CCHR Mary DeMoss Panton is still very much IN the cult

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Post by ZenuEtrawl » Fri May 09, 2008 12:40 am

Sponge wrote: Would this create a bigger opportunity for the cult to peddle their Able/CCHR/Narconon/YFHR bullshit to school authorities?.....
If an Applied Scholastics charter school that was teaching the kids of people in poverty (SO members, for example), was miserably failing to educate those kids, it would buy them a few more years before they were hit with hard sanctions or disbanded. At taxpayer expense, of course.

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Post by Sea Horse » Fri May 09, 2008 1:39 am

Dorothy wrote:I called CCHR CW and asked if Mary DeMoss was doing work for CCHR in Tally. They said no. I called around to some friends in CW who know about Mary and also someone on the inside at Flag. All said that as far as they know, Mary is still considered a Justice particle, is off lines, not on the Basics like everyone else, not on any service, etc.
If someone is "in bad" with the Church of Scientology, yet trying to get back in good graces with CofS, then they might be doing some of the "lower conditions" -- which could include "a blow to the enemy" (a contrary-to-CCHR-purposes bill would be a good enemy to attack) or making up the damage (maybe Mary didn't effectively stop some earlier legislation and she's making it up to CCHR by getting in on a more current one).

So Mary could indeed be "in bad" with CofS, be an "ethics particle" (never heard of a "justice particle", though), and be in Tallahassee lobbying on pro-CCHR stuff.

That would make BOTH of you guys right.
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Post by Dorothy » Fri May 09, 2008 3:49 am

Thank you, Patty, for clarifying where you got the info.

Yes, Sea Horse- that's exactly right, and what I was thinking
too, that she might be doing amends.

And that's exactly why I risked calling the person I know at
Flag in order to get current information on Mary. This person
is familiar with all the public in the CW area. They
definitely would have known if Mary was on ethics or Justice
lines and doing any kind of amends project. (The push to
get everyone on the basics right now supersedes all conditions.
They even have ex-crims and A to J types in the course room!)
This person told me that Mary is off-lines completely and not
involved in any Scientology activities- ESPECIALLY
CCHR activities, which was apparently where she got into big
trouble with the Cult, and is the reason she is out.

BTW, Sea Horse, an ethics particle is a person who is
getting an ethics handling. A Justice particle is a person
on Justice lines, i.e. receiving a Committee of Evidence for
High Crimes. Mary is on Justice lines. From what I heard
she was pretty close to being declared. (She was definitely
shunned by her group- just like the Amish!)

If we are going to get into speculation here- my guess
is this.

The person Patty knows did see Mary in Tally. And she, clearly
knowing what a fanatic Mary had been for all those years in
Tally for CCHR activities, simply assumed that Mary would
be there for no other reason, and passed it on as such.

Now if anyone knows Liz Adams and can confirm this, that would
be even better.
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Post by J. Swift » Fri May 09, 2008 10:37 am

Look at the dehumanization that occurs in Scientology! Why does the Cult Management reduce a person to an object and call them an ethics particle? Scientology Management might as well call them a "piece of shit" because that is how "ethics particles" are treated by Scientology Management.

Scientologists: This has to stop. You have to tell Scientology Management that you are a human with rights and that you will not be treated like a piece of shit "ethics particle."

Scientologists need to keep leaving the Church and stop giving the Church any money whatsoever so long as the dehumanization and brutality continues.

When did people become particles in Scientology? It happened a long time ago when LRH decided to dehumanize people. He decided to take away all of their rights, their voices, and their freedoms. Why anyone would agree to such brutal abuse can only be explained by programming and by the tactic of pressure and release.

Have you ever heard of pressure and release? This is the Scientology programming tactic that Ethics is partly based upon.


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Post by Sea Horse » Fri May 09, 2008 6:42 pm

J. Swift wrote:When did people become particles in Scientology?
As best I recall, it was written with regards the routing forms. It was written that in most companies it is an object that moves from one station to another, getting modified by the workers as it goes. Example: A car assembly line in a car manufacturing plant. In Scientology, it was written that it is the PERSON who moves along the line and gets changed. Therefore the person (the public person, the parishioner, the scientologist) is "the particle" in the flow line, the routing form.
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