Working at Winter Wonderland 2011 - A Sci's view

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Working at Winter Wonderland 2011 - A Sci's view

Post by AngryGayPope » Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:31 pm

I got this message from an ex-sci about his work on Hwd Winter Wonderland 2011.


EX-SCI: This video (2011 winter wonderland) made me laugh. Why? I was one of the E.P.F. who actually helped put this together. I will admit I hated doing this assignment for 3 weeks but, I was being supervised by 2 really cool guys and 1 giant douche who were field staff members.

AGP: The EPF? Ick! Which video are you discussing?

EX-SCI:I was talking about the 2011 winter wonderland. Sad thing is that my group was "Group B," and we were all Hispanic at first when building winter wonderland. Eventually some of us left and it changed. almost every week they would warn us about some guy named the pope. After I left and came home for ethics I was looking around on YouTube and found your site.

AGP:Yes I've heard people got warned about me. Hilarious! How could you "come home." And esp. when being sent to ethics. Weren't you in the SO?

EX-SCI: I was there for a short while after seeing the bullshit I was getting into. I came from the Nashville Org. I did my short stint in the E.P.F. and after making up a story that I had made out with a women who was in the Sea Org. I was told I didn't qualify to be in the Sea Org. at that time. So, upon my return home I went back to CCNASH to face ethics. At first I was so dependent on Scientology. It was like I couldn't live my life without it. I swear everyone in CCNASH turned their back on me like I was a monster. Honestly, it kinda hurt not having people want me around anymore. For almost 3 years I would try to reason with HCO (Jesse Brinker). To no avail, I just decided that it was time to move on with my life. My YouTube account was also hacked and that really screwed me because this guy sent fake Scientology files over to CCNASH claiming to be me. Never defend Scientology on YouTube it only leads to a wrong turn. You wanna know what the real fucked up part is? All of the people I met through my life in Scientology were flawed in some way. During my stint in the E.P.F. I was being taught by James Burns (the guy who threw coffee on you). Not gonna lie (I actually liked James Burns). He was also cool with me (and just me only). I can send you proof if you like me to show you that I'm not some OSA douche bag trolling you.


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