that they cannot seem to control their emotional outbursts....practice guys so you at least look competent on camera. Seeing as city officals will be viewing this you might want to at least look to be legit! The joking of former dead members is a real good revelation for the citizens to see....oh so no sympathy. A string of denials on the finer points of all the problems with the "cults" past transgressions and ongoing ones as well. Many will be in trouble i can already see as they have overstepped the basic tenants and story line of the offical word that the "cult" puts out publicly..their own guys are jabbing themselves in the heart again and again by demonstrating no basic knowledge in what the "cult" does or says offically!
Not much more than that today...tommorow is Day-11 and a good one i hope.Off to sleep now.....later

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:51 am

DAY 11....proflex
Another few hours said and done!.....a semi-hassle again from mostly poorly trained handelers...Roy Sweeney? and a new one today(Ronald Savelo) from the very same public access channel that i am producing a show on. Ironically he was out to commend me on my speaking out agens't floridation being added to our water a while back....he must have been doing a google search on my name. It quickly became a interview on how to try to handle a sp (again)...his shows on pinellas access are cookie cutter programs designed to promote scientology's agenda...he has 6 currently airing, funny how he would reveal on tape that the agenda he was really promoting was supression of my free speech, he uses the same public forum to air propoganda for an orginization that also states on one show that it is my right to have and use....duh. This guy has 15 awards for shows that the church pre-packages for him to use his credentials to air with....whoops he screw'd up there! They do the psyc. bashing one then the cchr,freedom mag. and "what is scientology" as well as several other scieno angles for the rest. Boy is this gonna be good...revelations at every turn....and he actually heard a full read of OT-8...and got soo out of sorts he had to slap my arm to try to get my attention back on him. Excuse me but did your church clear you for physical contact? Then i find out he was a former SP from back in the days when the church had the split...actually declared and submitted some sort of petition to get back in....have to pull out the checkbook did we? Richard Hirst again this time revealing his former first wife actually blew the org. then was re-upped after fixing her overts and witholds with the (A thru E's?)....2 hours of back and forth verbal combat although i really had to do little as they tripped themselves up over and over again,all i was left to do was point out there own misstatments...The big read of OT-8 and this childish attempt at shouting me down was fully viewed by the org. masses as the road was being torn up on the other side and everyone was finally forced to cross and wait on my corner....they were all eyes and ears and showed by their facial expressions that doubt was running rampant among them. YES, OSA..... DOUBT! An anonymous source revealed that they have printouts of me in the org. stating "do not worry the guy filming has no film in his camera because he cannot afford it"...hehehe (desperation?) I will post the pics of these guy's so you can see some faces...recognize anyone?
Ron Savelo... ... nos002.jpg
Roy Sweeny..or sweet? ... nos001.jpg
The cam overhead in a scieno buisness... ... cam001.jpg
Richard Hirst not pictured due to hiding from the camera...
I will have the audio for this long session up as soon as i you can listen to the unreal tactics for yourself....espically when "Ron Savelo" asks if i gave a blow job to Mark Bunker!....Woo Hoo...I'M A PERVERT!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:56 am

DAY 12....proflex
Rainy day people....
An easy day today seeing as i held off the street in favor of covering the "Maiden Voyage" at the Ft. Harrison later that evening although several revelations were made during the day...Desperation must be setting in thickly as i got a strange call from a relative claiming that Richard Hirst (cchr)had made several calls claiming that i was sick and needed help here in florida. Later revealing of course that he meant "mentally" sick (haha) and that i was trashing his religion under the guise of making a movie here. The conversation ended with "give those assholes hell for us"!...I assume it was meant to intimidate but acomplished the opposite!
I hope you let that sink in deep "DICK"...when you read this!
The rain had started but let up some hours before i set out around 7pm...i arrived and set up shop across the street from the "Hotel Hell".
First up was richard strolling down to say hello....blocking my sign with his ever widening body...then Darcy ? came by so it was a double team...then a strange looking fellow who had stopped earlier in the week who has a very large unkept handlebar stash,the kind that went out in the 1800's...very food stained (eeeeww gross) thick glasses and dark circles around his eyes and a horrible english accent. He was really camera shy!
We did the back and forth of course for an hour as the rain started again.
I had thought to wear drip dry clothes and sandals as well as wrap all my gear in plastic bags seeing as this might happen. A huge downpour started and as i held my own with my sign for cover..the gang inside sent out a umbrella for "DICK"...Darcy had a cheap rain poncho...and "Steve?" was stuck with a cheap kids pink umbrella the size of a large dinner platter.
I managed to remain filming the whole while and seeing as they were situated in the gutter the enormous flow of water was more than shin deep for them...haha Dick's loafers are ruined and Darcy was equally soaked from head to foot....Steve was so worried about being filmed he had to use the "pinkie job" to block the cam's view which left him exposed to the squall...hehehehe Midway through all this some gals from the event came to their rescue with another umbrella to replace "pinky" and some food and coffee for the gang....(cheap eats of course). Darcy was nice enough to offer but i had already eaten my checkers burger for the day and was satisfied. The goal of this session was my "hidden crimes" sure they know my documented ones but LRH says that there must be many more hidden as well...taxes? if haha.. Child Molestation?...reaching desperatly now!
Arnie Lerma was a topic today and all they could do was slam him as a drug addict and all around bad dude....nice,he will love the attention!
It was brought to my attention that all my neighbors have been calling my landlord with complaints of my yardsale as i was accused of passing out hateful religous material...of course now this particular piece of real estate seems to be a hot spot as several offers have already been made. Unfortunately the owner has strong sentemental ties to it and would be at a loss unless they were to come up with more than enough to satisfy those feelings. A former "crack house" down the way is going for 209,000.00 and hasen't even half the yard this your pennies OSA and this goldmine could be yours...and i could be out of your hair? Or you could offer to purchase my little project and have me sign a contract not to ever use you as a subject again...and retain all the damaging footage i have soo far,but do you think i would ever sell out?....Cash talks bull shit walks and i have a whole life to persue this "series"...think hard now?! Mary Story made a brief pass but would still give me no interview or answer why the SP build. was still not usual,but who was the young man she was with...?
Well into an hour in the downfall we sat...they decided they had enough and retreated back to the "cult" compound. As they were leaving i counted down from 5,4,3,2,1....and the rain mysteriously stopped...funny i haven't even developed any OT abilities or paid to either. God looking down on all this?hahahaha As all was redried and situated they returned only to have it start to begin all over again....only this time we were joined by our own world famous videographer "Ron Savelo"... the same ron that cheated on his wife nad had to get back in good graces with the "cult" as a result.(boston org.)
Funny how he could not face the info i had on the whole affair...patty who?
Were you in love with her ron?....was she sooo much more than your wife?...How was the sex...was she young and hot? your kids know
you diddled a little sweety behind mom's back while she was doing her duties as a you even have kids? He was flapped and got bent waay out of well as wondering where his future is headed once it is revealed that he is actually fronting for the "cult" on public access and said all those bad things on tape concerning them and threatening to use his power at the station to get my show speech? "RONNIE GRAB THOSE CANS AND LAY YOUR WALLET ON THE TABLE PLEASE!"....
He had to leave to pick up his wife....say hello for patty! She may still call you out of the blue one day....make sure you pick up the phone it would be a shame if your wife were to answer it!....As he leaves Ian Shillington shows up....the gun guy! No target practice today Ian? He did not look well and even was wearing the same clothes as days outfit? Has your son been telling secrets to the St. Pete. Times...hehehe...get him on the cans! He did give up some good stuff...i assume he isn't really a true believer. He did not remember all those earlier video bits of the harassing and anger filled days from the LMT years...yes you will be outed yet again on tape as being the true scieno-pitbull you are told to be. How damaging is this? It's all about connecting the dots....and all i have to do is have the tape rolling! are letting these amatures dig your grave haha and i love it sooo much! That's what you get for not heeding my warning but are ou able to listen to a wog ever?...i had hoped not! With the event now over and some really good stuff on tape they all retreated and i packed up and left for home....are they really supposed to invalidate LRH and his life's work on a video? Shame on them for doing so....but it will make for really good viewing hahaha...get in touch OSA.....DEAL?.....NOT!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 4:58 am

DAY 13....proflex
Posted: Sat Jul 08, 2006 7:58 pm Post subject: DAY 13....THE ASSAULT!
Subject description: Who's unlucky # is 13?


The assault....
I was late to the street today...but even after a brief nap i was strangely aware that something wasen't right. I chocked it up to not enough productive hours recently for the storyline. So in heading out i decided to take along a second cam in case i needed a alternate angle on the scene.
The streets were full and traffic was flowing...a lot of support from the public and scienos freely streaming in their white's all over the area...something was not right though. No handeler's in sight....strange? One semi-regular strolled across to starbucks and back for a brief chat then a phone call....he was not in the full on "discussion and sign blocking" mode he usually is, so he sat about 20 yards away. Weird? I was well aware to be cautious as i am all alone out there....but forgot my mace today! I noticed a weird guy headed from starbucks yelling something to me....and he was stating that i was a religous bigot and why don't i bother the nig---'s..or the jew's you piece of shit..(the whole rant). I raised the cam to get him seeing as he had stated he was a scieno and i was insulting him and making money off bashing his religion...yea as he goes for my camera and won't let it go so i went limp with it and finally he released it....i held it back up and begin filming him again as he wails that i am "breaking the law and he will not tolerate me videoing him without his consent"..."read the law because you have no expectation of privacy on a public street"..i say. Well he comes at me again as i back into a street pole and have no where to go....he pushes and grabs my face and camera so i put up bolth forearms and drive him back down to the street...he does not release me or my face and cam so we struggled back to our feet and swirled around till he was driven back into the glass front doors of the building behind us..(refer to the previous photos posted of the corner) thank god we did not break through it....i was able to struggle free and we seperated fully. Several scienos ran up declaring that i assaulted's a good thing it was all on the video as well as several ind. witnesses who really saw it all. The scienos coulden't get their stories straight...and lied right to the police and me to my face about what just happened,of course the video was there to tell it all anyhow so the guy was arrested and charged....right in front of a crowd of about 70-90 scienos who were crossing to go to chow and instead stayed gawking as they handcuffed the guy and led him away slowly (i hope to let it sink in) hehehe. I kept up my filming and got all the reactions as well as the osa shill orchistrating it all from afar... I saw the whole while this "osa suit" across the street frantically on his i left to go to the police station i passed him and asked if he knew that guy was a scientologist?...just to get his goat...his reply was "Get the fuck out of here you fucking asshole"...twice in front of a patio of starbucks customers. Nice job...footbullet again! Wait till the whole story hits of how and why this poor public was the dirty jobber sent in to get me to jump....who will bail him out? He did leave all his stuff to a supposedly "unknown" fellow scieno standing near as he promised to get him bail.....police report #2006-16945 clw.p.d....i will recieve the origional video back as soon as possable and will get it out for all to see...i promise!
Back tommorow?....this was sooo good how can i and all for the next stage of their attack...HEY OSA,YOU GUY'S READY TO GIVE UP YET....GIMME A CALL he is...anyone know him? ... ter001.jpg
And a new break here... ... id=1200405

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:00 am

DAY 14...proflex
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Posted: Sun Jul 09, 2006 10:29 pm Post subject: Day 14...
Subject description: Bigger and better!


I started off the day with the construction of a bigger and better sign as well as a much sturdier tripod and added another alien too...out around 12:30 or so and the sun was in full force.
The scene was serene for a while but the handelers were back again although somewhat lazy today. The agressive act was worn down by now and they were content to just bug and blab.
A really hot gal stopped by and chatted for a few....whoo! As well as a really cool hairdresser guy...slick dude with "cool" written all over him...i hope he got her #. He was dragged down by a show from "Ron Savello" the producer who again showed his cracked ass by insulting a very nice couple who said hello on their way to get some joe at starbucks.
A second showing from a newbie who showed up previously in the week with the guy with the nasty stash and bad english accent. I guess they only had the "d" list available today.
Thanks to a few i cannot mention here and even a few more! A lot of support from traffic and who owns a tv station and was curious so maybe an airing is in the future if he thinks it's warranted. Fox 13 called for the footage and was filled in so they called to put pressure on the cops for a copy of the tape but did not get back to me yet.
Ron and i then had a long conversation and he says i am getting my crediantals pulled this week from the station at pinellas access so if you guys would show your support and place some calls in the show's support i would be eternally grateful..."bluffing?"
(Name..Shawn Lonsdale Show...Cult Watch)
address is....Pinellas Access 333 Chestnut st. Clearwater fl,33756
Staff contacts...John Casimiro 727-453-3037
Ron Hebert 727-453-3032
Lisa Inserra 727-453-3036
jj Johnson 727-453-3445
Steve Trehy 727-453-3057
Main #..727-453-3057
fax #...727-453-3139
Hours...T-F 1pm-10pm
Sat 9am-6pm
Closed Sun and Mon...
Make sure to tell how you think "Ron Savello" is mis-using his status at the station by trying to keep this project of free speech from airing!
The day was a short one but here are some pics to keep you busy till tommorow's update....(Flood those contacts with support for "cult watch")
Thank you keep me going and going and going! ... -06010.jpg ... -06009.jpg ... -06008.jpg ... -06007.jpg ... -06006.jpg ... -06005.jpg ... -06004.jpg ... -06003.jpg ... -06002.jpg ... -06001.jpg

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:01 am

DAY 15....proflex
Tired,tired,tired...a 12:15 start and set up. The streets were empty of the usual runaround of scienos at chowtime seeing as Bay news 9 called ahead and gave them the tip of me and the interview giong down. All the crowds were re-routed down cleveland and around the block to the other side of the Org. Build. When the crew showed up they did their piece and of course only aired a small part. A scieno kid had tried to spill some personal dirt on me and revealed himself to be out of control and totally screwed up but his friend stopped him and pratically dragged him across the street so as to not to get it all on camera. The whole while i was trying to get him to (comm) in a productive way with what he had to say seeing as i was not hiding anything! The result was a day without anything to shoot but the traffic and pedestrian's support was good. Many news calls and reporters trying to get a copy of the tape to air when i got back later on. Ron Savelo tried a brief conversation but was insulting yet again to supportive passerbys....pissed him off good! It started to rain around 4 so i stuck it out for a few and then went home to start fielding all the calls from news well as to view the Bay news 9 Hatchet job. Funny that they showed the "witness" at the end (Mr. Sweet)...because i have sooo much tape of him handleing me earlier in the week day after day with "crazy your a pervert" type garbage comeing out of his mouth. Kinda trumps his impartiality a little hahaha I hope news 9 will show some of it to reveal what the church provided as a "witness" really turns out to be. Also the links to his and "assault guy's" service completions! One more footbullet.....over and over and over again. Stay tuned folks for much more to come and stories to read in many more places. ... day005.jpg ... day004.jpg ... day003.jpg ... day002.jpg ... day001.jpg

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:04 am

DAY 16 ....proflex

Wow....a very nice day for connections. I was able to meet with our very own PTS today and of course it is always soo nice to see a real person from online. He was nice enough to bring some copies of L. Ron's psyc. help letter to pass out to curious passersby. Read more in his post....
A reporter, two amat. videographers from college on a road trip and a gentleman with some good stories to tell all were very helpful today.
The "cult" was still re-routing all sea-org to the other side of the block and this is getting me some semi-good stuff on video...espically when the unaware stragglers or public staff try to enter the main Org. door only to find it locked...when does a church lock it's front doors? It's sooo funny to see the sign right in the window but despite it staring them in the face they still yank and yank on the handles in obvious bewilderment. DUH...your church locked you out! hahaha
Great public response to all the media attention and another link here to the latest St. Pete. Times article... ... este.shtml
I cannot wait to see their video...hehehehe
The day progressed and finally Ron Savelo showed and gave some semi-good stuff before heading to starbucks for his usual.
We will see how the next few days pan out...thanks for all your support during all this...and if you wish you can pm me for more contact info...

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:08 am

DAY 17...proflex
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Posted: Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:48 pm Post subject: Day 17...


A later than usual start again...4:45pm and on the street but this time it was still raining so i set up next to Waterson street the cult's alley to the dining hall. Under a overhang in front of the "lion of judah" vacant churh was a dry spot to film from so i settled in and was immediatly the focus of their attention.
The handelers were not far...suddenly found on the patio of a coffee shop having some last min. tatical discussions were a previous "Witness" to the assault (Drew Sweet) and the famous (Richard "dick" Hirst).
They quickly assumed their role as "confronter's" and tied me up in irrelevant discussions....all the while honks and waves really screwed them up from the exposure. A really nice older German fellow stopped and said hey...and discussed his views of the org. and their history in his home country. They did not fare well in the subject i dare say when they brought out the perverts and molesters line.
A funny event was realized when a police officer pulled up and said i was reported to be fighting with someone on the street...funny because no one was on the street so i told him maybe these guy's to my right were the instigators of the false report that he was brought out for.
Head of security and the very same guy who was taped overseeing the "attack" on saturday.
They were seen discussing the situation for a while with another officer who briefly came and went.....with no discussion with me i might add so i guess it was not a big deal? They fled the scene without action so that left the pissed off security detail and OSA agent looking foolish yet again!
Here are the pics....#1 is the "overseer" i need a ... nts001.jpg ... nts002.jpg ... nts003.jpg ... nts004.jpg ... nts006.jpg
Stay tuned for tommorow's update....a long day for sure!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:13 am

DAY 18...proflex
Day 18 was a weird one alright. I was out and about early to breakfast for the 2.99 special so i figured i would get some footage too. I ventured downtown and noticed some fresh security faces so i took some shots as they kept everyone in the buildings till the vans could be placed to shield them from any view of the camera...jeez how many scienos can you squeeze in one van?..a lot!
I left for home to get set to hit the street again seeing as it was the day for the big rock concert here in coachman park. As I am preparing an insistant banging on my door suddenly startle's me...a process my first!
It seems that i am being served with a copy of the old COS vs. LMT 10 foot injunction but with an attachment to the very back stating that i am believed to be an "agent" of Patricia Greenway and Peter Alexander (who
are still under the terms of this rather large piece of "shit")...making me part of the injunction too. They plan on diposing me in the future to try to prove all this craziness...duh, i think my name has to be actually on it for me to have to abide by it..hello! Here are the copies for you to read.... ... LMTinj.jpg ... attach.jpg ... tach-1.jpg

Now seeing as i now have had a good laugh i set out to the street...with a storm on the horizon coming our way, i pack the umbrella and some plastic bags.
I park and head downtown with the alien and sign, all the while passing and noticing these posters in every window in almost all the shops even the vacant ones (many) is a copy! ... ter001.jpg

Wow, i really am famous now! The bait and hook has finally been swallowed by the big fat i had hoped it would! I have been threatened with this shit for a while now and find it rather amusing that they think proir indiscresions in my past would in some way deter me from all this...hehehehe
This was tested as i had to get a good shot of the security guy with his old cam which he was not obviously "hatted" on seeing as he needed another to show him how to turn it on. hahaha He was trying to prove that i overstepped the bounds that i am not allowed to...once i did they immediatly called in the cops and all the security bigwigs were sent out to show them page after page of all this shit with my name nowhere in sight. They saw right through it and came over to ask that i keep from aggrivating them seeing as they had a town full of wet teens and a canceled concert to attend to....yes sir! As i remained in place they were pissed again at another failed attempt to rid the streets of me!
A lot of great public contact with the youth and they were all great to speak with...even a few with cult loved ones really concerned for their bleak future as potential sea org. personnel....sooo sad! Skipping college for the Org. what the hell is going on here? The day was done and i headed back to the car where 6 teens waited for me and more info...jeez i wish i were a teen again! Well now back to a little explanation of the posters....seeing as your all sooo curious i know!
I went through a brief period of sexual abundance and financial drought 6 years back and was hanging (no pun) with various adult swingers and such at secluded beach type areas sunning and funning with bolth bi-couples and singles..."busted" for fooling around and not playing the cops game when intimidated so i remained silent or a ticket was all i would have gotten. My pour and stir lawyer said to just plead no contest and forget it seeing as they were only misdemeanors. I am not proud of these things but am proud of the fact that i was able to overcome them and go on to put them in my past. Mistakes are made so one can learn from them but also might be used to do bigger and better things in the future perhaps?
Anyhow when starting all this i assumed they would think this was my "button"...well what a button for a church to push right?
I still needed to show how the whole ball of wax (supression)operated here in "cult central", so in order to do that "they" had to put the handeler's out to use these threats ...i could then I.D. the agents and the front groups used to spread this this poster case it is a group called "cleveland street safety commitee".
A huge circle.....downtown buisness owners/ public culties/cult security and legal teams/front groups all in concert to disguise the link of use to distroy an S.P. and in my case one who is well within the bounds of his first ammendment rights. Hehehehe
It's a little more complicated than that but it's revealed now...with the who's and what's,the when's and why's...sorry COS...but it had to be and you could not resist could you!
Everyone needed to see the extent of what could be done by just doing a project....within rights by law...not even using the scientology title on my the reaction occurs and what it consists of...i must admit that the "assault" was the hinge, though if he haden't had the scieno completions it would have been iffy to link...but haha FOOTBULLET once again!
I will probably stick it out till day #20 getting the last footage re-do's and rebuttal interview requests in as well but the main frame is done so stay tuned because it,s never really over till the "ASMATIC DWARF" sings!

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Post by PTS » Mon Jun 23, 2008 5:14 am

DAY 19...proflex
A long late day again....a semi-windy but dry day. I was out at 2ish and got good traffic support again. A new theatre troup here preforming at the Royalty Theartre used a paragraph from OT-8 in their "false religions" portion of a play they did last night. I unfortunatly was not able to attend but was there in spirit.
The street was a little harsh and i got slapped on the wrist by the Clw. p.d. when following the guy who assaulted me as i saw him pull in to the dining hall alleyway (waterson street) and meet with church security...on cam haha
Also the goons all have cams now that they seem not to be hatted on...or have suficient battery time on them either.
In filming this guy "Mike Fitzpatrick" trying to escape into the dining hall and then meeting with security for a few i broke the 10 foot rule again....cops called and the papers flew out again, the very same ones that they detirmined were erroneous the day before....this time held validity. (per an e-mail from our own "Dep.Chief Williams") ordering that i have to abide by the LMT injunction that does not even name me....i guess i will have to meet with this moron to set this shit straight!
The cops were not even hearing me but met with and sat through a 1/2 hour long explanation from them...well well well. This shit will stop today as this is my last day on the street anyhow...but i intend to get some answers firsthand on this. I was written up on a complaint for breaking said # 2006-17450 by officer Balmer..(
Also i noticed that my s.s.# is on all those posters all over town and i might have some legal recourse in getting at the group that posted them all...?hahaha
I also broke a camera today as a wind gust blew over my tripod and the cam slammed to the pavement....good thig it was not an expensive one.
A $100 vhs-c job from the pawn shop so i am sure i will be able to find another...damn it! OT POWERS?
Sorry this is short but i have to get out to do some errands for someone.
The super duper double agent news is building and still though i will have to do some more fact finding seeing as in this realm all is not what some would have you believe..... Stay Tuned for more from the sparkling streets of Cultwater!

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