CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

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Don Carlo
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CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jul 30, 2014 6:31 pm

As Narconon plummets into lawsuit hell, it will drag down a number of present and former spokespeople, donors, staff, and their families. They should all quit Narconon and especially CoS together.
Kirstie Alley, one of the international spokespersons for the Narconon organization, has tirelessly promoted drug-free living at public events and in radio, television and press interviews. U.S. sports legend Willie Gault has emceed fundraisers and Hollywood film luminary John Travolta has long been a member of the Narconon International Advisory Board.
Nancy Cartwright, famous as the voice of Bart Simpson, is one of the Narconon organization's celebrity spokespersons.
from ... ening.html

Clark Carr is President of Narconon International, ... -carr.html
----- Clark is brother of Barbara Lucille Carr Wiseman, President of The Earth Organization, a CoS front
----- Clark is brother-in-law of Bruce D. Wiseman who peddles management consulting at Wiseman & Burke

Jeff Pomerantz, British actor, IAS, CSI and Narconon salesperson/speaker/field service disseminator

Chelsea Tria Zwan, Narconon Int'l Director, ... ts.101226/
----- Chelsea's father is Bryan J. Zwan, Ph.D., "Founded fiber-optic equipment company Digital Lightwave

R. Michael Wisner, author of Living Healthy in a Toxic World; was a spokesman for Narconon
----- his son Gregory B. Wisner, found drowned with cocaine in his system, after Narconon treatment, ... 6n6i3SVbDw .
----- his partner Kevin J. Burke at Wiseman and Burke of Glendale, Calif; Former controller of Narconon.

Sally Jensen was the DG SC US, Deputy Guardian Social Co ordination US, and she ran and controlled all the Narconon's, Schools, CCHR and all the Scn front groups,"
----- Sally's husband Craig Jensen, founder of Diskeeper which became Condusiv Technologies

Bobby Wiggins, Drug Prevention Specialist at Narconon
----- his present wife Barbie Riley Wiggins, Rehab Referral Counselor at Narconon
----- his ex-wife Sue Birkenshaw, Narconon International Executive

Tony Bylsma, Dir. of Drug Education, Narconon Fresh Start

Kurt Feshbach, Key executive in Toucan Partners LLC, owner of controversial Narconon Spring Hill, Fla rehab

Heber Jentsch - In December 1988, the president of the Church of Scientology, Heber Jentzsch, was arrested in Spain after an investigation into Narconon that resulted in (later dropped) allegations that he and the Church of Scientology were defrauding Spanish citizens and running its centers with unqualified staff. (from Wikipedia - Narconon)

Reed Slatkin - died 2015 - convicted Ponzi schemer - some of his ill-gotten gains went to Narconon International (from Wikipedia - Narconon)

Larry Trahant, head of Narconon Southern California
----- Larry's daughter Jasmin is wife of Patrick Renna, minor actor often appearing in Danny Masterson shows.

Narconon Int'l Form 990, last year listed is 2008 (annual details omitted)
Elliot J. Abelson Contractor Legal services
Robert B. Adams Director Director
Patricia Anderson Director Legal, secretary
Barbro Andersson (Chalmers) Director Secretary
Claudia Arcabascio Director Legal, secretary Director Secretary
Cora Asplund Director Voting member
Susan Birkenshaw Employee D/ED expansn Employee Executive director of expansion Senior director of expansion
Charles Blakeslee, Jr.
Blakeslee CPA Group Contractor Tax return preparer
Kevin J. Burke Director Director
Clark Carr Director Director, president
John Duff Director Director, president
Roland W. Fink (CPA) Contractor Paid tax return preparer
Joseph Francis Director Voting member
Angela Garcia Director Deputy executive director Director Senior director of production
Phil Hart Director Executive director Trustee, voting member
Nicholas Kent Employee Rehabilitation director
Michael Launitz Director Legal, secretary Director Secretary Employee Tax return preparer
Marguerite Lyons Director Voting member
Alexander S. MacNabb Contractor Legal services
Jeff Pomerantz Contractor FSM/Field disseminator
Gene Ross Contractor Facility rent
Patricia (Patty) O'Neill Schwartz Director, secretary, treasurer
Karen Seagal Director Director
Megan Shields Director Director
Gary W. Smith Director Key employee
Joanne Takano Irwin Director Voting member
Jeanne Trahant Director Director, vice president Director Treasurer Employee Director tech. export
Lawrence Trahant Employee Executive director
Scott Tregurtha Director Voting member
Peter Van Auken Director Treasurer Employee Tax return preparer
Robert Wiggins Employee Spec. proj.
Laurie Zurn Director Trustee Director Trustee, voting member Director Voting member
SBN LLP Contractor Tax return preparer
Ruby & Schofield Contractor Legal services

Friends of Narconon Form 990, last year listed 2006 (annual details omitted) at ... php?ntt=96 :
Murray Gould Other Lender
Daphna Hernandez Director Treasurer
Robert Hernandez Director President
Peggy Howard (EA)
Greenberg and Jackson CPAs Contractor Tax return preparer
Donna Miller Director Deputy executive director
Patricia (Patty) O'Neill Schwartz Director Executive director, secretary
Jed Wolfe Director Director of delivery 23,338
Greenberg and Jackson CPAs Contractor Tax return preparer
Wiseman & Burke, Inc. Contractor Tax return preparer

Footnotes not specifically listed here are at Scientology Celebrity Spiderweb,

Don Carlo
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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Wed Jul 30, 2014 8:58 pm

It's likely many of the Narconon execs were long-term CoS insiders and donors. Miscavige rewarded some loyal hard workers with a career as a Narconon exec; others might have been close family members of rich donors, still others might know some scandal that Miscavige hopes they'll never tell. However they got their job, those who are presently working and shilling for Narconon are deeply entrenched in their local CoS community, and are a headache for Miscavige.

As their careers disappear, will Miscavige pamper them for fear they will testify against him if they are jobless? Would he create new make-work positions? Since some, like Clark Carr, are openly ex-druggies, they can't join Sea Org so they can't be controlled / imprisoned like so many Sea Org workers. They can't even WORK for many orgs like CST, RTC, etc. since you have to be Sea Org to work there. They would have to be stuffed into front groups - and then raise their own money, from exhausted tapped-out Scientology donors.

Or, Will Miscavige act irrationally and BLAME all of them for bringing on the lawsuits? If Miscavige plotted to punish them HARD, how would be do it? Miscavige is no longer bringing new workers to Gold Base - probably the condition of the workers, especially RPF workers, would be too disturbing for new, well-fed ex-Narconon execs.

Could Miscavige put, say, thirty Narconon execs in a new kind of RFP, to be imprisoned until they die? What WILL happen to these people? What about their Scientologist relatives, friends, business partners, and clients? The hole left in the Spiderweb will be un-fixable.

Any Narconon exec reading this, quit NOW and hope the statute of limitations runs out before YOU are named in a lawsuit, and Miscavige throws you under the bus. Lie if you have to - tell them you have infectious untreatable tuberculosis! Or, "discover" a medical problem, and tell them you must treat it with pot* and move to Colorado!
Any Scientology worker reading this who is offered a Narconon exec job to replace a fired "guilty" exec...Run!

* ... juana-uses

Don Carlo
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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Thu Jul 31, 2014 4:13 pm

Celebrities like Kirstie Alley, John Travolta, and Nancy Cartwright may get pressured to lobby or testify for Narconon. It's also likely they've been shielded from all the negative news - the deaths and lawsuits - in Narconon. Even if confronted with facts, they likely still might think:
Drugs = Bad
Narconon fights Drugs = Good
Narconon critics = pro-Drugs = Bad
Narconon patients who are suing = lying low-lifes
Dead Narconon patients = brought it on themselves

Still, CoS would be fools to bring the celebrities into this fight. It would mean SOME facts would trickle through to the celebrities:
Wow eighteen (as of today) lawsuits are a lot of lawsuits.
Huh Rena Weinberg HAS been away from her job for a long time.
Um Insurance companies suing for insurance fraud is scary
Oh no Did Narconon lie about counselor credentials?
Jeez making girl patients trade sex for drugs sounds wrong.
Wut high doses of niacin are dangerous!?!?
Man CoS lawyers sit like lumps and then just delay delay delay.
Damn this lawyer Ryan Hamilton is a smart talker.
SH*T my name is in the tabloids with this sex-for-drugs story
F**K am I going on the witness stand?

Don Carlo
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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:05 am

Doctors and scientists on the present Narconon Advisory Board will be mortified if made to testify in Narconon lawsuits. They are:

Shelley Beckmann, Ph.D.(in molecular biology) - "Research Director for Narconon International."

Paolo Bruschelli, M.D. "Italian doctor with degrees in surgery and anesthesiology. Medical Director of the National Office of Narconon Italy."

William L. Marcus, Ph.D., D.A.B.T.
"Dr. Marcus is Senior Science Advisor and Chief Toxicologist for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. "

William Kent McGregor, M.S.W., A.C.S.W.
"Mr. McGregor received his B.S. degree in psychotropic pharmacology and drug interactions and his Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston. He has served for the State of New Mexico as Director for Drug Treatment and Prevention. He is currently a surveyor for the national Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities."

Alfonso Paredes, M.D.
"Dr. Paredes is Board Certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He has been Chief of the Substance Abuse program for Brentwood VA medical center and Assoc. Chief of Psychiatry/Substance Abuse for the West Los Angeles VA medical center.'

David E. Root, M.D., M.P.H., D.A.B.P.M.
"Having mastered in Public Health, he is also a Board Certified Physician in both Aerospace and Occupational Medicine. "

G. Megan Shields, M.D. (died June 2016) Well-known Scientologist doctor in California. "Dr. Shields is the International Medical Advisor for Narconon."

Exerpts from ... ory-board/

My comment: CoS learned not to present a group photo of their Narconon Advisory Board when they took a 1995 group photo, then had to keep photoshopping those who blew from the Board. See Narconon's Disappearing Advisory Board, ... soryBoard/

Don Carlo
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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Sat Jun 25, 2016 10:44 pm

Now that Dr. Megan Shields has died, this thread lists the handful of celebs and medical professionals still entangled with Narconon.

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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Demented Founder » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:13 pm

What about Tom Cruise? Is he connected to Narconon?
"Cuando el pene de Xenu es adentro de mi culo, estoy inmenso feliz. Eso es manera de que Saentologia funciona. Voy a chingar todos mis aprentizes"
L. Ron Hubbard, Mi Vida Secreta.

Don Carlo
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Re: CoS Celebrities entangled in Narconon

Post by Don Carlo » Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:51 pm

I don't recall. He never AFAIK was a druggie like Kirstie Alley, so he doesn't have a "Narconon saved me" story. He's more a "Scientology" and "IAS" cult figure, and "Applied Scholastics got me over dyslexia."
Miscavige and even Narconon Pres. Clark Carr avoid Narconon events, for fear of subpoenas and/or lawsuit entanglement, so if Tom attended, he'd be stuck next to nobody or (even worse) Kirstie Alley.

The closest he would get would be shilling for the Purification Rundown for, say, smoke-injured firefighters.

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