"E-Meter" = Gay meter

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Re: "E-Meter" = Gay meter

Post by Scientology » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:34 pm

How the Cold War 'fruit machine' tried to determine gay from straight
Federal government facing class-action lawsuit from LGBT public servants who lost jobs
It's not fiction — although it sounds like something straight out of a dystopian novel.
The so-called "fruit machine" was a homosexuality detection system commissioned by the Canadian government during the Cold War — and developed largely by a psychologist at Carleton University in Ottawa — to keep LGBT people out of the public service or military.

With Video of the fruit machine ... actually different machines with a similar purpose
http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/ar ... -1.3833724


Mathison's model E-AR-40
Height 26.0 cm, Length 40.0 cm, Width 35.0 cm

Electropsychometer Model E-AR-40

The Canadian government experimented with primitive lie detectors similar to this Electropsychometer in hopes of finding a way to detect security risks. During the Cold War, Canadian security officials conducted a campaign to identify and dismiss homosexuals working for the federal government. Working under the assumption that homosexuality made civil servants vulnerable to blackmail by Soviet agents, they investigated nearly 8,200 people, at least 117 of whom were fired or forced to resign.

..And from the war museum to the military organization with paramilitary forces that uses a religious cover to win the battlefield earth. splitting families or whatever... Labeling the human values.

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