Scientology A Criminal Cult Being Allowed To Game Everything

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Cult Of Criminals
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Scientology A Criminal Cult Being Allowed To Game Everything

Post by Cult Of Criminals » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:33 pm

Is their anything the Scientology tax exempt phony religion criminal cult has not been allowed to game? Scientology gamed the IRS for its tax exempt status. Although it took the Cult 20 years of infiltration & sabotage to "win" its war with the IRS.

Then too, the Cult appears to have gotten away with murder when it starved & dehydrated Lisa Mcpherson to death & then claimed it was Lisa that refused to eat or drink over a 17 day period. Scientology also claimed they didn't notice that insects were feeding on her dying body as she was under their "care" & besides those Scientologists caring for Lisa didn't even speak English. ?

When the medical examiner in Clearwater, Florida, Joan Woods, concluded that what happened to Lisa Mcpherson was criminal, Scientology ruined her medical examiner career. The Lisa Mcpherson death was the last case Joan Woods ever handled. Joan Woods gamed by Scientology.

Just another example of our system of justice being gamed by the Scientology criminal enterprise. When an evil criminal Cult can get away with murder, that Cult is getting away with way too much.

And then there is our securities markets. Financial markets move on the information disseminated by our financial media. We now have the Scientology criminal Cult gaming our markets unimpeded. The Cult has done its usual. Occupying Wall Street, as it infiltrates our financial media, & controlling it to the degree that allows other Scientology criminals to swindle incredible wealth from our markets. Much of that wealth is then donated (tax exempt) to Scientology.

Here is my prediction...allowing the above to happen may not end well for those outside of mankind's greatest criminal organization or Cult, called "Scientology".

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Re: Scientology A Criminal Cult Being Allowed To Game Everyt

Post by AngryGayPope » Mon Sep 14, 2015 11:50 pm

It seems to me they almost always win and almost always get away with whatever. Oh things come close to pinching them and then they put pressure on somebody and the crisis abates.

Strangely, they are losing the war however since their membership is almost nil.

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Re: Scientology A Criminal Cult Being Allowed To Game Everyt

Post by Karen#1 » Tue Sep 15, 2015 5:38 am

There is no entity that can fool 100% of the population 100% of the time :oops:

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Re: Scientology A Criminal Cult Being Allowed To Game Everyt

Post by Wieber » Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:03 pm

Here's a thing about cults that rarely gets stated.
The primary victims of a cult are the cult's members.

If someone out there shouts out, "Prove it!" I'll write a very long 'too long; did not read' (TL;DR) post explaining my claim for you.
Then we can get into a multi page debate about it. Who knows, I might even learn something.

The trick of the cult is to sufficiently distract the cult's members with enemies, sleep deprivation, food deprivation, quotas, targets,
stats, loaded language, disconnection, punishment, threat of punishment, isolation, super control, undue influence, end of days
anxiety, meetings, events, fund raising and on and on so they don't ever realize that they are being victimized. Because once they
do realize that they have been victimized and are being victimized by their cult they get themselves out of there. Sometimes they
go to Herculean lengths to do that.

With Scientology even David Miscavige has become victim of the organization. Look at him. He isn't free to go out and about outside
the confines of a Scientology facility and away from his guards. A golden cage is still a cage.

So the cult feeds on itself the way a body feeds on healthy tissue when it is deprived of adequate nutrition. The end comes slowly that way
but it does come.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
Doris Lessing


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