What's With Scientology's Battlefield Earth Revival?

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What's With Scientology's Battlefield Earth Revival?

Post by Wieber » Mon Mar 28, 2016 10:23 pm

I'm not doing an essay here so I won't be going and digging up the relevant citations.

Recently I have seen things that tell me Scientology is once again pushing Battlefield Earth.

They have had booths prominently displaying the book cover for Battlefield Earth and presumably selling the book while those manning those booths have worn tee shirts referencing the book. They have had a costume builder create a cosplay costume for Terl, the alien antagonist in Battlefield Earth. They have produced an audio dramatization of the book. All these things have happened in the last few months.

Has Scientology management forgotten how the movie, involving John Travolta, went over like the proverbial lead balloon? Is the organization attempting, in a new unit of time, to out create that fiasco - or counter create it?

What's your take on this? Does anyone have any insider information on it? How about speculation based on involvement with this kind of thing when you were working in the organization?
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Re: What's With Scientology's Battlefield Earth Revival?

Post by Don Carlo » Tue Mar 29, 2016 3:04 am

John Goodwin, a long-time publishing exec at CoS, appears to be a privileged Sea Org member. Maybe with his bachelor's degree he can speak and write good English, and speak with authority on the world of sci-fi literature and film. He looks healthy, like he sleeps enough, eats right and goes to the gym, unlike Mike Rinder, who looked starved and stressed when in public as a Sea Org exec.

With Miscavige often discouraging marriage and encouraging divorce, I wonder if Goodwin "got permission" from Miscavige to pursue and marry Emily Jones. If she was his underling, he could take advantage of his power to pressure her to say yes, and offer his access to better housing, food, rest and trips to cons and literary events, as a carrot. Maybe there weren't any suitable twenty-something, thirty-something, or forty-something male co-workers at Emily's workplace, and she "settled" for this guy more than twice her age.

Maybe there was a hidden agenda, that Miscavige approved of a loyal long time exec like Goodwin to control this lovely young woman with the heartbroken disconnected parents.

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