Star Rate Checkouts - Thought Stopping

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Star Rate Checkouts - Thought Stopping

Post by Wieber » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:05 pm

If there is no thinking then there can be no critical thinking.

Hubbard does not want people involved in Scientology thinking. There are many practices in Scientology to stop people from doing that. Among them is the Keeping Scientology Working policy. It basically states that Hubbard does all the thinking while everyone else just does what he says.

On Scientology's 'Know to Mystery Scale' there is an item called 'thinkingness'. Thinkingness is very low on that scale. Thinking and thought are looked on pejoratively in Scientology.

Steven Hassan has identified "thought stopping" as a cult attribute.

In Scientology there is a part of Hubbard's 'study tech' called a star rate checkout. A star rate checkout consists of questions asked of a student with regard to something on their check sheet that they have studied. The student is asked to define words in the document and then put them in sentences. After that there are questions about the material and then the student is required to demonstrate things in the document with a 'demo kit.'

If a student hesitates for a second or more on answering any question they are flunked and required to restudy the item. The correct answer to any question must come from the student immediately when asked. To put this in non Scientology terms, the answer to the question must occur without thinking. The student's thought process must be bypassed.

The ostensible reason for star rate checkouts is to make sure that a student knows and can apply the material. On any given course check sheet in Scientology there are many such star rate checkouts required. The continual repetition of this technique eventually leads to a state with the Scientology practitioner in which they do not think at all.

With followers who have stopped thinking, critical thinking cannot be applied to the material being presented. With followers who have stopped thinking cognitive dissonance hardly ever occurs. Followers who don't think are owned by the leader to use as the leader sees fit.
“Think wrongly if you please, but in all cases think for yourself.”
Doris Lessing


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